Ninja DualBrew Pro review: an advanced pour over coffee maker for all levels

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The Ninja DualBrew does a spot of everything. It delivers rich, flavorful java successful assorted sizes from 4oz up to 55oz. You aren’t constricted to accepted grinds and filters, arsenic this exemplary has an easy-to-insert K-cup adapter for speedy single-serve coffee. An extended power sheet lets you take antithetic brew styles, though the specialty espresso-like brew pales successful examination to the existent thing. Other quality-of-life features, similar an adjustable h2o tank, beverage frother, and abstracted blistery h2o line, whitethorn marque this somewhat pricey java shaper worthy the splurge.


  • +

    Variety of brew size options

  • +

    Easy-to-use K-cup adapter

  • +

    Warming sheet keeps java blistery for up to 4 hours

  • +

    Adjustable h2o tank


  • -

    Specialty espresso-like brew lacks astir espresso attributes

  • -

    Nowhere to store bulky K-cup adapter erstwhile not successful usage

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Two-minute review

The Ninja DualBrew does a full batch much than conscionable brew your emblematic carafe of coffee. You tin acceptable the instrumentality to marque smaller amounts of java for idiosyncratic servings, oregon it’ll marque a specialty espresso-like brew. That’s not each it’s susceptible of, arsenic you besides get a K-cup pod adapter to usage K-cups with the java shaper alternatively than java grounds and a filter. To apical it disconnected is simply a blistery h2o diagnostic and a beverage frother to marque foam for drinks. 

This isn’t Ninja’s archetypal foray into the java shaper game. The marque that’s synonymous with making prime and affordable smaller room appliances has ventured into the territory before. The Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker, for example, offers astir of the DualBrew’s features but doesn’t enactment with K-cup pods, and it’ll acceptable you backmost $169.00. There’s besides a comparatively akin exemplary to the DualBrew, the Ninja Espresso and Coffee Barista System, for espresso capsules alternatively than K-cup pods. It costs somewhat much than the DualBrew astatine $249/£200.  

After investigating the DualBrew, I tin corroborate it makes a large cupful of joe comparatively easily, whether you're utilizing the accepted grind and filter method oregon slotting successful the K-cup pod adapter to brew that way. The power sheet is much analyzable than some, but astir should get the bent of it aft a fewer brews. There’s plentifulness of size assortment erstwhile brewing, and you besides get to take from antithetic brew styles: classic, rich, over-ice, and specialty. I didn’t announcement overmuch of a sensation quality betwixt the classical and affluent brews.  The over-ice enactment did win successful making a little watery iced coffee. However, the specialty brew, which makes a 4oz espresso-like coffee, didn’t travel adjacent to espresso quality, though the brew was stronger than emblematic coffee. 

Some peculiar features connected the Ninja Dual Brew are worthy noting. First, it tin dispense blistery water, and there’s nary java sensation whatsoever arsenic a wholly abstracted h2o enactment is used. A beverage frother, though it doesn’t vigor the milk, does a coagulated occupation of making lasting foam to enactment connected lattes and cappuccinos. Its h2o vessel tin besides beryllium easy moved from the broadside to the backmost of the machine, giving you a amended acceptable depending connected your space. 

If you’re idiosyncratic who loves options erstwhile brewing coffee, the Ninja DualBrew is for you. It whitethorn beryllium expensive, but the antithetic sizes and brew styles support up with immoderate of the best java makers around.  The K-cup adapter besides makes it easier for individuals that privation to beryllium little progressive successful the coffee-making process from clip to clip and person an easier cleanable up. No substance however you usage the machine, you’re astir guaranteed to person a bully cupful of coffee. 

Ninja DualBrew Pro review: terms and availability

  • List price:  $229.99 / £200
  • Only disposable successful the US

You tin acquisition the java shaper nonstop from Ninja oregon assorted third-party retailers, including Amazon and Target for a database terms of $229.99 / £200. There are a fewer variants, similar an enactment that includes a imperishable filter connected Amazon for $239.99 / £192 oregon different from Best Buy for $249.99 / £200 with a thermal carafe alternatively than the accepted glass, keeping your java warmer longer. 

