NordVPN vs. IPVanish: Which Is the Best VPN?

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NordVPN and IPVanish are 2 large names successful the VPN industry, and you can’t assistance but tally into some of them erstwhile buying for the champion VPN for your needs. To assistance you marque the choice, we’re going to comparison the 2 of them connected each large points—and a fewer insignificant ones, too.

You astir apt cognize NordVPN from its pervasive marketing—for a portion there, you couldn’t crook connected your machine oregon TV without seeing an advertisement for it. IPVanish is known for having been beauteous bully successful the past—until ungraded caught up with it. Let’s spot however they fare erstwhile pitted against each other.

Ease of Use

NordVPN and IPVanish are visually striking services, truthful we’ll commencement with a treatment of their respective interfaces. Both bash thing retired of the mean for VPNs, providing a fancy graphical interface alternatively than conscionable a elemental fastener you property to power connected and off—see our examination of Surfshark and ExpressVPN for 2 examples.

NordVPN’s interface is an interactive representation of the world, with a marker for each state it has a server in. Just click the marker and you’ll beryllium connected to a server successful that country. If you zoom successful a small closer, you tin adjacent prime idiosyncratic locations wrong a country, which is beauteous neat.

NordVPN interface

Other than the map, though, NordVPN’s interface is really precise simple: It has a database of servers and a settings menu. The settings paper is casual to navigate. It lets you tweak each mode of options, and it intelligibly marks what each introduction does. We truly similar it.

NordVPN settings screen

IPVanish besides goes for a much visually awesome attack than different VPNs but doesn’t propulsion it disconnected rather arsenic good arsenic NordVPN does. NordVPN’s gimmick is the map, portion IPVanish alternatively opts for a unrecorded graph showing your speeds. (There’s a map, too, but it’s not interactive.)

IPVanish main   interface

Granted, it looks truly cool, similar thing retired of Neuromancer, but we’re not definite what it’s expected to do. NordVPN’s representation has a wide purpose, arsenic different mode to prime servers, but this graph is conscionable decoration, really. We uncertainty anybody needs a second-by-second grounds of their VPN’s performance. Also, erstwhile compared to our ain velocity tests tally with, it wasn’t excessively accurate, either.

Other than that, though, we similar IPVanish’s idiosyncratic interface. It has adjacent much toggles and doodads than NordVPN, but it manages to not beryllium confusing. There’s bully attraction to item present and if you similar getting into the guts of your VPN, it adjacent has a built-in diagnostic instrumentality that tin assistance you further optimize performance.

IPVanish settings menu

When it comes to user-friendliness, the prime betwixt NordVPN and IPVanish comes down to taste. Both are beauteous casual to use, and neither throws up immoderate large hurdles. We’re inactive not definite astir that graph, though.

NordVPN vs. IPVanish Features

Next, let’s spell implicit what our contenders tin do. We overmuch similar NordVPN due to the fact that it delivers connected its promises a batch better. On apical of that, determination are besides immoderate areas wherever IPVanish drops the ball—and driblet the shot hard.


One illustration is security, wherever IPVanish and NordVPN would astir apt beryllium rated much oregon little arsenic good if it weren’t for 1 captious omission. For immoderate reason, IPVanish doesn’t person its kill switch engaged automatically. Users request to toggle it manually successful the interface.

IPVanish's termination  switch

This is beauteous bad: without the termination switch, erstwhile the VPN transportation drops, the net volition support connected running, exposing your IP code to immoderate sites you visit.

Sure, there’s an enactment successful the settings paper that switches it to automatic, but we’re not definite wherefore specified an important information diagnostic is acceptable arsenic disconnected to default. It’s sloppy, particularly considering not everybody knows how VPNs work and volition not cognize the termination power should ever beryllium on.

Other than that, though, some services are much oregon little comparable. Both default to a coagulated caller VPN protocol, WireGuard, though NordVPN uses a proprietary mentation called NordLynx. We similar WireGuard due to the fact that it offers bully information and decent speed, though some services let you to alteration protocols successful the settings screen. Speaking of speed, though, that’s different weakness of IPVanish’s.


As we explained erstwhile we compared ExpressVPN and NordVPN, velocity is not NordVPN’s beardown point. Sometimes you get amazing, fast-as-lightning speeds. At different times, it’s the integer equivalent of watching overgarment dry. Although NordVPN’s velocity is mostly much bully than bad, erstwhile compared to galore competitors, it could beryllium better.

However, IPVanish is ridiculously dilatory successful our testing. It makes NordVPN look fast. Even astatine abbreviated distances of 150 miles oregon so—a hop, skip, and a leap distant successful VPN terms—we saw slowdowns of astir 75 percent, which is unacceptable. Further distances of astir 1500 miles saw specified dips successful velocity and ping that we didn’t adjacent fuss checking retired trans-Atlantic connections.

This was rather shocking, particularly considering IPVanish utilized to beryllium known to beryllium beauteous accelerated and we were utilizing WireGuard. We’re not definite what the occupation is. If forced to guess, we’d ideate IPVanish is skimping connected servers compared to NordVPN. Either way, if you privation speed, IPVanish is wherever not to be.

Server Count

We person a feeling immoderate of IPVanish velocity issues could beryllium fixed by simply having much servers: it seems the 1,900 connected offer successful 75 locations whitethorn simply beryllium overloaded. That said, NordVPN offers more than 5,000 successful 60 countries and inactive occasionally has issues with speeds, truthful possibly it’s astir prime much than quantity.

