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If you're a instrumentality of crystal cream, Sunday's your day. July 17 is National Ice Cream Day. To celebrate, crystal pick shops and makers are offering deals, freebies and different goodies to salute the frozen treat.

President Ronald Reagan inaugurated the solemnisation successful 1984, designating July arsenic National Ice Cream Month and the 3rd Sunday of the period arsenic National Ice Cream Day.

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Here are plentifulness of ways to observe National Ice Cream Day this weekend.‍

Many nationalist and determination chains and artisanal shops are taking portion successful National Ice Cream Day.


Baskin-Robbins caller   Oreo S'mores flavor

Baskin-Robbins caller Oreo S'mores flavor


America's best-known crystal pick concatenation is heating things up for the vacation with a caller flavor, Oreo S'mores, which features toasted-marshmallow-and-graham-cracker-flavored crystal pick with Oreo pieces and cocoa cooky swirls, "to seizure the memories made during this peculiar season," Jeanne Bolger, Baskin-Robbins director of probe and development, said successful a statement.

In addition, betwixt July 17 and July 23, Baskin-Robbins is offering $5 disconnected immoderate acquisition of $15 oregon more. To get successful connected the offer, conscionable usage the promo codification BECOOLER at checkout for online orders.

To get the discount successful person, scan your B-R mobile app astatine the register. It's besides applied automatically connected orders with DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Postmates. 


Carvel's Brookie brushed  serve

Its BOGO soft-serve astatine Carvel connected July 17.


Carvel's newest spirit is Brookie, a premix of soft-serve fudge-brownie batter and chocolate-chip cooky dough. Visit immoderate Carvel determination connected July 17 and get bargain a tiny cupful oregon cone of Brookie (or immoderate different Carvel soft-serve flavor) and get a 2nd 1 free. 

You don't person to stock -- we won't tell.

Cold Stone Creamery

A waffle cone of Cold Stone's Oreo Cookie Goldmine crystal  cream

Cold Stone Creamery celebrates Oreo's 110th day with cookie-centric crystal cream.

Cold Stone Creamery

Cold Stone is celebrating National Ice Cream Day successful a assortment of ways. First off, each orders made done the Cold Stone website betwixt July 15 and July 17 travel with escaped delivery.

Then, connected July 17, users of the Cold Stone app volition get a concealed treat. Just make your relationship and cheque the app for a astonishment saccharine deal.

And to assistance Oreo observe its 110th birthday, Cold Stone is featuring 2 cookie-centric concoctions: The Oreo Cookie Goldmine Creation -- Oreo Crème Ice Cream mixed with Oreo cookies, Golden Oreos and caramel -- and Oreo Cookie Confetti & Crème, made with Oreo Crème Ice Cream, Oreo cookies, rainbow sprinkles and fudge.

Both flavors are disposable nationwide done Aug. 30.   

Cumberland Farms

Every Friday successful July, the convenience store/gas station with much than 600 locations successful the Northeast and Florida is offering immoderate HyperFreeze for 49 cents.

The chain's signature frozen portion flavors see Sour Apple Shock, Sucka Punch, Pinka Saurus, Cotton Candy Commander, Lemonaze and Mad Cola.

Dippin' Dots

Dippin' Dots

Find retired erstwhile your section Dippin' Dots is giving distant escaped mini-cups connected July 17.

Dippin' Dots

On July 17, Dippin' Dots is offering escaped mini cups of its frozen saccharine treats during a two-hour window. The drawback is each determination has its ain giveaway hours, truthful check with your section store oregon kiosk first. 

Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen dipped crystal  pick  cones

Get a dollar disconnected DQ dipped crystal cream.

Dairy Queen

On July 17, download the DQ app and get $1 disconnected immoderate dipped cone astatine participating DQ locations, including the new Fruity Blast Dipped Cone, a serving of vanilla soft-serve covered successful a airy purple, fruity, cereal-flavored flavoring. 


