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Overall, Nodecraft is simply a bully enactment for those looking for a Minecraft server hosting that's casual to acceptable up but not each of its features are beginner friendly.


  • +

    Easy setup

  • +

    Low latency

  • +

    DDoS with 99.9% uptime

  • +

    Data centers astir the world

  • +

    High velocity and performance.

  • +

    Good lawsuit enactment via calls, emails, and unrecorded chat.

  • +

    7 days money-back guarantee


  • -

    The in-built cPanel is not beginner friendly

  • -

    Pricey for idiosyncratic connected a budget

  • -

    Not suitable for web hosting purposes

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Nodecraft is simply a rapidly increasing institution that has go a fashionable prime for gamers and developers alike. Offering hosting services for a wide scope of games, including Minecraft, Rust, and Valheim, Nodecraft has rapidly gained a estimation for providing reliable and user-friendly server hosting solutions. 

With a committedness to lawsuit restitution and a absorption connected innovation, Nodecraft is mounting itself isolated arsenic 1 of the best Minecraft server hosting (opens successful caller tab) providers successful the gaming industry. We instrumentality a person look astatine what makes Nodecraft unsocial and research immoderate of the features and benefits that person made it specified a fashionable prime for gamers and developers astir the world.

What is Nodecraft?

Nodecraft is simply a Minecraft server hosting supplier that allows you to easy make and negociate crippled servers.  

Nodecraft options

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One of the standout features of Nodecraft is its backup system. With this system, you tin make an nonstop transcript of your server's files, including subordinate data, configurations, and maps. This allows you to trial caller configurations without risking your existent setup. In addition, Nodecraft's backup strategy allows you to instantly load a erstwhile backup if thing goes incorrect with your server. This tin beryllium a existent lifesaver for gamers and developers who privation to guarantee that their crippled server is ever moving smoothly.

Nodecraft's real-time console is different standout feature. The console provides nonstop entree to logs, admin commands, and different utile utilities. Kicking players, assigning admins, and monitoring show tin each beryllium accomplished close successful your browser. What sets Nodecraft's console isolated is that it is straight streamed from the server to your browser wrong milliseconds. Behind the scenes, NodePanel scans this output for events specified arsenic subordinate joins, server crashes, and different utile accusation to supply you with a real-time glimpse astatine what is going connected successful your server.

Security is simply a apical precedence for Nodecraft, and the institution has created a strategy that allows you to make a caller login for each FTP session. This accusation is easy hidden from the overview for added information and privacy. This diagnostic ensures that your files are arsenic harmless arsenic imaginable portion inactive allowing you to negociate them efficiently.

Nodecraft's web-based record manager streams files from your server straight to your browser. You tin edit, upload, and negociate files without the request for downloading oregon utilizing confusing software. This diagnostic makes it casual for you to negociate your files.

With NodePanel, each of your services beryllium with 1 singular login. Access everything nether 1 account, straight astatine Nodecraft. No abstracted logins, nary further subdomains, and nary hassle. This diagnostic makes it casual for you to negociate your accounts and services without having to retrieve aggregate logins and passwords.

Nodecraft's servers are built with crippled server show successful mind. The institution uses an Intel Xeon E-2174G oregon equivalent processor with a velocity of 3.8+ GHz. Additionally, each server has 64GB ECC RAM for high-speed show and stability. 

Nodecraft uses enterprise-grade solid-state drives (SSDs) to powerfulness each lawsuit crippled servers, ensuring lightning-fast performance. Also, Nodecraft's DDoS extortion and high-performance web are built to withstand attacks and guarantee that your crippled server is ever up and running. Nodecraft's full infrastructure is built connected apical of a Linux ecosystem which ensures that your crippled server runs smoothly and efficiently.

Nodecraft dashboard

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Server management 

Server absorption is simply a important facet of crippled server hosting, arsenic it straight impacts the subordinate experience. Nodecraft offers a wide scope of server locations, dispersed crossed North America, South America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region. This ensures that players tin bask low-latency, high-performance gaming experiences, careless of wherever they're located successful the world. In North America, Nodecraft has server locations successful Washington, California, Colorado, Texas, Chicago, Atlanta, Florida, Canada, and Washington, D.C. 

This extended sum ensures that players connected the continent tin find a server determination that's closest to them, thereby reducing latency with improved crippled performance. Moving to South America, Nodecraft has a server determination successful São Paulo, Brazil. This determination offers gamers successful the portion entree to a low-latency server that is optimized for high-performance gaming. In Europe, Nodecraft has server locations successful Spain, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Romania. This sum ensures that players successful the portion tin entree servers that are closest to their determination and arsenic such, minimize latency and connection improved crippled performance.

Also, successful the Asia-Pacific region, Nodecraft has server locations successful Israel, Singapore, Australia, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. With server locations dispersed crossed the region, players tin expect low-latency gaming experiences. Having server locations successful aggregate regions is simply a captious diagnostic for immoderate crippled server hosting provider, arsenic it ensures that players tin bask optimal gaming experiences. 

Nodecraft server

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Interface in-use 

The Nodecraft power sheet provides a user-friendly interface for managing your crippled servers. The Interactive GUI has been designed to marque it casual for anyone, careless of their method knowledge, to modify server settings with ease. The sheet is intuitive and visually appealing, with a cleanable and elemental layout that allows you to rapidly navigate done the antithetic sections. This interface tin beryllium accessed from immoderate instrumentality with an net connection, making it convenient for you to negociate your servers connected the go.

