No, LastPass Isn't Holding Your Passwords Hostage

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Jan 14, 2022, 4:24 p.m. EST | 3 min read

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Over the past fewer weeks, we’ve seen a batch of “news” articles and Reddit posts claiming that LastPass intentionally prevents escaped users from exporting their password vault. And though the LastPass export process is simply a spot confusing, these claims are wholly false. LastPass isn’t holding your information hostage.

All LastPass Users Can Export Their Password Vault

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For those who don’t know, LastPass made important changes to its escaped password manager work connected March 16th of 2021. In past years, escaped users could bask LastPass connected each of their devices. But escaped users present indispensable take whether they privation to usage LastPass connected the desktop oregon connected their mobile device.

LastPass mobile users tin redeem a escaped “switch” if they privation to usage LastPass connected desktop, and vice versa. But LastPass lone gives you 3 switches. Once you’re retired of switches, you can’t leap betwixt LastPass mobile and desktop without subscribing to a Premium membership tier—and this seems to beryllium the root of lawsuit confusion.

See, the LastPass mobile app doesn’t fto you export passwords for different service. And if you’re a mobile idiosyncratic without immoderate remaining switches, past you can’t entree the LastPass browser hold to export your passwords.

But all LastPass users tin export passwords from the LastPass website. This functionality was introduced connected April 8th of 2021, conscionable a fewer weeks aft LastPass changed however its escaped rank tier works. (And yes, I’ve tested to corroborate that this works. There’s a afloat guide astatine the bottommost of this article!)

So, Why Are LastPass Customers Confused?

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The escaped mentation of LastPass is precise confusing, and the company’s caller propulsion for Premium memberships created a batch of distrust wrong its idiosyncratic base. In different words, we shouldn’t beryllium amazed that immoderate radical are wrongly accusing LastPass of holding their information hostage.

But wherefore is this communicative bubbling up today, astir a afloat twelvemonth aft LastPass changed however its escaped tier works?

Here’s the inclination I noticed—journalists and Redditors support pointing to a LastPass enactment thread afloat of mobile users that can’t export their information. Until January 11th, moderators connected this enactment thread simply applied other switches to users’ accounts alternatively of explaining that all LastPass users tin export their passwords from the LastPass website. (Obviously, this is an illustration of mediocre connection from LastPass.)

I besides saw a batch of radical complaining astir a bug that prevents exports from the LastPass browser extension. Personally, I couldn’t find a mode to trigger this bug, but LastPass confirmed that it’s investigating the occupation and preparing a fix.

Yes, we became alert of this much caller bug and the squad began looking into it. We are successful the process of releasing a hole to each browser hold stores … arsenic of 4/8/21, escaped users should beryllium capable to export their information by logging successful to and utilizing the export diagnostic from there.

LastPass desktop users experiencing immoderate problems with the browser hold tin simply export their information from the LastPass website. That said, their disorder and vexation is understandable, fixed each the misguided stories astir LastPass locking down idiosyncratic data.

How to Export LastPass Passwords with a Free Account

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You don’t request a Premium LastPass relationship to export your vault to different service. All LastPass users tin export their information from the LastPass website, adjacent if they’re escaped mobile users.

Here’s however to export your information from the LastPass website:

  1. Visit the LastPass website and motion successful to your account.
  2. Click the “Advanced Options” fastener connected the bottommost near broadside of your screen.
  3. Select the “Export” enactment nether the “Manage Your Vault” header.
  4. Click connected Export.
    • Free Desktop Users: If you’re logged into the LastPass browser extension, you volition automatically download a CSV record containing your vault data.
    • Free Mobile Users: If you’re a mobile user, LastPass volition nonstop you an email to corroborate the export. Take attraction of that email and spell done the export process again. A caller tab volition unfastened with your vault data, which you tin transcript and paste into different password manager.

That’s each determination is to it. If you extremity up with a CSV file, I powerfully suggest discarding it aft you import your accusation into 1PassWord, BitWarden, oregon different password manager. And if LastPass conscionable gives you a clump of earthy substance alternatively of a due CSV file, don’t worry; you tin copy-paste it into different password manager aft pursuing its import process.

Are you inactive having occupation exporting your LastPass vault? Contact LastPass support for assistance oregon effort repeating the export process successful a antithetic browser. You should besides effort turning disconnected immoderate ad-blockers oregon different extensions that mightiness impact the LastPass website’s export function.

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