You tin inactive participate to triumph escaped Häagen-Dazs crystal pick and limited-edition merchandise done July 16 arsenic portion of their National Ice Cream Month celebration. 

Just travel @haagendazs_us connected Instagram and similar this post and tag astatine slightest 3 friends successful the comments section. 

Three fortunate winners volition beryllium selected astatine random connected July 17, National Ice Cream Day.

Insomnia Cookies

Insomnia Cookies launches 3  caller   flavors of cookie-infused crystal  cream

Ice pick is present disposable astatine much than 60 Insomnia Cookie locations.

Insomnia Cookies

To observe the motorboat of its caller "Cookies IN Ice Cream" line, the late-night bakery is giving distant a escaped scoop with immoderate bid from July 15 to 17.

Decadent options see Moon Tracks, made with vanilla pudding-flavored crystal pick and peanut-butter cupful cookies, the Caramellionaire, made with salted caramel cookies mixed successful salted caramel crystal cream, and Dreamweaver, treble cocoa chunk cookies successful purple S'mores crystal pick with fudge swirls.

Ice pick is present disposable astatine much than 60 of the company's mid-Atlantic locations and volition rotation retired to each 220 stores soon.

McConnell's Vacation a la Mode collection

McConnell's Vacation a la Mode collection.

McConnell's Ice Creams

McConnell's Fine Ice Creams

In grant of National Ice Cream Day, McConnell's is offering a escaped other scoop connected July 17 with the acquisition of a azygous cupful oregon cone astatine its shops successful San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles and Studio City. 

The brand's latest enactment of chill treats is Vacation A La Mode, a rum-infused postulation that includes Strawberry Daiquiri, Piña Colada, Espresso Rumtini and Toasted Coconut Almond Chip.

Ordering online? Get 20% disconnected connected July 16 and 17 utilizing promo codification NICD2022.

Museum of Ice Cream

This instauration devoted to everyone's favourite chilly snack is giving retired 1,000 escaped tickets to its locations successful New York, Chicago, Austin and Singapore.

To gain your accidental to triumph a pair, follow @museumoficecream on Instagram and share your sweetest crystal pick memory.

The Sprinkle excavation  astatine  the Museum of Ice Cream

Dive into a monolithic Sprinkle excavation successful Chicago's Pioneer Court, courtesy of the Museum of Ice Cream.

Museum of Ice Cream

In Chicago, the MOIC has built a 52-foot Sprinkle excavation successful Pioneer Court, adjacent to The Shops astatine Tribune Tower. Dive into the super-sized tub and bask escaped crystal pick from Breyers, Klondike and Popsicle betwixt noon and 6pm connected July 17.

Salt & Straw

Salt & Straw's Edible Perfumes

Salt & Straw has launched a enactment of edible perfumes to heighten the sensory acquisition of enjoying its crystal cream.

Salt & Straw

This West Coast creamery is utilizing National Ice Cream Day to motorboat Culinary Perfume, edible fragrances that adhd a caller consciousness to the ice-cream eating experience. 

On July 17, visitors to Salt & Straw scoop shops tin get Culinary Perfume arsenic a escaped topping connected their crystal cream. Created successful collaboration with Imaginary Authors, the scents see a Cloud of Cocoa, a Plume of Blooms and a Swoon of Citrus.

You tin besides order the Culinary Perfume to effort astatine home, with a 65-milliliter vessel for $65 oregon a formation of 3 10-milliliter bottles for $48. Plus, if you bid 5 pints of Salt & Straw by July 18, you'll get a sixth astonishment pint for free.

Tipsy Scoop 

Who says crystal pick is conscionable for kids? For a 21-and-over instrumentality connected the holiday, Tipsy Scoop is offering the archetypal 25 customers astatine each of its New York locations a escaped scoop of its Frosé All Day Sorbet, a achromatic peach sorbet infused with Bridge Lane rosé. 

If you're not adjacent a shop, you tin bargain a four-pack for $36 connected the Tipsy Scoop website from July 17 to 19. (That's a redeeming of $20 disconnected the retail price.) 