The Nodecraft Interactive GUI provides a wide scope of options that let you to customize your crippled server to your liking. For instance, you tin usage the interface to alteration the server's crippled settings, specified arsenic trouble level, crippled mode, and more. You tin besides upload mods, maps, and plugins with easiness done the built-in record manager. Additionally, the sheet allows you to show server show metrics similar CPU and representation usage, truthful you tin optimize your server for amended performance.

If you similar to modify server settings manually, Nodecraft besides offers entree to each of the server's crippled files. This means you tin usage an FTP lawsuit to link to your server and edit configuration files directly. Advanced users who similar to usage bid enactment tools similar SSH tin bash truthful arsenic well. Nodecraft provides a wide scope of tools to cater to antithetic idiosyncratic preferences and method abilities. Overall, the Nodecraft power sheet is user-friendly for managing crippled servers, however, it whitethorn beryllium overwhelming for beginners.  

Nodecraft pricing

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Nodecraft offers 4 antithetic pricing plans to acceptable a assortment of needs and budgets. The archetypal program is the Nano plan, which starts astatine $9.98 per month. This program includes 5 prevention and swap servers, 2GB of RAM, 10GB of SSD storage, 20GB of unreality backups, unlimited subordinate slots, automation and tasks, one-click installer, escaped subdomain and dedicated IP, and DDoS Guard protection. The Keelo program is the 2nd pricing option, starting astatine $19.98 per month. This program offers 10 prevention and swap servers, 4GB of RAM, 20GB of SSD storage, 40GB of unreality backups, and each the different features included successful the Nano plan.

The 3rd pricing program is the Megs plan, which starts astatine $29.98 per month. This program offers 15 prevention and swap servers, 6GB of RAM, 30GB of SSD storage, 60GB of unreality backups, and each the different features included successful the Nano and Keelo plans. The Omega program starts astatine $39.98 per period and offers 20 prevention and swap servers, 8GB of RAM, 40GB of SSD storage, 80GB of unreality backups, and each the different features included successful the megs plans. All of these plans travel with the enactment to adhd further resources for an further fee, including much RAM, SSD storage, and unreality backups. Nodecraft besides offers a 7-day money-back guarantee, truthful if you're not satisfied with the work wrong the archetypal week, you tin cancel and person a afloat refund.

Nodecraft lawsuit    enactment    page

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Customer support

Nodecraft offers a assortment of enactment options to assistance its customers with issues oregon questions they whitethorn have. One of the easiest and astir convenient options is their unrecorded chat feature, which is disposable connected their website 24/7. While investigating this out, I was connected with a enactment typical and person real-time assistance with a question I had astir setup. If you similar to talk with idiosyncratic directly, Nodecraft offers telephone enactment during its enactment hours of 12:30 AM - 09:00 AM. For little urgent matters, customers tin besides nonstop an email to [email protected]. Nodecraft's enactment squad aims to respond to each emails wrong 24 hours, though effect times whitethorn alteration depending connected the measurement of inquiries.

In summation to these enactment options, Nodecraft besides offers an extended cognition basal that contains adjuvant articles and guides connected a assortment of topics, specified arsenic server setup, crippled configuration, and troubleshooting communal issues. You tin browse the cognition basal to find answers to your questions oregon larn much astir the features and capabilities of Nodecraft's platform.

Alternatives to Nodecraft 

Shockbyte offers affordable Minecraft server hosting with instant setup, a user-friendly power panel, and 24/7 lawsuit support. It has servers successful the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, and Singapore. Shockbyte offers plans starting astatine $15/month for a server with 1GB of RAM.

Apex Hosting is simply a Minecraft server hosting supplier that offers a wide scope of plans to acceptable antithetic needs and budgets. Apex has servers located successful North America, Europe, and Asia and offers features specified arsenic DDoS protection, and automatic backups.

GameServers is simply a Minecraft server hosting institution that provides reliable and affordable crippled server hosting for a assortment of games, including fashionable titles similar Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Team Fortress 2, and Garry's Mod. GameServers connection a scope of plans with assorted features and benefits to suit antithetic needs and budgets.

GTXGaming offers Minecraft server hosting services for a scope of fashionable games, specified arsenic Garry's Mod, ARK: Survival Evolved, and Conan Exiles. It has servers located successful aggregate regions for low-latency gameplay, and its power sheet allows for casual server customization and management. It besides offers 24/7 lawsuit support.

BisectHosting is simply a fashionable Minecraft server hosting supplier that offers affordable and reliable hosting for a assortment of games, including Minecraft, Ark: Survival Evolved, and Rust. BisectHosting offers a user-friendly power sheet and 24/7 lawsuit support. Pricing starts astatine $7.99/month for a server with 1GB of RAM.

Is Nodecraft close for you? 

Nodecraft whitethorn beryllium close for you if you prioritize DDoS protection, debased latency, 99.9% uptime, and information centers astir the world. Its fantabulous enactment done calls, emails, and unrecorded chat, arsenic good arsenic a escaped proceedings and money-back guarantee, tin besides beryllium appealing. However, if you similar a user-friendly power panel, enactment that Nodecraft's built-in power sheet whitethorn beryllium hard to recognize astatine first.

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