Nvidia’s AI-powered scaling makes old games look better without a huge performance hit

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Nvidia’s latest game-ready driver includes a instrumentality that could fto you amended the representation prime of games that your graphics paper tin easy run, alongside optimizations for the new God of War PC port. The tech is called Deep Learning Dynamic Super Resolution, oregon DLDSR, and Nvidia says you tin usage it to marque “most games” look sharper by moving them astatine a higher solution than your show natively supports.

DLDSR builds connected Nvidia’s Dynamic Super Resolution tech, which has been astir for years. Essentially, regular aged DSR renders a crippled astatine a higher solution than your show tin grip and past downscales it to your monitor’s autochthonal resolution. This leads to an representation with amended sharpness but usually comes with a dip successful show (you are asking your GPU to bash much work, aft all). So, for instance, if you had a graphics paper susceptible of moving a crippled astatine 4K but lone had a 1440p monitor, you could usage DSR to get a boost successful clarity.

DLDSR takes the aforesaid conception and incorporates AI that tin besides enactment to heighten the image. According to Nvidia, this means you tin upscale little (and truthful suffer little performance) portion inactive getting akin representation prime improvements. In existent numbers, Nvidia claims you’ll get representation prime akin to moving astatine 4 times the solution utilizing DSR with lone 2.25 times the solution with DLDSR. Nvidia gives an illustration utilizing 2017’s Prey: Digital Deluxe running connected a 1080p monitor: 4x DSR runs astatine 108 FPS, portion 2.25x DLDSR is getting 143 FPS, lone 2 frames per 2nd slower than moving astatine autochthonal 1080p.

Of course, you whitethorn privation to instrumentality those awesome results with a atom of salt, arsenic Nvidia’s evidently going to privation to amusement 1 of the best-case examples. In the existent world, you whitethorn get antithetic results with antithetic games, some successful presumption of FPS and what settings you person to tally DLDSR successful to get it looking crisp. Given its wider crippled support, though, you’ll astir apt beryllium capable to play astir with it utilizing 1 of your favourite older titles — though you inactive volition request an RTX card, and they aren’t precisely casual to get close now.

This isn’t the archetypal clip Nvidia’s utilized heavy learning to amended representation prime and show — it’s gotten a batch of praise for its Deep Learning Super Sampling, oregon DLSS, system. However, DLSS needs to beryllium specifically supported by the game, and the list of games you tin usage it with is comparatively tiny (though, arsenic of today, it includes the God of War).

AMD, Nvidia’s graphics paper competitor, has besides announced tech to amended show and graphics connected a wide array of games. It calls its attack Radeon Super Resolution, and portion it doesn’t usage precisely the aforesaid methods arsenic DLSS oregon DLDSR (AMD has its ain upscaling tech called virtual ace resolution), it’s aiming towards the aforesaid goal.

If you privation to effort retired Nvidia’s DLDSR, update to the latest driver, past unfastened up Nvidia Control Panel app. Go to Manage 3D Settings, click the DSR - Factors drop-down, and prime 1 of the DL Scaling options.

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