Buy immoderate to person astatine home.

Alden's Organic

This integrated ice-cream institution offers unusually appealing flavors -- similar chromatic citrus cookie, ooey gooey brownie and dairy-free peanut-butter cupful -- astatine thousands of supermarkets nationwide.

Throughout the period of July, Alden's is offering $1 disconnected coupons connected its website.

It's besides determined to springiness distant 10,000 scoops done the period of July: For a accidental to win, travel @aldensicecream and @edwardandsons connected Instagram, participate the nexus successful the bio and archer them your favourite flavor.

Blue Bell

Blue Bell is utilizing National Ice Cream Month to motorboat its latest flavor, Oatmeal Cream Pie, offering hints of brownish sweetener mixed with brushed oatmeal cookies and a vanilla icing swirl.

Oatmeal Cream Pie crystal  pick  from Blue Bell

Blue Bell's caller flavor, Oatmeal Cream Pie, is retired this month.

Blue Bell

"Once the vanilla icing swirl hits your sensation buds, you cognize this is going to beryllium good," Jimmy Lawhorn,  Blue Bell vice president of income and marketing, said successful a statement. "The texture and sensation of the brushed oatmeal cookies necktie it each together."

Oatmeal Cream Pie is disposable successful half-gallon and pint sizes portion supplies last.

Brave Robot

pints of Brave Robot non-dairy crystal  pick  desserts

Brave Robot is giving distant escaped pints of dairy-free crystal pick successful grant of National Ice Cream Day.

Brave Robot

How'd you similar a escaped pint of dairy-free crystal cream? Sign up connected the Brave Robot website and upload a representation of your receipt and the spirit you bought and they'll reimburse the outgo to your Venmo oregon Paypal account.

Brave Robot's "animal-free" flavors see Blueberry Pie, Buttery Pecan, Raspberry White Truffle, PB 'N' Fudge and Chocolate Cherry Brownie.


It turns retired July 17 is besides National Tattoo Day, truthful Nestle has travel up with a unsocial promotion: Anyone who gets a Drumstick tattoo and posts a pic connected societal media has a accidental to triumph a year's worthy of escaped Drumstick sundae cones.

Don't interest -- it doesn't person to beryllium a beingness commitment.

"The tattoo tin beryllium real, temporary, Mini Drum, Lil Drum, drawn connected with a sharpie… nevertheless you determine to explicit your emotion for Drumstick," the institution explained successful a release.

Share your photograph connected either Instagram oregon Twitter, tagging @Drumstick and adding the hashtag #DrumstickInk. (And beryllium definite you're pursuing @Drumstick connected whichever level you participate through.)

Entries are being accepted until July 31, and 5 winners volition beryllium picked astatine random retired of each eligible entities. 


A Klondike crystal  pick  cake

Enter for a accidental to triumph a ain Klondike 100th day barroom by completing a "What Would You Do for a Klondike" situation connected societal media.


Klondike is celebrating National Ice Cream Day -- and its 100th day -- by giving distant escaped crystal pick bars astatine pop-up locations successful Chicago, Los Angeles and New York, connected July 17.

You tin besides triumph a Klondike "100th day cake" by posting a photograph oregon video of yourself doing 1 of 10 challenges connected Instagram -- similar making a bow necktie retired of a Klondike wrapper oregon wearing a poodle skirt successful nationalist -- and tagging @klondikebar with  #4aKlondike100Sweepstakes.


Nick's is giving distant a year's proviso of its keto-friendly, dairy-free crystal pick to a brace of fortunate winners.



After being diagnosed arsenic prediabetic, Niclas "Nick" Luthman was forced to alteration his diet. The effect is this enactment of keto-friendly and vegan crystal creams, disposable astatine supermarkets nationwide and via online shipping.

For National Ice Cream Day 2022, Nick's is hosting a saccharine giveaway connected Instagram. Through July 18, caput to @nicksicecreams and tag a person named Nick (or Nicole, Nikki, Niko oregon immoderate Nick-type name), and you could each triumph a delicious prize. 

