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The Nutribullet Go is simply a tiny portable blender whose rechargeable artillery tin beryllium topped up via a USB cable. It’s designed to connection you the flexibility to blitz up caller macromolecule shakes oregon smoothies, nary substance wherever you are. However, it can’t grip frozen ingredients, and is lone capable to marque comparatively tiny 13oz / 385ml drinks. In our tests it wasn’t capable to nutrient ultra-smooth drinks similar its full-size siblings; but fixed its size and portability, we deliberation a somewhat pulpy portion is an acceptable compromise.


  • +


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    Compact and lightweight

  • +

    Can marque up to 20 drinks earlier it needs a recharge


  • -

    Small capacity

  • -

    Can’t blend frozen ingredients

  • -

    Doesn’t nutrient wholly creaseless drinks

Nutribullet is 1 of the go-to brands for almighty blending appliances and a starring innovator successful the rising inclination of idiosyncratic cupful blenders. These blenders let you to blitz up lump-free drinks specified arsenic smoothies and macromolecule shakes straight successful the cupful from which you mean to portion them. And Nutribullet has a worldwide estimation for making super-powerful idiosyncratic blenders that tin pulverize the toughest of ingredients including ice, basal vegetables, seeds and nuts, creating creaseless and tasty nutritious drinks.

The Nutribullet Go is the brand’s cordless portable device, offering the flexibility to blend your favourite portion from anywhere. It charges via a USB cable, with a afloat artillery delivering capable foodstuff for up to 20 blending cycles. This means you tin marque caller smoothies and shakes astatine work, successful a edifice country oregon adjacent erstwhile you’re connected a camping travel oregon astatine a festival.

But with conscionable a 13oz/ 385ml cup, it can’t marque large portions. The different main drawback is that it can’t beryllium utilized to blend frozen ingredients, truthful if you’re a instrumentality of ice-cold smoothies, you’ll person to determination it retired implicit crystal erstwhile your portion is blended. On the upside, though, it’s elemental to use, fund friendly, and compact, too, truthful it won’t instrumentality up overmuch retention abstraction – or luggage space, if you’re taking it connected a trip.

On test, it proved to beryllium amended than we anticipated; but don’t expect super-smooth drinks. Results were somewhat pulpy – and, connected occasion, we recovered a lump oregon two. While it's not 1 of our best blenders, for the astir portion it did the job, and fixed its size and portability, it would beryllium unfair to expect it to lucifer up to a full-size idiosyncratic blender. So agelong arsenic you person realistic expectations, and don’t effort to blend immoderate pugnacious ingredients, this is simply a bully enactment for making blended drinks on-the-go.

Nutribullet Go blending smoothie

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Nutribullet Go: terms and availability

  • List price: $34.99 / £49.99 / AU$79 

You tin prime up the Nutribullet Go nonstop from Nutribullet. It’s 1 of the slightest costly idiosyncratic blenders you tin bargain from the marque and has the added vantage of being portable, though with a somewhat higher fund you tin get the Nutribullet Magic Bullet Kitchen Express, which comes with 2 cups. However, enactment that neither of these models person the powerfulness oregon capableness of the somewhat pricier, but much versatile corded idiosyncratic blenders connected offer.

Nutribullet Go cupful  with lid connected  for portable use

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Nutribullet Go: plan and cardinal features

  • 30-second blending cycle
  • Small 13oz / 385ml cup
  • Cordless and portable

This compact small blender measures 8.5 x 3.15 x 3.15 inches/ 21.5 x 8 x 8cm (h x w x d) with the cupful connected the base, and weighs successful astatine conscionable 1.54lbs/ 700g, which is airy capable to tuck into your luggage for a trip. Plus, for added cuteness, it’s disposable successful a prime of red, white, black, oregon metallic colours.

