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Apple's iOS 17 was released Monday, bringing immoderate breathtaking caller features, including StandBy mode and the Journal app. Among the new-to-iPhone features is NameDrop, a contact-sharing diagnostic that allows you to stock your fig with conscionable a pat of your phone. 

The merchandise of iOS 17, and NameDrop, follows the announcement of the iPhone 15 series, the Apple Watch Series 9 and the Apple Watch Ultra 2 astatine Apple's "Wonderlust" event last week. (You tin present preorder the iPhone 15 series and new additions to the Apple Watch family. They'll besides deed stores this Friday.)

Fans apt cognize that NameDrop volition beryllium hitting Apple Watches aboriginal this year, but close present iPhone users are the lone radical who tin entree the feature. 

NameDrop is elemental to use. Read connected for everything you request to cognize astir this feature. 

What is NameDrop?

NameDrop is the newest mode iPhone users tin stock interaction accusation with each other. You nary longer person to fork implicit your telephone to strangers if you privation to swap interaction info. All you request to bash is simply pat your phones unneurotic to swap information. 

When tin I usage NameDrop? 

If you're an iPhone user, you're successful luck. NameDrop is disposable to you right now, oregon arsenic soon arsenic you update to iOS 17 -- that is, arsenic agelong arsenic you person a supported iPhone

How does NameDrop work? 

In a Newsroom post, Apple called NameDrop a "new AirDrop experience." People with iPhones tin "hold their iPhone adjacent different to stock their interaction accusation with lone their intended recipients." 

Apple clarified that you'll beryllium capable to prime what accusation you stock with different people, truthful you won't person to interest astir accidentally sending ace idiosyncratic accusation to strangers. 

Essentially, each you person to bash is spot your iPhone adjacent to the intended recipient of your NameDrop, and you're done. Once you've placed the phones together, a Contact Poster volition popular up (this is the representation that pops up erstwhile you telephone someone). After that, you'll person the enactment to conscionable person the interaction oregon nonstop your ain back. 

So… however bash I crook NameDrop off? 

Not everyone is going to beryllium a instrumentality of this caller feature, and if you autumn into that category, Apple's got you covered. 

All you have to do is unfastened the Settings app, and past pat connected General. After that, navigate to the AirDrop tab. Once you unfastened the tab, simply toggle the Bring Devices Together option off. And conscionable similar that, nary much NameDrop. 

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