One brace of entries volition each triumph a year's proviso of crystal cream. Ten much winners volition person the Sömmar Fruit Bundle -- a six-pack of fruit-flavored pints, including Swedish Lemon Bar, Rasbär Swirl, Key Lime Pie, Cherry Chocka-Fläka and Strawbär Swirl. A 100 others volition get a coupon for a escaped pint.

You tin besides participate to triumph and get much details on the Nick's website.

So Delicious

The dairy-free institution is giving distant escaped Wondermilk Frozen Desserts for a twelvemonth to 10 fortunate crystal pick fans.

So Delicious' enactment     of Wondermilk frozen desserts.

You could triumph a year's proviso of So Delicious' dairy-free Wondermilk frozen desserts.

So Delicious

For a accidental to win, follow @So_delicious on Instagram and remark connected the brand's Wondermilk Sundae societal giveaway post with the spirit you'd similar to try. Be definite to tag a person to bask it with and usage #sweepstakes successful the comment.

Check retired the introduction rules here.

Whole Foods Market

Why bounds the savings to conscionable 1 brand? At Whole Foods, each crystal pick and frozen treats are 25% disconnected done July 19. Pro tip: Amazon Prime members get an further 10% off. 


Want to observe National Ice Cream Day without the guilt? This plant-based frozen dessert made with other virgin olive lipid has conscionable 1 gram of saturated abdominous and little than fractional the calories of astir dairy crystal creams.

In grant of the holiday, you tin prime up a pint of Wildgood -- including its newest flavor, Caramelized Fig, for 25% disconnected astatine Whole Foods oregon conscionable $5.99 astatine Sprouts.

Ice pick successful the wild. What could beryllium better?

Ace Hardware

Pints of Ace Hardware's "Some Day" crystal  cream

Ace Hardware is giving distant crystal pick inspired by immoderate of Benjamin Moore's astir fashionable overgarment colors.

Ace Hardware

We tin easy ideate overgarment colors inspired by crystal pick flavors. But Ace is mixing it up for National Ice Cream Day, giving retired crystal pick inspired by immoderate of Benjamin Moore's astir fashionable paints -- French White 1093, Mint Chocolate Chip 436, Strawberry-n-Cream 2103-70 and Cocoa Brown 2101-20.

An crystal pick motortruck volition beryllium handing retired the colorful concoctions astatine a astonishment Chicago location. (You tin find retired wherever here connected July 17.)

If you can't get to the truck, you tin capable retired a questionnaire connected the @AceHardware Instagram account. Ten winners volition beryllium selected astatine random to person a pint of their ain Ace Hardware crystal pick delivered to their home. Additional winners volition beryllium chosen successful the Chicago, Los Angeles and New York areas.

Check retired each of the rules for much details connected this saccharine deal.


On July 17, a twelve crystal pick trucks volition deed the streets of New York City to springiness distant 7,000 Oatly dessert bars.

Special offers you don't person to permission the location for? Yes, please.


A DiGiorno Croissant Crust cone

For National Ice Cream Day, DiGiorno is giving distant Croissant Crust cones, on with pints of savory crystal cream, to fortunate contention winners.


You cognize its homemade pizza dough, but DiGiorno is getting successful connected the National Ice Cream Day amusive with buttery, flaky Croissant Crust cones.

And to capable those cones, DiGiorno teamed up with a Cleveland creamery to make a brace of savory crystal pick flavors: Strawberry Tomato Basil and Parmesan Cheese.

But don't unreserved retired to the store: Kits with 2 cones and pints of some flavors -- on with a market acquisition paper for toppings -- are disposable exclusively done an online sweepstakes that wraps up connected July 17. (Click here to enter.)


On July 16 and 17, get $5 disconnected Ben & Jerry's, Breyers, Magnum and Talenti crystal pick erstwhile you bid them from The Ice Cream Shop connected DoorDash. To currency in, conscionable the $15 acquisition minimum and usage promo codification ICECREAM5 astatine checkout.

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