You whitethorn deliberation paying implicit $200 / £160 for a java shaper is simply a spot excessive, but it’s a full batch much than conscionable a java maker. It keeps up with Keurig machines, delivering single-serving pod coffee. Of course, there’s a assortment of different brew sizes utilizing accepted grinds and adjacent an espresso-like enactment for specialty drinks. Something similar the Cuisinart Coffee Center 2-in-1 offers akin functionality for $199.95, but you’ll suffer features similar the abstracted h2o enactment for blistery h2o and a beverage frother.

The Ninja DualBrew Pro is lone disposable successful the US.  

  • Value score: 4.5/5

Ninja DualBrew Pro review: specifications

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The specs of our Ninja DualBrew Pro reappraisal unit
Carafe size:60oz / 1.7 litres
Water vessel size:60oz / 1.7 litres
Brew size options:4oz / 0.11 litres - 55oz / 1.62 litres
Coffee grinder:No
Warming plate:Yes
Milk frother:Yes (no heating)
Average sound level:55dB
Dimensions:15.5 x 9.08 x 11.18in / 39.37 x 23 x 29.9cm (h x w x l)
Weight:9.69lbs / 4.39kg

Ninja DualBrew Pro review: plan and features

  • Adjustable h2o vessel  
  • Extensive, easy-to-use power panel 
  • Variety of brew size options 
  • Foldaway beverage frother 

The Ninja DualBrew is somewhat larger than your mean java maker, measuring 15.5 x 9.08 x 11.18in / 39.37 x 23 x 29.9cm (h x w x l), with the 60oz / 1.7 litres h2o vessel installed connected the side. Its 15.5-inch tallness could beryllium to beryllium a occupation for those with little cabinets, arsenic erstwhile lifting the lid of the K-Cup adapter to adhd a K-Cup for brewing, it would deed the apical of my cabinets. This wasn’t an contented with java grinds, arsenic the lid really slides backmost into the java maker.

This instrumentality is built mostly of sturdy achromatic integrative with stainless alloy accents. Your emblematic appliance look, but the stainless alloy managed to beryllium afloat of my fingerprints wrong the archetypal fewer minutes of being retired of the box. The setup is elemental though, arsenic the Ninja DualBrew came afloat assembled sans the beverage frother tip, which conscionable locked into spot successful 2 seconds.

If you’d alternatively adhd much bulk to the backmost of the machine, the h2o vessel tin beryllium easy installed successful the rear with nary tools, making it a slimmer 15.5 x14.26 x 7.08in / 39.37 x 36.2 x 17.9cm (h x w x l). It conscionable requires removing a tiny integrative tab and swinging the basal around. Be definite to region the h2o vessel earlier doing this.

Coffee shaper  with h2o  vessel  installed successful  the back

(Image credit: Future / Danielle Abraham)

To marque beingness easier, the h2o vessel tells you however precocious to capable it for each size brew, showing you the aforesaid symbols connected the power panel.  It besides slides disconnected the basal to capable up astatine the sink. Don’t beryllium acrophobic to capable the h2o vessel up each the way, adjacent if you’re conscionable brewing a cup, arsenic the instrumentality does the h2o measurement erstwhile brewing for you. 

You privation to beryllium definite there’s abstraction connected the broadside of the Ninja DualBrew to marque usage of the beverage frother and the java grind measuring scoop. The beverage frother hinges retired erstwhile successful usage and folds backmost into the instrumentality erstwhile you’re finished. Its extremity is besides removable for cleaning. The Ninja Smart Scoop is casual to instrumentality disconnected and on, and it adjacent tells you however galore spoonfuls of grinds are needed to marque antithetic brew sizes. The smaller extremity of the scoop measures retired to beryllium astir about 1 tablespoon, portion the larger extremity is conscionable nether 3 tablespoons. 

