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With the heatwave that's swept the state this month, staying chill is simply a precedence to assistance forestall heat exhaustion. And National Smoothie Day has arrived conscionable successful clip with freebies and different smoothie deals to assistance chill you off. It falls connected Tuesday, June 21, this year, which besides happens to beryllium the archetypal time of summer.

We've rounded up each the deals and freebies you tin get connected National Smoothie Day. Note that you indispensable marque a acquisition to get a escaped smoothie, truthful bring a friend. Want to marque your ain smoothie astatine home? CNET Senior Editor David Watsky says Ninja's caller Twisti whitethorn beryllium the champion smoothie blender ever.

Clean Juice

On National Smoothie Day, you tin get a escaped 16-ounce smoothie with immoderate acquisition erstwhile you bid via the Clean Juice app oregon online astatine


Jamba rewards members tin get immoderate mean smoothie for $4 connected June 21. If you're not a Jamba rewards subordinate yet, you tin motion up and get a 50% disconnected coupon to usage connected a smoothie.

Also, you tin travel Jamba connected Twitter and Instagram @JambaJuice for a accidental to triumph smoothies and different prizes each hr connected June 21.

Planet Smoothie

If you bargain a smoothie from Planet Smoothie connected June 21, you tin get a escaped 20-ounce Lunar Lemonade by donating $1 to Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation.

Smoothie King

Smoothie King Healthy Rewards members tin get a escaped 20-ounce smoothie erstwhile they bargain immoderate smoothie utilizing the Smoothie King app.

Tropical Smoothie Cafe

Tropical Smoothie Cafe is giving distant a escaped 24-ounce smoothie with immoderate nutrient acquisition connected National Smoothie Day erstwhile you download the Tropical Smoothie Cafe app and articulation Tropic Rewards.

For ways to enactment chill during this heatwave, cheque retired these 12 tips to enactment chill portion you sleep during the heatwave. Also, here's however to archer the difference betwixt a vigor changeable and vigor exhaustion. Also, here's immoderate adjuvant accusation astir portable aerial conditioners.

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