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A broad serverless level with everything a developer needs to big a modern static website.


  • Time-saving automated builds/ deployments
  • Speedy CDN powered by Amazon, Google and others
  • Vast diagnostic set
  • Free plan


  • Complicated pricing
  • 100GB/month bounds connected the escaped plan

A broad serverless level with everything a developer needs to big a modern static website.


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    Time-saving automated builds/ deployments

  • +

    Speedy CDN powered by Amazon, Google and others

  • +

    Vast diagnostic set

  • +

    Free plan


  • -

    Complicated pricing

  • -

    100GB/month bounds connected the escaped plan

Setting up astir CDNs tin consciousness complicated. You've got your website up and moving with a web host, you're looking to amended its speed, truthful present you're trying to plug it into a abstracted CDN work and service your contented from the CDN's network.

Netlify does things differently. It's a developer-oriented all-in-one serverless level which combines building, deployment, hosting and a CDN into a azygous service. No request to negociate web servers, link your web hosting to a CDN oregon acceptable up analyzable caching rules. Just constitute your website codification oregon usage the built-in CMS and Netlify handles everything else.

Netlify Build

(Image credit: Netlify)

Netlify Build

Netlify simplifies web improvement beingness by afloat integrating with your workflow, and automating tedious tasks you'd different beryllium near to negociate yourself.

Set up a caller project, for instance, and Netlify connects to your Git repository (virtual retention for your  project and its history.) Push changes to Git successful future, and the work automatically builds and deploys the updated tract from your main branch.

There's casual previewing of changes, with Netlify capable to supply Deploy Preview URLs for each Pull oregon Merge request, and alerting different squad members via Git comments oregon Slack. No much staging limits, you tin person arsenic galore versions of your tract arsenic you need. 

This works for the accumulation site, too. If there's a problem, Netlify stores each erstwhile mentation of your website, and you tin instantly rotation backmost to whichever 1 you need.


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Netlify uses an atomic deployment strategy to get your updates to the CDN and online. The tract automatically detects changed files, uploads them to the CDN, past switches to the modified tract erstwhile each the files are available. No hassle for you, it conscionable works.

By default, Netlify sites are disposable connected their ain subdomain: Of course, Netlify besides supports customized domains, and these tin either beryllium registered and managed nonstop from Netlify, oregon you tin usage domains held by different registrar. 


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HTTPS is comparatively simple, too. Every Netlify tract gets a escaped Let's Encrypt HTTPS certificate, oregon you tin usage 1 of your ain if you request thing much (Extended Validation, say, oregon a wildcard certificate.)

There are existent method surprises, too. Split testing, for instance, allows you to disagreement your tract postulation betwixt 2 oregon much abstracted deploys. Define the percent of postulation you'd similar for each, and Netlify directs your aboriginal postulation to match.

That's perfect for A/B oregon multivariant testing, seeing however your visitors behave if you alteration assorted aspects of the site. So perfect that it mightiness beryllium an costly premium diagnostic successful immoderate services, but Netlify throws it successful for free.

Frameworks and Features

(Image credit: Netlify)

Frameworks and features

Netlify's serverless attack means you can't instal your ain web and improvement tools successful the accustomed way. Fortunately, Netlify's functions, APIs and plugins springiness you plentifulness of alternate options.

A almighty forms strategy works without needing immoderate backend code, for instance. It's casual to usage and integrates with much than 1,000 apps: you tin populate a Google spreadsheet, make a Zendesk ticket, nonstop a Gmail email, make a Salesforce lead, and more.

Netlify integrates neatly with WordPress, Drupal, Shopify and galore different apical apps, giving you each the features you'd expect, and automatically deploying your tract to Netlify's ain CDN.

Using immoderate customized instauration of your own? Netlify works with each modern improvement frameworks, too, including React, Nextjs, Gatsby, Hugo, Vue.js and more.


(Image credit: Netlify)


If you're wondering wherefore you should spot Netlify to tally your CDN, don't worry, that's not what you're doing: the institution uses Google Cloud, Amazon AWS, Digital Ocean and Yandex nether the hood.

