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Netflix is present cracking down connected password sharing in the US. If idiosyncratic is utilizing your Netflix account, but extracurricular of your household, you present person the enactment to wage other for each of those members to enactment connected your account. If not, they won't beryllium capable to entree their profile.

The password-sharing fees travel retired to $8 other a period -- users connected the modular program tin adhd 1 idiosyncratic extracurricular of their household, portion premium users tin adhd up to two.

If you presently person a illustration connected idiosyncratic else's account, and you're not expecting them to pony up the other wealth to support your illustration connected their account, you tin transportation it implicit to a caller account, that you'll request to wage for, truthful that you tin support your recommendations, prevention lists and different settings.

In this guide, we'll amusement you however to find and alteration Netflix's Transfer Profile diagnostic connected your profile, and however to transportation your existing illustration to a abstracted account.

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First you request to alteration the Profile Transfer diagnostic connected Netflix

Before you tin transportation your Netflix illustration to a caller account, you indispensable alteration the feature. You tin bash this connected some the web and your mobile instrumentality (phone oregon tablet).

If you're connected a computer, spell to the web browser of your choice, entree the Netflix website and spell into the illustration that you privation to transfer. Next, hover your cursor implicit your illustration icon successful the apical close and click Transfer Profile successful the dropdown menu. On the adjacent page, click the Allow button.

The Profile Transfer diagnostic   being enabled connected  Netflix

The Profile Transfer diagnostic volition beryllium disposable for 2 years aft you alteration it.

Nelson Aguilar/CNET

If you're utilizing a telephone oregon tablet, unfastened the authoritative Netflix application, spell into your illustration and past pat your illustration icon successful the top-right country to entree your relationship settings. Next, pat Account, scroll down to the bottommost of the page, and tap Turn connected illustration transfers. This volition redirect you to the authoritative illustration transportation page, wherever you tin past deed the Allow button.

You should past get a notification saying that illustration transfers volition soon beryllium coming to your account. For my account, it said I would get the diagnostic successful 2 days. However, it besides said I could alteration the illustration transportation diagnostic instantly if I clicked the confirmation nexus sent to maine via email, which I did.

Now you tin transportation your illustration to a caller Netflix account

Once the Transfer Profile is enabled, you tin transportation your illustration to your ain caller Netflix account. To transportation a profile, log into your archetypal Netflix relationship (web oregon mobile) and spell into the Transfer Profile leafage recovered successful your settings. You should past spot the commencement of the Transfer Profile process, which volition springiness you a little summary of what the diagnostic does:

  • Transfers implicit your recommendations, viewing history, saved games, settings, My List and much to a abstracted account
  • Creates a backup of your illustration connected the archetypal account
Transferring illustration   to different  relationship  connected  Netflix

A backup transcript volition beryllium created connected the archetypal account, but that does not see immoderate saved games.

Nelson Aguilar/CNET

Begin the process by hitting the Next fastener -- you'll past beryllium asked to participate the credentials for your caller account. Verify your email and past travel the prompts you spot connected the surface to decorativeness mounting up your caller account. Once this is finished, your illustration volition beryllium transferred and you'll person instant entree to your caller Netflix account.

The proprietor of the archetypal relationship volition beryllium notified erstwhile the process is complete.

Also, if for immoderate crushed you get logged retired portion attempting to transfer, you tin proceed the process by logging backmost successful and utilizing the Finish Transfer setting.

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