The server numbers and locations screen the globe reasonably well, though they are, arsenic usual, slanted toward Europe and North America. If you’re looking for peculiarly exotic locales, though, you whitethorn privation to cheque retired what’s disposable earlier signing up for either VPN service.

Netflix and Other Streaming Services

Lastly, there’s Netflix, wherever neither work takes a prize. Though we’ve received reports that either VPN tin get done to the fashionable streaming work contempt Netflix’s 2021 crackdown connected VPNs, we weren’t capable to replicate it. We tried respective servers and each time, careless of whether it was NordVPN oregon IPVanish, we got goose egg. As of November 2021, these aren’t the VPNs for Netflix.

Other streaming services, similar Amazon Prime Video besides locked america out, truthful if it’s Netflix you’re after, you whitethorn privation to marque definite your work of prime gets you successful earlier committing.


Now that we cognize however they enactment and what they tin do, let’s spot what IPVanish andNordVPN volition cost. At archetypal glance, some look to person beauteous just pricing schemes. Look again, though, and you’ll rapidly spot that some are tempting you with debased archetypal pricing that volition summation dramatically.

For example, astatine archetypal glance, NordVPN is simply a tenable $59 per twelvemonth oregon $89 for 2 years.

NordVPN pricing

However, the devil is successful the details, and NordVPN is nary different. Look astatine the small print and you’ll spot that this is lone for the archetypal twelvemonth oregon 2 years. When NordVPN renews—which it does automatically—you’ll beryllium paying $143.40 per year, oregon $322.65 per 2 years. That’s right: The two-year program is much than doubly the terms of the yearly one.

IPVanish is simply a small amended than NordVPN here, but lone if you support successful caput that “better” does not needfully mean “good.” On the pricing page, IPVanish’s monthly and yearly plans (the two-year program was discontinued immoderate clip ago, though it’s inactive mentioned successful the documentation) are successful abstracted tabs, making it hard to comparison the two. Instead, a batch of country is fixed to the program that includes IPVanish’s backup products.

IPVanish's confusing pricing

We don’t similar however IPVanish overwhelms you with accusation here. It’s confusing and could marque it hard for radical who aren’t precisely definite of what they’re doing to possibly click thing they don’t want.

It’s not until you spell to cheque retired that you tin comparison the 2 VPN plans broadside by side—again, we’re not taking the backup program into relationship arsenic we person nary thought if it’s immoderate bully oregon not.

IPVanish pricing

Much similar with NordVPN, the $48 per twelvemonth is lone for the archetypal year, past you wage astir $90 per year. The instrumentality to utilizing either work seems to beryllium that you request to cognize what you’re signing up for and marque definite to enactment erstwhile you request to cancel truthful you tin power to a cheaper service. Consider mounting a reminder successful your calendar.

The 1 happening we bash similar astir NordVPN and IPVanish’s pricing is that some connection a 30-day money-back guarantee, but enactment that IPVanish’s is lone valid connected the yearly plan. If you spell month-to-month that wealth is gone the 2nd you motion up. However, erstwhile we canceled the monthly plan, we were offered an other 2 months for free, truthful that whitethorn beryllium worthy keeping successful mind.


When it comes to privacy, some IPVanish and NordVPN committedness that they are no-log VPNs. Both the IPVanish privateness policy and the NordVPN privateness policy are broad documents that spell implicit each the information the services cod and what they bash with them.

Going implicit these documents, determination are nary contiguous reddish flags that leap retired astatine us. However, we similar however NordVPN presents its accusation a small better: portion IPVanish is simply a small much thorough, the mode the argumentation is formatted and worded is simply a small confusing. NordVPN is simply a small much to the point.

Past Sins

However, immoderate airy digging turns up a fewer stories astir erstwhile some services could person done a small better. NordVPN’s closet skeleton is simply a small much harmless, though: successful October 2019, the work admitted it had been hacked successful March of that year, but it turned retired that the attackers hadn’t been capable to marque disconnected with anything. As hacks go, it wasn’t excessively serious, though determination were immoderate raised eyebrows concerning wherefore NordVPN didn’t travel guardant with it earlier.

IPVanish doesn’t locomotion distant from its ungraded looking rather arsenic clean. In 2016, the work provided logs of a idiosyncratic suspected of distributing kid pornography to the U.S authorities. Even backmost then, the work touted itself arsenic not keeping logs, truthful it was odd, to accidental the least, that IPVanish had thing to manus over.

That said, the institution has been bought and sold doubly since then—first to a institution called StackPath in 2017 and to J2 Global successful 2019—so it could beryllium that present the institution genuinely doesn’t support logs. Still, though, it’s a blemish connected the service’s name, nary substance however you look astatine it.

The Verdict

We’re not immense fans of NordVPN: We consciousness it’s a small overhyped acknowledgment to a monolithic selling run and it’s truly not each that it’s cracked up to be. However, erstwhile compared to IPVanish, NordVPN shines similar polished golden and seems a batch amended than it really is.

Unfortunately, IPVanish conscionable dropped 1 shot aft different successful our experience. Although there’s a batch to similar here, often the details of a relation volition beryllium poorly implemented oregon a diagnostic volition beryllium utilized poorly. Add to that its lackluster speeds, and we uncertainty anybody volition bask utilizing this once-good VPN service.

Of course, these aren’t the lone options. If neither sounds close for you, instrumentality a look astatine our overview of the champion VPNs retired there. If NordVPN oregon IPVanish has a large woody for present and you’re giving either a try, we urge you astatine slightest look implicit your options successful a twelvemonth oregon 2 earlier your subscription terms goes up.

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