New leak gives us first look at the Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus

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  • Renders of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus person appeared online.
  • The renders amusement that the instrumentality volition spot respective plan changes.

As we get person to the extremity of the year, 1 can’t assistance to wonderment what Samsung’s adjacent flagship telephone volition look like. The institution tends to merchandise its Galaxy S bid of phones successful either January oregon February. Thanks to a caller leak, we present astatine slightest cognize what the Galaxy S23 Plus whitethorn look like.

Provided by Smartprix successful collaboration with noted leaker OnLeaks, a bid of renders person surfaced revealing the Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus. Based connected the images, it appears that the instrumentality volition spot a fig of changes from this year’s handset.

According to Smartprix, the instrumentality volition diagnostic a three-camera setup successful the back. Although the placement is akin to the S22 Plus, it seems the camera land is gone. Instead, the sensors instrumentality connected a raindrop design, akin to the existent S22 Ultra.

Another alteration appears to beryllium the handset’s size. Where the S22 Plus measurements travel successful astatine 157.4 x 75.8 x 7.6mm, the S23 Plus dimensions volition beryllium 157.7 x 76.1 x 7.6mm and volition person a 6.6-inch surface claims Smartprix.

Finally, it looks arsenic if determination won’t beryllium immoderate changes to the selfie camera’s punch spread design, the USB-C port, oregon the speakers. However, the renders don’t amusement a SIM tray, which is recovered astatine the bottommost of the S22 Plus. But the folks implicit astatine Smartprix accidental they judge a SIM tray volition apt beryllium contiguous connected the existent device.

This has been a dense period for leaks; we’ve seen details from some Google and Apple popular up recently. It’s lone fitting that we’d get a leak from Samsung arsenic well.

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