Nanoleaf's Newest Premium Smart Lights Covers Your Walls in Lines

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Oct 14, 2021, 12:59 p.m. EDT | 2 min read

A acceptable   of astute  lighting successful  the signifier   of connected bow ties.Josh Hendrickson

Last year, Nanoleaf made a large splash with its caller Shapes enactment of premium lights, which it past expanded into a beauteous woodgrain look. Now the institution is backmost with thing decidedly different—Lines. With Lines, you tin physique your ain shapes, from octagons to bow ties. They start astatine $199.

At archetypal glance, lights successful the signifier of a enactment don’t look similar a spectacular idea, but we person a acceptable connected manus already, and erstwhile you crook them on, they amusement erstwhile again wherefore Nanoleaf is known for its premium lighting. The Lines usage a signifier of backlighting to propulsion shades of antithetic colors astatine your partition alternatively of shining retired astatine you. In the end, it provides a amended benignant of ambient lighting that isn’t rather truthful blinding arsenic it could be.

The connected bow necktie  lights glowing successful  red, purple, blue, and teal.Josh Hendrickson

And dissimilar akin entries from Lifx and adjacent Govee, Nanoleaf’s Lines are modular. In the pack, you’ll get respective associated pieces that link the airy bars together. These hexagon-shaped associated pieces location six transportation points that fto you spot a airy barroom vertically, horizontally, oregon astatine angles. With a spot of planning, you tin physique shapes and customize the lights to acceptable your wall.

Similar to Nanoleaf’s Shapes series, Lines travel with respective utile astute location features. They link to the Nanoleaf app (iOS and Android), Google Assistant, and Alexa. But they besides service arsenic a Thread Border router, a bonus if you ain Nanoleaf’s Essentials line. With a Thread borderline router, different Thread products volition respond to commands much quickly. Using Shapes arsenic a Thread Border router made a singular quality for the Essentials enactment successful our testing. Nanoleaf besides promises an update to the Lines merchandise to marque them Matter compatible astatine a aboriginal date.

You’ll besides get a built-in microphone for Nanoleaf’s Rhythm Music Visualizer Technology, which allows the lights to respond to euphony successful the room. And it tin link to Nanoleaf’s PC app and enactment arsenic a “screen mirror,” though you won’t get a afloat surface retired of this. Think of it arsenic an ambient hold to your computer’s display.

Nanoleaf Lines are disposable for pre-order starting today. A starter battalion with 9 lines costs $199.99, and an enlargement three-pack is $79.99. The kits volition vessel successful precocious November, 2021.

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