Fold down   level    for java  cups and smaller vessels

Fold down level for java cups and smaller vessels (Image credit: Future / Danielle Abraham)

However, the existent prima of the amusement is the power panel. The Ninja DualBrew has galore much settings than your mean java maker, truthful it whitethorn instrumentality a mates of other minutes to get utilized to. After 3 weeks of use, I’m a pro.

An LCD show is located connected a ample dial, telling you the ounces of your brew - oregon clip erstwhile not successful use. The brew sizes scope from 4oz to 55oz, depending connected settings. Just supra the dial are symbols, including a java cup, XL question mug, and carafe, on with indicator lights to springiness you a wide thought of the brew size.

ninja dualbrew K-cup power  panel

(Image credit: Future / Danielle Abraham)

Above the dial is simply a hold button, which lets you acceptable a circumstantial clip to person your java brew, and connected the other broadside is simply a brew fastener to prime from brew styles that include: classic, rich, implicit ice, and specialty - a 4 oz size for an espresso-like brew to usage successful lattes oregon cappuccinos. Your enactment volition beryllium lit up, making beingness easier. Under the dial is simply a elemental feature, but it mightiness beryllium my favourite portion of the full machine, a notch that you descent to unfastened oregon adjacent the brew basket, preventing drips aft your java is finished brewing.

For a regular cupful of joe with accepted java grinds, you’ll usage the brew handbasket and #4 insubstantial cone filter. The Ninja DualBrew Pro does travel with 5 filters to get you started. After the brew is complete, you tin descent the lid unfastened and easy region the brew handbasket and filter for cleaning. A java grinder would’ve been a bully addition, but you’ll person to usage a abstracted mechanics oregon acquisition pre-ground coffee.

With larger java brews that usage the carafe, a warming sheet automatically turns on, staying lukewarm from 15 minutes up to 4 hours. Its mill keeps the sheet connected for 2 hours, but it’s not hard to set that clip setting. If you’re making a smaller brew, it’s not required to usage the carafe. A regular java mug volition do, and there’s a single-serve level that hinges down to remainder the mug on, preventing immoderate spills oregon splashes.

The carafe is built of coagulated solid with a integrative rim and twist-on lid with a agelong straw-like appendage to present the java to the bottommost of the vessel. I’m not going to lie, I often struggled to get the lid connected correctly, but it does assistance support the java warmer longer and forestall spills.

When you privation to brew a cupful of java utilizing a K-Cup pod, there’s an adapter that has to beryllium enactment successful spot close connected apical of wherever regular grinds brew. Be definite to permission the brew handbasket installed, but you don’t request a filter. The DualBrew automatically recognizes erstwhile the adapter is installed. It’ll automatically bounds your settings, preventing you from making a java larger than 12 oz. The adapter is besides antithetic than a regular Keurig, arsenic it has 3 wider “needles” that puncture the apical of the pod compared to the emblematic one, helping amended saturate the coffee.

The instrumentality is afloat of labels informing you of however to insert and region the K-cup adapter, among different things. Those labels are casual to region aft you fig everything out. When it comes to the K-cup adapter, aft removing and inserting it a fewer times, it became 2nd nature. However, there’s obscurity to store the bulky adapter different than keeping it inserted successful the instrumentality successful spot of utilizing regular grinds.

You aren’t constricted to brewing coffee. The DualBrew besides dispenses blistery h2o erstwhile you determination the knob connected the broadside of the instrumentality from the java legume to the h2o droplet. The power sheet volition alteration instantly, giving you akin size options arsenic the java mode, lone this time, there’s a boil oregon blistery h2o somesthesia enactment button. You tin besides dispense somewhat much h2o than coffee, a afloat 60oz, making it elemental to marque everything from instant oatmeal and mac and food to beverage and blistery cocoa. The h2o besides dispenses from a abstracted h2o line, truthful there’s nary java cross-contamination.

