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Your Chromebook would similar to work thing to you.

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Google said Thursday that it's adding much "human-sounding" voices to its Select-to-speak diagnostic connected Chromebooks. Select-to-speak lets Chromebook users perceive selected substance connected their surface spoken aloud. The caller voices are aimed astatine making that spoken substance much fluid-sounding and easier to understand. They're presently disposable successful assorted accents successful 25 languages, with much connected the way, Google says.

Reading connected a surface tin beryllium hard for radical with dyslexia, idiosyncratic learning a caller connection oregon radical who conflict to absorption connected engaged text, the hunt elephantine noted. To make the feature, Google worked with radical with dyslexia, arsenic good arsenic educators who specialize successful dyslexia. 

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"They shared that proceeding substance work retired large enhances comprehension -- particularly successful an acquisition setting," the institution said successful a blog post. "By bringing natural-sounding voices to the feature, for illustration a section accent you're utilized to, it's besides easier to travel on with the contented being work and highlighted connected screen."

To effort the caller voices, enable Select-to-speak successful Chromebook settings and take the dependable you want. Then prime the substance you privation to perceive work aloud and deed the Everything Button oregon Launcher Key positive S. 

This update follows the summation of different Select-to-speak features earlier this year, including controls to velocity up, dilatory down oregon intermission the speechmaking voice, and to easy leap to antithetic sections of text. Users tin besides take to person the words being spoken go highlighted and the inheritance substance shaded to summation focus. 

Over the past year, Google has besides updated Chromebook's screen magnifier, with features similar keyboard panning and shortcuts. The institution besides launched a free online grooming program with the Academy for Certification of Vision Rehabilitation & Education Professionals, covering Chromebook and Google Workspace accessibility features.

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