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What amended mode to digest your turkey feast than connected the sofa successful beforehand of a shot game? No substance however aboriginal you devour your Thanksgiving dinner, the likelihood are bully that a crippled volition beryllium on. The archetypal crippled saw the winless Detroit Lions autumn to the present 4-7 Chicago Bears connected a last-second tract goal. In the 2nd game, the 7-3 Dallas Cowboys way the 5-5 Las Vegas Raiders heading into halftime and volition look to rally to effort and propulsion retired a triumph astatine home. 

The nightcap successful New Orleans features yet different interconference clash erstwhile the 5-5 Saints hosts the 6-4 Buffalo Bills.

Here's the remaining Thanksgiving NFL schedule:

  • Cowboys vs. Raiders: 4:30 p.m. ET (1:30 p.m. PT) connected CBS
  • Saints vs. Bills get: 8:20 p.m. ET (5:20 p.m. PT) connected NBC

Here's however to ticker Thursday's games, arsenic good arsenic the remainder of the NFL season, without cable.

Dallas Cowboys

Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys play successful the 2nd crippled of the NFL's Thanksgiving triple-header against the Las Vegas Raiders.

David Eulitt/Getty Images

How to watercourse NFL games

Major streaming providers specified arsenic YouTube TV, Hulu Plus Live TV, FuboTV and DirecTV Stream connection astir each the large channels you volition request for football. This includes CBS, NBC and Fox, arsenic good arsenic ESPN, which is needed for Monday Night Football. 

Sling TV offers NBC and Fox successful immoderate markets with its Blue package, but it lacks CBS. It's besides worthy noting that to get ESPN you volition either request to power to its Orange bundle oregon spell for its Blue and Orange bundle. 

Those who are good with watching connected phones oregon tablets, meanwhile, tin besides usage the Yahoo Sports app to watercourse the games that are broadcast connected your section stations for free.

CNET TVs, Streaming and Audio

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What astir RedZone and the NFL Network? 

All of those services above, with the objection of DirecTV Stream, connection the enactment to get RedZone and the NFL Network. RedZone volition usually necessitate you to walk different $10 oregon $11 per period arsenic an add-on. 

If RedZone is each you attraction about, the cheapest enactment is getting Sling TV Blue for $35 a period and adding the $11-per-month Sports Extra add-on. This gets you each the shot channels with the objection of ESPN and CBS. 

How astir Thursday Night Football? 

Most Thursday Night Football games volition beryllium broadcast connected Fox, NFL Network and Amazon Prime Video. Check retired the full Thursday Night Football docket here and our recommendations for the best ways to ticker NFL without cable throughout the season.

What astir Paramount Plus? 

Paramount Plus offers unrecorded CBS feeds with its Premium tier for $10 a month. Depending connected wherever you live, however, your section CBS presumption (and those NFL games) mightiness not beryllium available. CBS offers livestreaming services successful galore markets; you tin cheque if your country has unrecorded CBS streaming here

What astir Peacock? 

All of NBC's regular-season NFL games volition beryllium disposable to watercourse connected its Peacock streaming service, truthful agelong arsenic you wage for 1 of its Premium subscriptions. 

There are 2 of these tiers, a $5-a-month Premium enactment that has ads (when watching nonlive content) and a $10-per-month Premium Plus enactment that volition watercourse nonlive contented ad-free (and fto you download immoderate contented to ticker offline). 

YouTube TV costs $65 a period and includes each the large shot channels, with RedZone disposable for an other $11 a month. Plug successful your ZIP codification connected its welcome page to spot which section networks are disposable successful your area.

Read our YouTube TV review.

FuboTV costs $65 a period and has each the large NFL channels with RedZone disposable arsenic an $11-per-month add-on. Click here to spot which section channels you get.

Read our FuboTV review.

Hulu with Live TV costs $65 a period and includes each the large shot channels, with RedZone disposable for an other $10 a month. Click the "View channels successful your area" nexus connected its welcome page to spot which section channels are offered successful your ZIP code.

Read our Hulu with Live TV review.

Sling TV's $35-a-month Blue program includes NBC, Fox and the NFL Network. Enter your code here to spot which section channels are disposable wherever you live. 

Note: This mentation of Sling TV does not see ESPN. For that, you'll request to power to the likewise priced Orange program oregon spell for the combined $50-per-month Orange and Blue bundle. RedZone is besides disposable for an other $11 a month.

Read our Sling TV review.

Peacock volition amusement NBC's afloat slate of Sunday Night Football games. You will, however, request 1 of the service's Premium plans to ticker Sunday Night Football unrecorded and full-game replays, though highlights are disposable connected the escaped tier. 

The ad-supported Premium program costs $5 a month, and the ad-free Premium Plus program costs $10 a month.

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Those looking for CBS games volition beryllium capable to watercourse them connected Paramount Plus with its $10 per period Premium tier. You tin cheque for yourself if your country has unrecorded CBS streaming here

Most Thursday Night games volition beryllium disposable connected Amazon Prime Video. For millions of Amazon Prime subscribers, the Prime Video transmission is already included astatine nary other cost. But if you're not a subscriber, it mightiness beryllium worthy it to ammunition retired the $9 a period for the stand-alone TV work fee.

All of the unrecorded TV streaming services supra connection escaped trials (except Peacock, which conscionable has a escaped tier that doesn't watercourse unrecorded NFL games), let you to cancel anytime and necessitate a coagulated net connection. Looking for much information? Check retired our live-TV streaming services guide.

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