Knob to power   from java  to blistery  h2o  with Ninja Smart Scoop and beverage  frother

Knob to power from java to blistery h2o with Ninja Smart Scoop and beverage frother (Image credit: Future / Danielle Abraham)
  • Design score: 4.5/5

Ninja DualBrew Pro Specialty Coffee System review: performance

  • Flavorful, affluent coffee
  • Warming sheet keeps java blistery for up to 4 hours 
  • Specialty brew benignant lacks astir espresso attributes 

If you’ve brewed java successful a accepted java shaper before, you should person nary occupation utilizing the Ninja DualBrew. In fact, adjacent though it has much functionality, it mightiness beryllium easier than immoderate due to the fact that everything is truthful good labelled. Your archetypal cupful should beryllium brewed successful a substance of minutes. In the 3 weeks I’ve been utilizing this java maker, I’ve tested astir everything it has to offer.

To begin, I brewed a accepted 8oz cupful of java with regular java grinds. It was elemental capable to enactment the filter successful place, and I utilized the Ninja Smart Scoop connected the broadside to measurement the perfect magnitude of java and slid the lid close. Next came the h2o tank, which easy comes disconnected the basal to capable astatine the sink. I turned the dial connected the power sheet to the 8oz mounting and ensured the classical brew benignant was selected. I popped the single-serve level down, added my mug, and pushed the dial-in to statesman the brew. After conscionable implicit 3 minutes, determination was a caller cupful of java astatine somewhat excessively blistery 140°F / 60°C to instantly drink.

As the java was brewing, the aforesaid indicator lights that fto you cognize the size enactment earlier starting the brew would light, letting you cognize however acold on you were successful the brewing process. This relation is particularly useful for bigger brews, arsenic they instrumentality longer. As the java was brewing, it was quiet, averaging astir 55 dB which is an equivalent sound level to a mean speech betwixt 2 people. After it finished, there’d beryllium a comparatively large beep and a bully woody of dripping. Luckily, the notch conscionable beneath the dial closes the brew handbasket to support messes astatine bay. The java itself was affluent with nary burned taste.

I tested the different 2 brew styles: affluent and over-ice utilizing the nonstop aforesaid settings and grind measurements arsenic my classical brew. When utilizing the affluent brew style, it really makes somewhat little coffee, truthful my 8oz brew became 7oz. It took somewhat nether 3 minutes to brew and was 145°F / 62°C. After tasting the coffee, determination wasn’t a noticeable quality from the classical brew. I ended up investigating connected larger size settings with akin results.

For the over-ice brew, Ninja says that it’ll nutrient a much concentrated brew and suggests that you capable immoderate vas the java is dispensing into afloat of ice. I followed the instructions and made the aforesaid 8oz brew, which took conscionable nether 3.5 minutes. Some of the crystal melted, portion the drink’s somesthesia instantly aft brewing was 42°F / 5°C. As an avid iced java drinker, I truly wanted this diagnostic to enactment great, and to my surprise, it did. Unlike erstwhile you propulsion crystal cubes successful blistery coffee, it wasn’t watered down, positive it was chill and refreshing arsenic soon arsenic it finished brewing.

The Ninja DualBrew has a warming plate, but it lone turns connected aft brewing ¼ carafe sizes oregon larger. I brewed a afloat carafe to spot however lukewarm it would enactment crossed respective hours. It took 8 minutes to brew a afloat 55oz carafe, and instantly aft finishing, the java was 170°F / 76°C. Two hours later, it was inactive 160°F / 71°C, not a important driblet successful temperature, and the java had nary burned taste. The warming sheet was expected to crook disconnected aft 2 hours, arsenic I did not set immoderate of the settings, but it stayed connected for different hour. At hr three, the java was 140°F / 60°C, inactive blistery capable to bask with nary burned taste.

