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A caller study shows Netflix hid a movie from its hunt results. 

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Netflix reportedly utilized its algorithm to fell a French movie from immoderate hunt results successful 2020. Amid backlash implicit the selling of a movie called Cuties, the streaming elephantine suppressed the movie connected its platform, The Verge reported connected Wednesday, citing interior Netflix documents

Cuties is simply a French movie that was intended to critique the sexualization of young girls. Netflix's marketing, which showed young girls, scantily clad, drew criticism, and immoderate critics felt the movie itself exploited the aforesaid benignant of sexualization it was expected to critique.

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Netflix reportedly kept Cuties disconnected its coming soon and fashionable searches categories, excluded it from searches for "cute," and besides made definite searches for Cuties would not besides propulsion up "steamy/sexual titles" oregon kids movies. 

"Our recommendations assistance members find large titles to ticker amidst each the choices connected Netflix. Not each rubric gets promoted successful the aforesaid way, conscionable arsenic each member's homepage is different," a Netflix spokesperson said successful a statement. 

The study comes arsenic Netflix is dealing with fallout implicit comedian Dave Chappelle's latest special, The Closer, successful which helium makes jokes astir trans people. Netflix's archetypal defence of The Closer led employees to plan a walkout. Co-CEO Ted Sarandos yet said helium "screwed up" defending the special.

CNET's Joan E. Solsman contributed to this report. 

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