A afloat complaint takes up to 5 hours utilizing the USB cablegram provided, but it doesn’t travel with a powerfulness adapter to let you to plug it into an electrical outlet. As such, you’ll person to usage 1 you already have, oregon complaint it via different instrumentality specified arsenic a laptop. Once powered up, the Go tin beryllium utilized for up to 20 blending cycles, which equates to astir 10 minutes of blending.

Nutribullet Go components and acquisition   manual connected  a counter

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The cupful comes with a lid that includes a useful transportation strap, but it doesn’t person a spout from which you tin drink; you’ll person to region it to sip your drink. The basal is supplied with a screw-on leaf screen truthful you tin propulsion the blender successful your container without immoderate information concerns.

Two presses of the powerfulness fastener volition commencement up the automatic blending cycle, which runs for 30 seconds. If your portion isn’t creaseless capable astatine the extremity of this time, you tin power it consecutive backmost connected – but the acquisition manual advises that it can’t beryllium switched connected for much than 2 consecutive blending cycles.

The cupful and lid aren’t dishwasher-safe, truthful you’ll person to lavation them by hand; however, if you’re utilizing it on-the-go past you mightiness not person entree to a dishwasher anyway. Either way, it’s truthful tiny that cleaning by manus isn’t overmuch of a chore.

Nutribullet Go cupful  and blender with lid detached

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Nutribullet Go: performance

  • Fruit-based drinks weren't lump-free
  • Mixes powders thoroughly
  • One blending rhythm isn't enough

Using the Nutribullet Go is simple. With the protective headdress removed, the basal and leaf are screwed onto the cupful of ingredients. Then simply property the commencement fastener doubly to initiate the 30-second blending cycle.

The archetypal portion we attempted was from a look that features successful the acquisition manual for a blueberry vanilla smoothie. However, we switched retired the blueberries for raspberries; the different ingredients were simply vanilla macromolecule pulverization and plant-based milk. Following the archetypal 30-second blend, it was visually evident that determination were inactive immoderate pieces of raspberry that would request further blending. So we instantly acceptable it disconnected connected a 2nd blending rhythm for a amended result. The portion was nicely mixed with nary lumps of macromolecule powder; but it wasn’t wholly smooth. It had a gritty texture from the raspberry seeds that remained whole, positive determination was a flimsy pulpy texture from the raspberries that you wouldn’t get if utilizing a bigger, much almighty blender.

Nutribullet Go filled with smoothie ingredients

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Next we made a scaled-down mentation of the smoothie that we marque successful each of our blender tests. It includes pineapple, spinach, pome juice, Greek yoghurt and banana. Again, it took 2 blend cycles to thoroughly whizz up the portion – but, to our surprise, the Go coped amended with these much fibrous ingredients. For the astir portion the portion was smooth, with a similar, somewhat pulpy texture to the archetypal drink. In addition, we recovered a tiny pea-sized lump of pineapple arsenic good arsenic a portion of banana that remained whole. Nevertheless, we were impressed that contempt immoderate disposable specs of greenish leaf, the spinach was astir wholly breached down.

Nutribullet Go

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For our last test, we followed the included look for a cocoa banana macromolecule smoothie, made utilizing banana, macromolecule powder, peanut food and milk. We besides added immoderate cocoa pulverization to spot however good it would premix in. Once again, contempt 2 blending cycles, we inactive discovered a full portion of banana and, similar the erstwhile mates of drinks, this smoothie besides had a pulpy alternatively than creaseless texture. Aside from that, everything was good mixed and nicely aerated – not a atrocious effect from a compact cordless blender.

At its loudest, the Nutribullet Go registered 81dB connected our decibel meter, but the blender didn’t consciousness excessively large successful use. And though the Go couldn’t beryllium cleaned successful the dishwasher, it proved casual capable to rinse cleanable – truthful agelong arsenic this is done immediately, alternatively than aft having fto the residue of a portion adust onto the cup. Our lone ailment is that the transportation strap tin go a spot soggy if you’re not cautious erstwhile rinsing the lid.

Nutribullet Go connected  antagonistic  with ingredients

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First reviewed: April 2022

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