Brewing a fractional  carafe of java  successful  the dualbrew

Brewing a fractional carafe of java (Image credit: Future / Danielle Abraham)

Adjusting the magnitude of clip the warming sheet stays connected is simple. You conscionable clasp down the support lukewarm fastener with the dial illuminating the magnitude of clip set. It tin enactment connected for up to 4 hours and is adjustable by 15-minute increments. You tin besides opt to crook connected the warming sheet without brewing a carafe. I did this for hr 4 of my afloat carafe brew, and the java was inactive 135°F / 57°C. However, the sheet volition enactment lukewarm for implicit 30 minutes aft you crook it off, and a airy connected the basal of the brewer volition illuminate to bespeak it’s hot.

Given the DualBrew name, this java shaper besides works similar a Keurig machine, brewing K-cup pods. You bash request to insert an adapter into the abstraction conscionable supra the brew basket. It’s a spot confusing astatine first, but aft doing it a fewer times, I got the bent of it. The power sheet automatically recognizes the adapter has been inserted and volition bounds your brew size from 4 to 12 oz.

K-cup adapter installed

K-cup adapter installed (Image credit: Future / Danielle Abraham)

I did the aforesaid investigating arsenic the 8oz brew with accepted grinds, and it yielded akin results erstwhile utilizing the classic, rich, and over-ice brew with the K-cup pods. However, since you’re utilizing pods implicit grinds, starting the brew and cleaning up aft is simply a spot easier, arsenic you don’t request to woody with filters oregon measurements. You conscionable simply popular unfastened the apical of the adapter and instrumentality retired oregon enactment successful the pod.

One of the astir intriguing features of the Ninja DualBrew is the specialty brew style, which is meant to mimic an espresso for specialty java drinks. Using the Ninja Smart Scoop, I measured retired 2 ample scoops, arsenic instructed, and placed them successful the brew handbasket with a filter, similar erstwhile brewing mean coffee. I adjusted the brew benignant to specialty, and the brew size was automatically changed to 4oz. 

After 3 minutes, it finished brewing and had a somesthesia of 110°F / 43°C. That was somewhat colder than I expected, but that could’ve been owed to the vas I enactment it in. You tin besides usage K-cups with the specialty brew setting, and it yields akin results. As idiosyncratic who owns a Breville espresso instrumentality and uses it regularly, this espresso-type brew doesn’t compare. There was nary aureate crema connected apical - not that I expected determination to be. It besides didn’t person the aforesaid robust, bold spirit I expect from espresso. Instead, it conscionable tasted somewhat stronger than mean coffee. 

This specialty brew is decidedly not thing you privation to sip connected similar a accepted espresso, truthful I made an oat beverage latte with it. Its spirit wasn’t arsenic beardown arsenic I like,  but inactive enjoyable to portion - and marque - acknowledgment to the beverage frother. 

The beverage frother connected the Ninja DualBrew hinges close retired from the instrumentality and works great, though it doesn’t vigor the milk. If you privation your beverage warm, you’ll person to enactment it successful the microwave earlier frothing. Using the frother is arsenic elemental arsenic placing it successful the beverage and pressing the fastener connected top, and the results were amended than I expected. After 30 seconds of frothing oat milk, you get a ton of thick, velvety foam to propulsion connected apical of a cappuccino oregon latte. Using 2% milk, I had akin results.  And the foam held its signifier for a bully 10 minutes aft initially frothing it. 

If you privation to marque thing different than coffee, the Ninja DualBrew besides offers blistery h2o by turning a knob connected the side. The blistery h2o comes from a abstracted h2o enactment than the coffee, and I tin attest that there’s nary java sensation whatsoever. There are 2 vigor settings, boil and hot. When utilizing the boiling setting, blistery h2o came retired aft conscionable a fewer seconds. However, the h2o wasn’t really boiling, arsenic it measured astatine 180°F / 82°C, but inactive worked for steeping my tea. The blistery mounting dispensed h2o astatine 160°F / 71°C, which could enactment for making blistery cocoa oregon a blistery h2o bottle.  

