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Jan 14, 2022, 3:56 p.m. EST | 1 min read

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Uh oh, Netflix is cranking up the wealth instrumentality again. All Netflix U.S. and Canada plans present outgo an other dollar oregon two. The terms hike brings the outgo of Netflix’s 4K program to a whopping $20 per month—is that truly worthy it?

Thankfully, Netflix says it volition pass customers 30 days earlier it applies the caller prices to their account. But caller and returning subscribers indispensable wage these updated rates if they privation to motion up for the service, effectual immediately.

New Pricing:

  • Premium (4K, 4 Screens): $20 a month, antecedently $18
  • Standard (1080p, 2 Screens): $15.50 a month, antecedently $14
  • Basic (720p, 1 Screen): $10 a month, antecedently $9

For reference, those with a Premium Netflix program volition find themselves paying a full of $240 per twelvemonth for service. Twelve months of the 4K program outgo $216 a twelvemonth earlier this terms change.

Netflix hasn’t changed its prices since 2019, you know, earlier we each added Disney+ and HBO Max to our ever-growing database of costly streaming services. Now that prices are going up, you whitethorn privation to see learning astir free streaming options oregon money-saving techniques, similar rotating subscriptions.

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