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Make euphony notes, constellations, random shapes -- it's wholly up to you.


First came the Nanoleaf Aurora, past the Nanoleaf Canvas, Nanoleaf Hexagons and Nanoleaf Elements -- and, now, Nanoleaf Lines. Every iteration of the specialty astute lighting company's LED partition panels adds thing new. Nanoleaf Lines, arsenic you mightiness expect, transforms the brand's classical airy panels into lines; color-changing, back-lit LED bars you tin plan nevertheless you want. 

Nanoleaf Lines are available for preorder starting Thursday. The Smarter Kit costs $200 for 9 LED bars. The $80 Expansion Pack includes 3 further lights.

Like Nanoleaf's different partition lights, Lines are Wi-Fi-enabled and enactment with the Nanoleaf app and the included remote. They're besides compatible with HomeKit, Google Assistant and Alexa successful lawsuit you privation to usage your astute talker and dependable commands to set your lights. 

Your acquisition includes everything you request to instal and acceptable up Nanoleaf Lines. And, if it's thing similar Nanoleaf Elements, the lights volition easy link to the partition with a beardown adhesive sheet and link to 1 different via a elemental modular design.

The lights are back-lit and color-changing -- and each airy has 2 colour zones truthful you tin show much than 1 colour connected a azygous LED barroom astatine the aforesaid time. There are 19 existing colour scenes to take from, but you tin besides marque your own. Lines integrate with music, movies and games, too, truthful you tin sync your lights to immoderate you're doing.

Optional faceplates successful achromatic and pinkish volition beryllium sold separately starting successful December if you privation to alteration the look of your lights. Pricing for the faceplates has not yet been announced. 

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