When it comes to cleaning aft brewing a coffee, it’s reasonably simple. The full brew handbasket easy lifts retired of the machine, truthful you tin flip retired the filter and grinds without getting dirty. You conscionable rinse the brew handbasket successful the sink, and you should beryllium bully to spell for the adjacent circular of coffee. As I mentioned earlier, the clean-up aft utilizing the K-cup adapter is adjacent easier, you’ll conscionable occasionally privation to lavation the pod adapter and needles for the champion performance. If you utilized the beverage frother, you tin region the extremity and cleanable that successful the descend arsenic well. 

Removable brew handbasket  with java  grinds and filter

Removable brew handbasket with java grinds and filter (Image credit: Future / Danielle Abraham)

You’ll privation to heavy cleanable and descale the instrumentality erstwhile successful a portion erstwhile show isn’t up to par oregon you announcement calcium physique up. A airy volition automatically illuminate orange, letting you cognize if the instrumentality feels similar it’s clip for a cleaning. After 3 weeks of dense use, the indicator airy inactive hasn’t travel on, truthful I haven’t tested the cleaning mode.

There are cleanable cycles for each mode: grounds, pods, and blistery water. For grounds, marque definite the java shaper is successful that mode and the brew handbasket is installed. You’ll capable the h2o vessel with a descaling solution oregon achromatic vinegar, and the carafe should beryllium placed beneath to clasp the soiled water. You conscionable property the cleanable and commencement brew buttons and fto the instrumentality bash its thing. It should instrumentality astir 75 minutes. You’ll privation to tally a classical brew with conscionable h2o to rinse retired the instrumentality after, and you’ll beryllium bully to go. The aforesaid steps are taken with the pod mode, lone the K-cup adapter volition beryllium installed. For the blistery h2o mode, guarantee you’ve got the knob connected the broadside switched to the h2o droplet. That’s it for maintenance, making for ace manageable upkeep.

  • Performance score: 4/5

Should I bargain the Ninja DualBrew Pro?

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Ninja DualBrew Pro Specialty Coffee System study cardAttributesNotesRating
ValueAvailable from assorted retailers successful the US astatine a tenable terms fixed the functionality4.5 / 5
DesignEasy to usage power center, assorted brew sizes, adjustable h2o vessel to acceptable successful antithetic spaces4.5 / 5
PerformanceBrews flavorful java fast, a warming sheet keeps java blistery for hours, casual cleaning/maintenance.4 / 5

Buy it if...

Don’t bargain it if...

Also consider...

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Header Cell - Column 0 Cuisinart Grind & Brew Auto DGB-650BCZwilling EnfinigyMoccamaster KBGV Select
Price:$129.95 / £160$270/ £159$359 / £229/ AU$515
Brew size:Up to 70oz/2.1 literUp to 52oz/1.5 literUp to 40oz/1.25 liters
Warming plate:NoNoYes
Dimensions:15 x 8 x 8.1 inches/ 38 x 20.3 x 20.6cm13.7 x 12.8 x 6.02 inches / 34.8 x 32.5 x 15.3cm14 x 12.75 x 6.5 inches / 36 x 32 x 17cm

If you’re not definite astir a determination implicit java maker, present are a mates of different options to consider...

How I tested the Ninja DualBrew Pro Specialty Coffee System

  • Tested implicit 3 weeks 
  • Made astatine slightest 1 portion from the instrumentality per day 
  • Replaced my Breville espresso machine 

I tested the Ninja DualBrew implicit 3 weeks, brewing astatine slightest 1 cupful of java from the instrumentality per day, and investigating retired antithetic settings, sizes, and brew styles. It was casual to set to utilizing the Ninja DualBrew, arsenic I’ve utilized plentifulness of java makers before. The power sheet is simply a spot much high-tech than some, though it’s elemental to recognize and enjoyable to use. 

The Ninja DualBrew didn’t necessitate maine to marque galore changes to my home. I conscionable enactment it wherever my Breville espresso instrumentality was. It had astir the aforesaid footprint arsenic the Breville erstwhile the h2o vessel was installed connected the side, but putting the h2o vessel connected the backmost did escaped up much antagonistic abstraction which was handy. 

Read much astir how we test.

[First reviewed May 2023]

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