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Netflix is becoming 1 of the much costly streaming services connected the market. On Friday, the basal program successful the US jumped from $9 to $10, the modular program to $15.49, up from $13.99, and the premium program to $20 -- a $2 increase. Netflix said it's making the alteration truthful that it tin proceed offering much amusement options.

New customers volition spot these terms increases immediately, and they'll marque their mode to existing customers "over the coming weeks," Netflix said. Current customers volition get an email notification 30 days earlier their prices change, according to Netflix's Plans and Pricing page.

The increases spot Netflix squarely successful a conflict with HBO Max for the rubric of the highest-priced streaming service. Both Netflix and HBO Max connection a $10 basal tier that comes with much constricted service. Netflix's basal work lone allows 1 watercourse astatine a time, and though it is ad-free, it lacks the quality to watercourse successful precocious definition. Meanwhile, HBO's entry-level work does travel with HD, but includes ads. It besides lacks the quality to entree the first-run movies that look successful theaters and simultaneously connected the streaming service. 

The modular services for some streaming companies connection afloat entree to HD, ad-free content. HBO Max offers 4 simultaneous streams with prime titles successful ultra HD for $15, portion Netflix lone gives users 2 streams and modular HD for $15.49. Netflix users volition request to wage for the $20 premium work to ticker connected 4 screens astatine the aforesaid clip oregon get entree to ultra HD content. That makes Netflix's modular program the astir costly streaming program with HD connected the market, passing HBO Max.

Netflix has been facing expanding contention from streaming services from Apple, Disney and Amazon, arsenic good arsenic from much accepted networks similar Paramount, HBO and NBC Universal. But truthful far, Netflix's stated viewing numbers person been massive. The company tracks the full hours viewed successful the archetypal 28 days of each title's release. Season 1 of deed amusement Squid Game got 1.65 cardinal hours of ticker time, portion the archetypal play of Bridgerton reached 625 cardinal hours. 

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