Nervos ‘Force Bridge’ now live to allow cross-chain connection to Ethereum, Cardano, Polkadot

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Nervos, a postulation of protocols and public blockchain ecosystem, contiguous announced that Force Bridge, its cross-chain plus system, has launched connected mainnet. Force Bridge is present connected to Ethereum and volition soon link to Cardano and different EVM and non-EVM chains specified arsenic Bitcoin, TRON, EOS, and Polkadot.

A trustless cross-chain bridge, Force Bridge allows for seamless transactions betwixt the Nervos ecosystem and different nationalist chains, making it easier for developers to widen their dApps to Nervos. Currently, the span supports ETH and whitelisted ERC-20 tokens, including Dai (DAI), Tether (USDT), and USD Coin (USDC), with much tokens to travel successful the future.

Note, nary $CKB, the autochthonal token of Nervos, is required to transportation assets to Nervos via the Force Bridge.

How the Force Bridge Works

While astir cross-chain bridges necessitate aggregate steps earlier an plus tin beryllium moved, Force Bridge requires lone a elemental declaration deployment to statesman plus transportation to a idiosyncratic oregon decentralized app (dApp).

When users nonstop assets from Ethereum utilizing the Force Bridge idiosyncratic interface (UI), the plus gets locked into a multi-signature wallet connected Ethereum. Corresponding tokens are past minted connected Nervos and sent to the corresponding users’ wallet addresses.

To guarantee the information and information of assets arsenic they determination cross-chain, the Nervos assemblage formed a Force Bridge committee to guarantee that the astute declaration wallet is unafraid connected Ethereum.

“The Force Bridge plays an integral relation successful our suite of multi-chain solutions, which are aimed astatine creating Universal Applications that transcend idiosyncratic blockchains. With the caller motorboat of immoderate of our different multi-chain solutions, Polyjuice and Godwoken which were tested during our caller Hackathon, and present the Force Bridge, we’re making important advancement successful our roadmap and moving person to a genuinely interconnected blockchain ecosystem.” 
– Kevin Wang, Co-Founder astatine Nervos

Cross-Chain Bridge

Earlier this year, Nervos announced it would link to Cardano, the latest task successful an existing probe collaboration betwixt Nervos and IOHK.

Once completed, it volition beryllium the archetypal cross-chain span to Cardano, allowing users to usage Nervos and Cardano’s autochthonal currencies ($CKB and $ADA, respectively) interchangeably, arsenic good arsenic make their ain tokens (user-defined tokens) crossed some blockchains.

As Nervos moves person towards its imaginativeness for an interoperable blockchain ecosystem. users from different blockchains volition soon beryllium capable to usage their wallets to commercialized successful the aforesaid liquidity excavation connected CKB with Yokaiswap, the archetypal interoperable AMM, DEX, output farming, & staking level successful the Nervos ecosystem. Additionally, the task is processing an update to transportation $CKB to Ethereum arsenic wrapped $CKB (wCKB).

Kevin added, “Progress connected the blockchain is an iterative process. As we proceed to marque headway connected the Force Bridge and our multi-chain solutions, we look guardant to receiving feedback from the community.”

Nervos Launches The Force Bridge

The Nervos Common Knowledge Base (CKB) is simply a layer-1, impervious of work, public, permissionless blockchain protocol of the Nervos Network. It allows immoderate crypto plus to beryllium stored with the security, immutability, and permissionless quality of Bitcoin portion enabling astute contracts and layer-2 scaling.

Force Bridge is simply a cross-chain strategy of antithetic protocols, CKB contracts, and off-chain modules to enactment decentralized, redeemable tokens connected CKB, supply-pegged to immoderate plus connected immoderate blockchain.

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