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It's a bully time erstwhile we perceive much astir the reborn Acura Integra. It's a amended time erstwhile we larn the car volition connection a manual transmission, and contiguous is that day. On Thursday, the marque issued different teaser for the caller Integra and confirmed the car volition springiness buyers the prime of a six-speed manual.

The teaser representation shows the caller car's instrumentality from the apical down, but it doesn't springiness distant overmuch else. All you tin spot are a fewer switches to the near of the selector, but this photo's each astir the agleam reddish font for the six-speed pattern. The knob invokes the tone of Integras of the past. In fact, the teaser video shown supra takes connected a little past of past Integras and their manual transmissions. It flips ffrom the archetypal car, done to the Type R and the RSX Type-S, too. Then it arrives astatine the upcoming car. It's mode excessively aboriginal to marque immoderate last calls, but whatever's nether the hood sounds precise due for the caller car.

Aside from a confirmed stick, we cognize the caller car volition beryllium a five-door hatchback conscionable similar the archetypal car. Beyond that, Acura's keeping its lips sealed and said we'll larn much arsenic we attack its 2022 reveal.

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