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Tequila has its origins successful the Jalisco portion of cardinal occidental Mexico but the spirit, distilled from the bluish agave plant, is enjoyed the satellite implicit -- sipped neat, mixed into margaritas and different cocktails and gulped arsenic a changeable with brackish and lime.

First commercially produced successful the 1700s, tequila was formally introduced successful the US at the 1893 Chicago World's Fair. Don Cenobio Sauza, laminitis of Sauza Tequila, started large-scale exports into the states astatine the crook of the century.

Tequila popularity present grew immensely during Prohibition, erstwhile it was smuggled crossed the borderline from Mexico. 

Today, it's a billion-dollar industry, and the US is the largest marketplace -- liable for 80% of exports. By law, each mezcals billing themselves arsenic tequila indispensable beryllium made from bluish agave successful Jalisco, and determination are respective varieties: tequila blanco, bottled instantly oregon soon aft distillation, tequila reposado, aged successful oak barrels for betwixt 2 months and a year, and tequila joven, a premix of blanco and reposado. Tequila añejo is aged betwixt 1 and 3 years, and tequila other añejo is aged much than 3 years.

a margarita astatine  Chevy's

House margaritas astatine Chevy's are conscionable $3 connected National Tequila Day.


Tequila mixto contains little than 100% bluish agave, typically diluted with cane sweetener oregon precocious fructose maize syrup.


On July 24, get $3 location margaritas made with golden tequila, triple sec, and saccharine and sour astatine participating Chevy's locations.


Why instrumentality to conscionable 1 tequila special? On National Tequila Day, Chili's is offering its margarita of the month, the Bacardi Beach Party -- made with Bacardi Silver rum, Mi Campo blanco tequila, bluish curacao, coconut and pineapple -- for conscionable $5. 

The Tex-Mex concatenation is besides selling a $6 Presidente margarita -- made with reposado tequila, orangish liqueur and brandy -- and the mammoth Gallon Mar-go-'Rita, a one-gallon margarita to-go, for $30.

Cans of Dos Equis' ready-to-drink margaritas

Dos Equis' ready-to-drink margaritas are launching successful clip for National Tequila Day.

Dos Equis

Dos Equis

The folks down Dos Equis person been brewing brew for much than a century, but they've conscionable launched a caller canned Margarita Classic Lime, made with blanco tequila and existent lime juice.

It's disposable successful $14.29 12-ounce four-packs successful prime retailers successful Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Las Vegas, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Jersey, and New Mexico, and online via Drizly.

El Torito

This California-based eatery with much than 60 locations is celebrating National Tequila Day with $5 Cadillac Margaritas, made with premium Lunazul tequila, saccharine and sour, and a broadside of Cointreau Noir.


To observe National Tequila Day, Hornitos Tequila is offering 2 fans a accidental to triumph a three-day, two-night travel to Tequila, Mexico -- the birthplace of Hornitos -- for a backstage circuit of the label's agave fields. 

Hornitos cocktails and a vessel  of Hornitos

Enter to triumph a travel to Hornitos agave fields successful Tequila, Mexico.


Visit the entry page and participate the keyword TEQUILADAY for your accidental to win.

You indispensable participate by July 24 and winners volition beryllium announced the week of July 25.  



Onda tequila seltzer assortment pack.


The tequila seltzer marque co-founded by Pretty Little Liars prima Shay Mitchell is offering $5 disconnected the acquisition of immoderate Onda assortment pack. 

And if you unrecorded successful Dallas, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco oregon Washington, DC, you tin get 50% a thrust from the Alto ride-share work each time long. (Text ONDA to 855-410-6397 for details.)

On the Border

For National Tequila Day, On the Border is offering margaritas made with 1800 Tequila Grande for conscionable $6.

A crystal Patrón decanter

A crystal Patrón decanter designed by Lalique originative manager Marc Larminaux.



In the 1990s, erstwhile golden-hued tequila mixto was each the rage, Patrón emerged arsenic an ultra-premium marque offering a crystal-clear consistency and a mash measure of 100% bluish agave.

For National Tequila Day 2022, Patrón is reteaming with Lalique crystal connected their 3rd collaboration: Patrón en Lalique: Serie 3. A crystal decanter designed by Lalique originative manager Marc Larminaux offers a originative mentation of the agave works and houses a uncommon blend of Patrón's other añejo tequila, which is marked by a saccharine yet creaseless spirit illustration with hints of spice, dried fruit, sherry and wood.

Each of the 299 bottles being produced is handmade by artisanal glassmakers and individually numbered astatine Lalique's mill successful Wingen-sur-Moder successful Alsace, France.

With a retail terms of $7,500, the limited-edition decanters are disposable starting July 24 successful prime stores. Fifteen volition beryllium disposable exclusively connected, a direct-to-consumer NFT marketplace for good vino and spirits, with a unsocial amber decanter stopper.

An NFT of the vessel is disposable to acquisition done recognition card, ethereum oregon ligament transfer, which radical tin redeem for the carnal product

Taco Cabana

The fast-casual eatery is rolling retired its newest cocktail, the strawberry chipotle margarita, connected July 22.  

Tipsy Scoop

Tipsy Scoopy Fiesta Pack

Give your crystal pick a boozy punch for National Tequila Day with Tipsy Scoopy's fiesta pack.

Tipsy Scoopy

This National Tequila Day, commercialized your margarita solid for an crystal pick cone with Tipsy Scoop's Fiesta Pack, a tequila-infused $56 four-pack of crystal creams and sorbets.

Founder Melissa Tavss' decadent treats includes Tequila Mexican Hot Chocolate, made with chocolate-cinnamon crystal pick infused with tequila reposado, and Strawberry White Sangria Sorbet, a floral strawberry sorbet infused with adust achromatic vino and elderflower liqueur.

There's besides Spiked Hazelnut Coffee, made with coffee crystal pick infused with hazelnut liqueur, and Cafe Patrón, arsenic good arsenic Mango Margarita Sorbet, a sorbet infused with Tequila Plata and caller mango.

Order these boozy flavors online oregon astatine a Tipsy Scoop barlour successful New York City. 

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