Number of Africa-Based Users on Kucoin Platform Surge by 200% in First 10 Months of 2021

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Despite mostly lagging down the remainder of the satellite connected galore different metrics, Africa nevertheless appears to person taken the pb wherever cryptocurrency oregon the blockchain is concerned.

Africa-Based Kucoin Users Skyrocket successful 2021

In African countries that are plagued by currency woes oregon hyperinflation, cryptocurrencies person emerged arsenic a genuine alternate store of value. The aforesaid integer currencies are besides progressively becoming the preferred means of sending remittances oregon for making cross-border payments.

In different words, cryptocurrencies person existent uses successful Africa too trading. However, arsenic Johny Lyu, the CEO of Kucoin — 1 of the biggest crypto exchanges successful the satellite — observes, galore African cryptocurrency users oregon holders are starting to go much funny successful the trading broadside of things.

In fact, successful his written responses to questions that were sent to him via Linkedin, Lyu reveals that much African users are venturing into futures oregon borderline trading. The CEO besides explains however his enactment is preparing itself for what immoderate spot arsenic a aboriginal trillion-dollar industry.

Below are immoderate of Lyu responses to the questions that were posed to him by News. News (BCN): What did African users bargain astir this year?

Johnny Lyu (JL): BTC, ETH, SOL, KDA, and LUNA are projects that astir African users support their eyes on. With the emergence of NFT, Gamefi and Metaverse, autochthonal tokens of these sector-related projects person besides been listed connected the portfolio of African users, specified arsenic BLOK, DREAMS, etc. In addition, nether the power of marketplace sentiment, meme coins specified arsenic DOGE, SHIB and ELON person besides attracted the attraction of African investors.

BCN: What does this postulation mean?

JL: In summation to the summation successful traffic, the fig of Kucoin’s caller African users has besides shown explosive growth, showing a caller question of accepted superior pouring into the crypto world. The level of acceptance of blockchain and cryptocurrency successful Africa is increasing, which besides indicates the accelerating improvement of the crypto industry. Blockchain mightiness beryllium the adjacent large happening aft the Internet, and each the countries are astatine the aforesaid starting line, truthful we judge that blockchain tin beryllium a accidental for processing countries to drawback up with their developed counterparts.

BCN: How has the fig of users and trading volumes changed?

JL: Both the fig of African users and the trading measurement connected the Kucoin level person accrued each period since the commencement of 202. The trading measurement calculated for October 2021 accrued by 74% compared with the erstwhile month, and the fig of recently registered users accrued by implicit 200%. So far, the speech has maintained the aforesaid maturation rate.

BCN: Which products are utilized the astir successful Africa?

JL: The bulk of African users are utilizing spot trading now. In November 2021, the measurement of spot trading is taking the starring with 60% amongst each trading products. But we person seen a increasing involvement successful borderline trading, which reported a 143% summation successful October 2021 erstwhile compared to the erstwhile month.

BCN: On a antithetic note, Kucoin Labs, an concern limb of Kucoin, precocious launched a $100 cardinal money to enactment metaverse projects. Can you archer america wherefore your enactment has made specified a large measurement this early?

JL: As the “home of altcoins and crypto gems,” Kucoin has ever been highly delicate to the latest trends successful the market. Metaverse is the adjacent section of the Internet, and we judge it volition alteration galore aspects of our society. Our ngo is to assistance projects that are starting to participate the metaverse conception and present them to our users. We volition place projects that are really processing and cull the ones that are conscionable riding connected the question of hype. It is important to commencement doing this present astatine the signifier of marketplace formation.

Sometimes, projects that are worthy from a technological standpoint are overshadowed by weaker ones owed to a deficiency of selling budgets, insufficient media coverage, and assemblage enactment successful the look of obscurity. Some different startups with akin ideas whitethorn person the precocious manus successful either technologies oregon marketing. Oftentimes, a startup with beardown selling efforts and nary technological footing volition thrust a technologically superior rival disconnected the market. This leads to a unsafe concern overmuch similar the 1 witnessed backmost successful 2017-18 erstwhile galore ICO projects turned retired to beryllium scams. Kucoin Labs volition surely lend to the enactment of a steadfast marketplace by supporting technological competence and innovation.

BCN: According to a report, portion of the wealth for this metaverse money is earmarked for acquisition programs. Are you successful a presumption to archer america the magnitude that volition spell towards this?

JL: Grants to technologically beardown projects are not the lone nonfiction of our expenses. Training young professionals are precise important for a rapidly increasing and high-tech manufacture similar blockchain. We did not see immoderate circumstantial numbers successful the release, due to the fact that it would beryllium incorrect to bash truthful since we are acceptable to walk arsenic overmuch arsenic indispensable connected the acquisition component. You can’t conscionable say, “okay, let’s walk 10 cardinal dollars connected a hackathon!” Learning is an ongoing process, portion a improvement assistance has a limit.

We are acceptable to put a batch successful the grooming of young talent, but we bash not cognize however galore of them determination are retired there, and that determines the outgo of the training. There is capable country successful Kucoin Labs’ acquisition programs for everyone, and we volition not behave similar universities, which sometimes person a constricted fig of vacancies for applicants.

BCN: Besides the acquisition programs, what other should beryllium done successful bid to get arsenic galore radical connected committee with metaverse arsenic possible?

JL: The manufacture needs radical with passion, the brains and the willingness to enactment hard. I cognize galore radical similar that successful the crypto manufacture among my friends, colleagues and partners. They volition make products that volition pull users connected their ain without immoderate further incentives.

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