Nike Is Bringing Its .SWOOSH NFTs to EA Sports Games

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Nike Virtual Studios, the sportswear giant's integer arm, and video crippled developer EA Sports are partnering unneurotic to bring integer creations from Nike's .SWOOSH level to the EA Sports gaming ecosystem.

Details astir the concern are limited, though Nike said successful a press release that the collaboration volition let .SWOOSH members and EA Sports fans "to explicit their idiosyncratic benignant done play." This includes "immersive experiences" and "new levels of customization wrong the EA Sports ecosystem."

EA Sports is simply a part of Electronic Arts that publishes games similar FIFA, Madden NFL and more.

Nike's .SWOOSH level released its archetypal non-fungible token (NFT) sneaker postulation past week, surpassing $1 cardinal successful sales. The merchantability of these "virtual creations" began connected May 15, though the acquisition was hindered by method issues and continuous delays.

At the clip of writing, 97,627 of the Our Force 1 boxes person been sold from the full inventory of 106,453, according to Polygonscan.

"This concern volition let america to unlock immoderate unthinkable caller experiences for our .SWOOSH assemblage and the monolithic EA SPORTS instrumentality base," said Ron Faris, wide manager of Nike Virtual Studios.

Edited by Stephen Alpher.

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