Mudita Harmony E-Ink alarm clock

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A caller benignant of alarm timepiece with a sleek look and zero airy leakage astatine night, the Mudita Harmony’s E Ink show and 17 gentle sounds and melodies marque it the other to a smartphone erstwhile it comes to waking-up.


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    > Sleek idiosyncratic interface

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    > No airy leakage astatine night

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    > 17 soothing sounds and melodies


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    > Frontlight is excessively agleam successful a blackout

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    > Needs regular recharges

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    > More melodies needed

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Two infinitesimal review

Your smartphone is an anti-sleep device. Its piercing sounds, its agleam achromatic airy and the information that you usage it to cheque your emails astatine inappropriate times makes it a premier campaigner for removal from your bedroom. 

Cue the Mudita Harmony, an alarm timepiece with an e-paper display. Hot connected the heels of the Polish company’s Mudita Pure (opens successful caller tab) e-paper smartphone, the Mudita Harmony boasts a 2.8-inch E Ink Carta HD display, a solution of 480x600 pixels and has a 2,600 mAh artillery that recharges via USB-C.

Although its concealed condiment is the soothing sounds that travel from the talker connected its rear astatine wake-up, the crushed the Mudita Harmony volition marque a bully bedfellow for immoderate is its E Ink display. Just cheque your best slumber tracker if you don't judge it'll amended the prime of your sleep. 

Digital alarm clocks whose LED displays leak airy into the country person agelong been rip[e for an upgrade, and it’s a occupation not wholly solved by the advent of OLED displays. The Mudita Harmony tries to lick that astatine a changeable by switching disconnected wholly astatine night. That solution works well, but if you bash privation to cheque the clip portion successful furniture you person to activate the E Ink show – and adjacent connected its lowest brightness mounting we recovered it slightly, err, alarming. 

So portion it leaks nary airy astatine night, it’s not rather the cleanable alarm timepiece for light-sleepers. Overall it’s impressive, casual to usage and to unrecorded with – with its idiosyncratic interface peculiarly awesome – but we can’t assistance reasoning the Mudita Harmony could bash with a overmuch little minimum brightness setting.

 Mudita Harmony E-Ink alarm timepiece review: terms and merchandise date

  • Sells for US$169.99/UK£135/AU$237
  • Only disposable successful ‘Pebble Grey’

Weighing 240g and measuring 102x100x69 mm, the Mudita Harmony has a rounded borderline and an wide precise clean, brushed and thoroughly minimalist look astir it. Not that it looks peculiarly new; its circular timepiece look plan and ample fastener connected the apical gives it a wide practice successful the satellite of alarm clocks. We’re guessing it’s utilized to debar determination being a monolithic opposition betwixt agleam achromatic and the grey of the E Ink display, but the ‘Pebble Grey’ colour is simply a small drab. 

It has a built-in battery, truthful you tin spot it anyplace successful your home, though it needs recharging each 7 days, which whitethorn enactment immoderate off. At slightest it uses USB-C, which astir radical present usage regularly. Its level silicon-covered bottommost means it tin perch connected immoderate level aboveground with immoderate grip, truthful there’s nary interest astir it being knocked over.

The existent plan flourish connected the Mudita Harmony is that azygous fastener connected the top. As good arsenic turning it connected and off, it works arsenic the snooze fastener and besides navigates the onscreen menus. There’s a dedicated fastener lone to power the brightness level. 

Although meditative sounds it emits volition entreaty to some, the E Ink show itself is the biggest crushed to bargain the Mudita Harmony. Measuring 2.84-inches, it’s got a 600x480 pixel solution and a dots-per-inch standing of 270. Either mode it looks easy crisp capable for the occupation astatine hand; it shows the clip successful numerical characters that takes up astir a 3rd of the E Ink screen. It’s wholly deactivated astatine night. 

Mudita E Ink Harmony

(Image credit: Jamie Carter)

Mudita Harmony E-Ink alarm timepiece review: Performance 

  • 17 meditation-style wake-up melodies
  • Arm Cortex-M7 600MHz and 4GB memory
  • 3.5W speakers

The Mudita Harmony has 5 modes; alarm, bedtime, powerfulness nap, relaxation and meditation. For the alarm its 17 melodies are utilized to aftermath you up portion for the different 3 modes they’re soothing inheritance sounds. There are immoderate earthy sounds – including birdsong, tides and a watercourse – arsenic good arsenic immoderate philharmonic tracks created by Canadian instrumentalist Nick Lewis utilizing guitar, Tibetan bowls, a guitar, ukulele and koshi bells. They person names similar ‘tranquil rainstick’, ‘cowboy chords’ and ‘bubbling brook’. A pre-wake-up alarm tin beryllium acceptable for five, 10 oregon 15 minutes earlier the main alarm, which has a antithetic prime of 4 soundscapes. Weirdly the pre-alarm lone lasts for a fewer seconds. 

They tin beryllium acceptable to beryllium truly loud, during which the dependable prime is excellent, though we decided to spell for a measurement mounting of 2 (the maximum is 10). 

All those choices mean a analyzable idiosyncratic interface, right? Actually, no. Toggle that main fastener and each it does is alteration the clip of the adjacent alarm. Ditto the fastener adjacent to it, which lights-up the surface oregon kills it. That’s it. Real simple. 

Use the apical fastener to acceptable an alarm and a connection volition beryllium displayed connected the E Ink surface letting you cognize successful precisely however galore hours and minutes the adjacent alarm volition spell off. A airy property of that apical fastener allows you to delve deeper, navigating lists of options that see those assorted modes for a powerfulness nap etc. arsenic good arsenic a utile settings menu. In determination you tin alteration the strength of the E Ink’s beforehand airy (from 1 done 10), acceptable the code for the ‘bedtime alarm’ (something we’re confused by – wherefore bash you request a bedtime alarm adjacent to your bed?).  

We emotion that the show is wholly acheronian astatine night, but what if you privation to cheque the clip erstwhile you wake-up randomly? Hit the apical fastener and the E Ink display’s frontlight kicks-in, though adjacent connected its lowest mounting we recovered it startlingly agleam successful a blackout. To truly beryllium considered sleep-friendly we deliberation the Mudita Harmony needs immoderate overmuch little brightness settings. 

E Ink displays request to refresh each present and then, thing that makes the full surface spell acheronian grey for a 2nd oregon so. That occasionally happens connected the Mudita Harmony arsenic it changes the infinitesimal counter. It’s a quirk of the technology, but it tin beryllium distracting if you hap to person the instrumentality facing you connected a array oregon table during the day.  If you privation afloat customisation, you're amended disconnected with thing similar the Lenovo Smart Clock 2.

Mudita E Ink Harmony

(Image credit: Jamie Carter)

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First reviewed June 2022 

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