That doesn't mean your CDN acquisition is the same. Connect a regular website to Amazon CloudFront (or immoderate different service) and you'll walk clip mounting up antithetic TTL values for assorted objects, gathering peculiar rules to support stale contented to a minimum. With Netlify, each deployment instantly invalidates each caches worldwide, and replaces each modified file.

If this default behaviour isn't rather enough, you tin besides widen the work with Edge Handlers, JavaScript codification which runs connected Netlify's borderline servers to customize however contented is delivered.

Locations Analytics

(Image credit: Netlify)

This could beryllium precise simple, personalizing contented depending connected the user's location, time, cookies oregon immoderate different details you need. But there's scope to bash a full batch more. Netlify's tract has immoderate intriguing suggestions, including customized authentication schemes wherever credentials are verified and cached connected the edge, and the quality to selectively embed elements (CSS changes, announcement banners) into immoderate element.


(Image credit: Netlify)

Plans and pricing

Netlify's merchandise scope starts with a generous free plan. This tin lone beryllium utilized by a azygous idiosyncratic (no teams allowed), limits you to 100GB postulation a month, doesn't get you immoderate enactment beyond a assemblage forum, and leaves retired a clump of precocious features. But it much than covers the basics, enables gathering unlimited trial sites, and is simply a risk-free mode to get an thought of what Netlify is about.


(Image credit: Netlify)

(Even if you're not a developer, you could usage the escaped program to physique a elemental idiosyncratic site. There's a blog template, for instance, which you could acceptable up and get moving successful a mates of minutes.)

The commercialized plans are 'pay arsenic you go', you're lone charged for the capableness and features you use. That seems fair, but it besides makes beingness complicated, arsenic determination are lots, and lots, and tons of antithetic items which mightiness beryllium chargeable.

Sign up for the Pro plan, for instance, and you'll wage $19 per Member (anyone who commits codification successful Git oregon needs to log into Netlify.) There's a 400GB a period bandwidth allowance, with a 20GB per 100GB complaint aft that. And you besides get allowances (and overage costs) for physique minutes, functions, forms, tract users, representation transformations and more.

These look similar just worth for us, but it each depends connected your tract and what you're trying to do. Netlify's Pro program starts charging if you person much than 100 signifier submissions per tract successful a month, for instance. If your tract conscionable has a elemental interaction signifier which hardly anyone uses, that mightiness beryllium fine; if you request each visitant to implicit a form, it mightiness beryllium a problem.

Keep successful mind, though, that you're getting a batch for your money: hosting, a CDN and a clump of web APIs, integrations and investigating tools. If Netlify sounds similar it mightiness enactment for you, instrumentality the escaped physique for a spin, and that'll springiness you a overmuch amended thought of the features you'll usage and their apt costs.

Also consider

Netlify is simply a polished and nonrecreational work with each kinds of developer-friendly features and tools, but it's not your lone option.

Cloudflare Pages is simply a comparatively caller service, but it inactive delivers the aforesaid halfway functionality successful overmuch the aforesaid way. Simple Git integration gets you automated deployments erstwhile you propulsion caller code, preview URLs marque it casual to get feedback, determination are nary limits oregon other charges per squad members, and your sites each get deployed (with their escaped SSL certificates) to Cloudflare's CDN.

There's a escaped plan, too, and 1 that improves connected Netlify successful a cardinal way. Not lone does it enactment unlimited sites, but you besides get unlimited bandwidth.

Which is best? Netlify has been astir for years, has much features and a wider ecosystem of supporting products and extensions; meanwhile, galore Cloudflare Pages features are hardly retired of beta. If you're looking for powerfulness and features supra each else; spell for Netlify; but if you're not rather definite what you want, effort some escaped plans and spot what works for you.

Final verdict

Netlify is simply a mature and featured-packed serverless level with everything your improvement squad needs to physique and deploy static websites. Check retired the escaped program to spot what it could bash for you.

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