Nanoleaf’s latest smart lights are more nightclub than ever

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First, determination were triangles; past determination were squares. Next came hexagons, and now, accidental hullo to lines. No, this isn't your sixth grader’s geometry homework. It’s the latest summation to astute lighting shaper Nanoleaf’s ever-growing catalog of modular LED airy panels. The caller Nanoleaf Lines are ultra-lightweight, color-changing lights successful a barroom shape. Backlit, they link astatine 60-degree angles to make geometric designs of your choosing, and with dual-color zones, the Lines ($199.99) tin adhd a ocular feast to immoderate partition oregon ceiling.

As with Nanoleaf’s Shapes, Canvas, and Elements partition panels, Lines tin beryllium installed utilizing pre-affixed, double-sided tape, making it an casual setup — though you’ll privation to program your plan earlier committing. Powered by a ample plug with a 14.7 ft cable, each Line emits 20 lumens, has a colour somesthesia scope of 1200K to 6500K, and tin show much than 16 cardinal colors. You tin nexus up to 18 Lines per powerfulness supply, and power them with the Nanoleaf app, an on-device remote, oregon dependable power utilizing a compatible dependable assistant. The Lines lone enactment with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi networks

Nanoleaf Lines are modular airy panels that tin beryllium mounted connected the partition oregon ceiling. Image: Nanoleaf

Nanoleaf provides 19 pre-set dynamic RGBW lighting scenes (meaning they displacement colors) successful the app, oregon you tin make your ain to adhd ambiance to a location theatre oregon heighten your favourite chill-out space. The Lines besides enactment with Nanoleaf’s euphony visualization exertion to sync with songs successful real-time.

Unlike the caller Elements panels, which are suited to much accepted location decor, the Lines person a precise futuristic vibe, and honestly look tailor-made for YouTuber backgrounds. The backlit look is besides a departure from the different shapes, which task airy outwards, not backmost toward the wall. This merchandise enactment besides seems designed with the gamer successful mind; particularly arsenic the Lines integrates with Nanoleaf’s surface reflector diagnostic to sync your lights with on-screen colors and animations. This requires the Nanoleaf desktop app, but tin besides enactment with a TV utilizing an HDMI connection.

Nanoleaf’s full astute lighting enactment is compatible with Apple HomeKit, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Samsung SmartThings, and IFTTT, allowing you to control, dim, and alteration designs with dependable commands oregon done a astute location routine. Plus, arsenic with its existent lighting panels, Nanoleaf’s Lines tin enactment arsenic a Thread borderline router to link its Essentials enactment of bulbs and airy strips to your web without a third-party hub.

A surface reflector diagnostic tin sync the colors successful Nanoleaf Lines to your machine screen. Image: Nanoleaf

Eventually, Nanoleaf says immoderate Thread-enabled instrumentality volition link to a Thread web utilizing a Nanoleaf borderline router. Thread is simply a cardinal exertion successful the Matter astute location standard, which aims to unite astute location devices and platforms and let for much interoperability. Nanoleaf says Lines person been designed with “Matter successful mind” and volition enactment with the caller modular via a bundle update adjacent year.

Nanoleaf Lines is disposable for pre-order connected October 14th from Nanoleaf’s website and Best Buy. Smarter Kits (9 Lines) are $199.99, and Expansion Packs (3 Lines) are $79.99. Black and pinkish skins to customize the look of the beforehand of the Lines, and flex connectors to furniture astir corners are coming aboriginal this year.

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