New rumor claims Google is actually, really, for sure making its own smartwatch

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  • A caller study claims Google is processing an in-house, Google-branded smartwatch, which could debut adjacent year.
  • The smartwatch would connection basal fittingness tracking and day-long artillery beingness and would vie with the Apple Watch.
  • The Google ticker is not to beryllium confused with Fitbit’s Wear OS smartwatch, which was teased astatine Google I/O 2021.

It’s astir laughable however galore Google Pixel Watch rumors there’ve been implicit the years. Whether Google has really worked connected and scrapped dozens of in-house smartwatches remains to beryllium seen, but the information is we’ve inactive not seen thing adjacent to a real-life Google Pixel Watch to this day.

Business Insider present claims Google is really moving connected an in-house smartwatch that could beryllium the Google Pixel Watch the net has been aft since 2014. No, truly this time. Please halt laughing.

According to the report, Google’s expected in-house smartwatch — codenamed “Rohan” — would service arsenic the main showcase for Google’s Wear OS bundle and hardware efforts, akin to however Google Pixel phones showcase Android proper. To beryllium clear, Rohan is lone a codename for the device; determination is reportedly nary authoritative sanction for the instrumentality yet.

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The Insider study claims the instrumentality volition person a circular look and person “no carnal bezel.” It’ll besides necessitate regular charging. One Insider root lamented that the watch’s charging speeds were slow.

‘Rohan’ features and clash with Fitbit

The caller smartwatch would supposedly connection basal fitness and wellness tracking features, similar measurement tracking and a heart complaint monitor. According to sources speaking to The Verge, the smartwatch could outgo “more than a Fitbit” and vie straight with the Apple Watch. If the Google ticker were to outgo much than, say, the Fitbit Sense, we could beryllium looking astatine a $350-$400 terms constituent for Google’s wearable. That’s however overmuch basal exemplary Apple Watches cost.

The Google-made 'Rohan' wearable would supposedly connection basal enactment tracking and one-day artillery life.

Notably, this smartwatch is not to beryllium confused with Fitbit’s upcoming Wear OS-powered smartwatch, which was teased astatine Google I/O this year. Alongside this Google watch, the institution is besides readying to debut immoderate benignant of Fitbit integration into Wear OS, codenamed “Nightlight.” During Google’s developer conference, it showed conception images of Fitbit’s Today app and Active Zone Minutes moving connected Wear OS. However, we are unsure if these are the Fitbit integrations Google is planning.

Google executives reportedly told employees it plans to motorboat the smartwatch sometime successful 2022.

Externally, Google’s wearable plans look to beryllium each implicit the place. The institution conscionable cleared a $2.1 cardinal acquisition of Fitbit, which volition support making fittingness trackers and smartwatches nether its ain name. If these caller rumors beryllium to beryllium true, Google would not lone beryllium investing successful its ain Google-branded smartwatch hardware, it’d besides beryllium pushing Fitbit hardware astatine the aforesaid clip — not to notation keeping up with improvement for Wear OS 3 connected its ain smartwatch, Wear OS 3 connected third-party devices, and Fitbit’s grandfathered-in operating strategy that powers Sense and Versa 3 devices. It each seems to beryllium a spot messy.

If we perceive immoderate different Google ticker rumors, we’ll support you updated.

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