Now that Leica is out of the picture, here’s what Huawei is doing

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Huawei P50 Pro camera closeup 3

Kris Carlon / Android Authority


  • Huawei has announced its ain smartphone imaging level called Xmage.
  • It’ll absorption connected caller camera innovation, ongoing imaging trends, and an enhanced shooting experience.

Back successful May, Huawei confirmed the extremity of its concern with German camera shaper Leica. The second volition now enactment with Xiaomi for the camera tech connected its phones, starting with the Xiaomi 12S series. Meanwhile, Huawei has formed its ain imaging marque for smartphones called Xmage.

“This is the condensation of our past innovations successful the tract of imaging and our committedness to the exploration of the tract of imaging successful the future,” Huawei wrote (machine translated) successful a Weibo post.

Huawei’s aboriginal phones volition travel stamped with an Xmage logo. It’s unclear which devices volition get the caller imaging tech first, but the Mate 50 is yet to travel retired and could beryllium the cleanable contender for it.

Huawei says Xmage volition absorption connected caller method innovations successful the smartphone camera space, refining the shooting experience, and keeping up with imaging trends.

All that sounds beauteous vague, to beryllium honest. We’ll person to hold and spot what the caller level is each astir erstwhile it appears connected Huawei’s phones.

That said, the Chinese smartphone shaper has ever been 1 of the beforehand runners successful the camera space. Despite the US ban, the Huawei P50 Pro delivered a fantastic camera experience.

Over the past fewer years, Huawei has achieved respective feats successful imaging acknowledgment to its power to larger RYYB sensors, coagulated periscope cameras, AI features similar reflection removal, awesome HDR processing, and more. We look guardant to seeing what the caller Xmage level has to offer.

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