Native Payment Infrastructure, Airswift, Raises $2M in Pre-Seed Funding Led by CE Innovation Capital

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PRESS RELEASE. Vancouver, August 8, 2022 – Airswift, a fintech startup pioneering Web 3.0 autochthonal outgo solutions, announced that it raised $2 cardinal USD successful a pre-seed backing circular led by CE Innovation Capital (CEiC).

The latest backing comes amid a carnivore marketplace sentiment and uncertainty astir crypto. It indicates that investors are assured astir Airswift’s unsocial model, and optimistic astir the aboriginal of outgo solutions that powerfulness the usage of integer assets.

With blockchain exertion astatine its core, Airswift is gathering a broad outgo infrastructure autochthonal to Web 3.0. This includes an easy-to-use on-chain outgo gateway that allows merchants to judge some crypto and fiat currency, enabling frictionless purchases with integer assets. Airswift plans to motorboat its archetypal merchandise by September 2022, making it 1 of the archetypal full-stack outgo gateway solutions that facilitate integer plus acceptance astir the globe.

“The rise from CEiC shows that investors are assured successful our unsocial strengths successful blockchain R&D, outgo gateway operations, regulatory compliance, among different factors”, said Dr. Yan Zhang, Co-founder and CEO of Airswift. “The existent situation associated with enabling crypto payments lies with some method areas and money aggregation. Airswift is committed to solving these issues with a decentralized outgo gateway that protects idiosyncratic privateness and supports a liquidity excavation exemplary powered by block-chain technology.”

As a Fintech-focused planetary investor, CEiC firmly believes blockchain enabled outgo solutions are a cardinal technological innovation that could make a paradigm displacement successful the fiscal services manufacture worldwide. The Fintech capitalist stresses that the marketplace is successful its infancy, with immense imaginable for growth. In 2021, the planetary measurement of blockchain enabled payments reached $15-16bn USD, presenting lone a tiny fraction of that year’s full planetary integer outgo measurement of $7.5 trillion USD. The capitalist values Airswift’s unsocial advantages successful its established and forward-looking CeFi and DeFi solutions and its team’s affluent experience, concern acumen and prudent regulatory mindset towards the payments and blockchain industries. CEiC is excited to spouse with Airswift to make caller outgo solutions that could disrupt the trillion dollar planetary integer outgo market.

Airswift was co-founded by CEO Dr. Yan Zhang, a palmy entrepreneur successful crypto, eCommerce and Fintech. His squad brings broad expertise successful blockchain R&D, having obtained much than 50 patents related to the technology. Airswift besides has a important inheritance successful outgo gateway operations, achieving beardown regulatory endorsements successful North America, SEA, and EMEA.

About Airswift

Airswift is simply a fiscal exertion institution pioneering crypto outgo solutions for businesses and consumers astir the globe. It provides a web 3.0 autochthonal omnichannel outgo gateway, crypto-funded prepaid cards, and on/off ramp services that link businesses with consumers. Airswift is wide recognized arsenic a person successful blockchain technology, with extended operational acquisition successful planetary integer payments and endeavor Web 3.0 fiscal infrastructure. Headquartered successful Vancouver Canada, Airswift was established successful 2022 with backing from starring manufacture investors. For much information, delight sojourn

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