OlympusDAO developer launches protocol enabling one-to-one stablecoin swaps

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Developer 'Ohmzeus' has launched a caller protocol allowing stablecoins to swapped astatine fixed terms of precisely one-to-one.

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OlympusDAO developer launches protocol enabling one-to-one stablecoin swaps

A developer moving connected DeFi darling OlympusDAO has launched a caller protocol that seeks to facilitate stablecoin swaps without terms curves.

On Oct. 26, OlympusDAO developer “Ohmzeus” announced they had launched an experimental task dubbed Range comprising decentralized stablecoin pools that bash not usage a terms curve. The programmer described Range arsenic an “optimistic stablecoin swap protocol” designed to “abandon a pricing curve altogether.”

Introducing Range, an optimistic stablecoin swap protocol.

(Note: Range is unaudited. Use astatine your ain hazard with wealth you tin spend to lose.)

Let's tally done what it does

— Zeus Ω (3, 3) (@ohmzeus) October 25, 2021

The protocol uses “Range Pools,” which presume some of the tokens successful a excavation are worthy an adjacent value. There are presently six unrecorded pools for DAI, LUSD, FRAX, USDC, USDT, and MIM, though the developer has emphasized that they are unaudited and users should not deposit much than they tin spend to lose.

On Discord, they noted deposits to the USDC/USDT excavation person been suspended owed to a decimal spot error.

Tokens commercialized wrong a pre-defined scope successful the protocol. In the illustration of a Range 20/70 excavation successful which DAI is 1 of the pairings, Ohmzeus stated that arsenic the scope for the stablecoin successful the archetypal excavation is acceptable to 20% to 70%, DAI indispensable comprise astatine slightest 20% of the excavation and not transcend 70% — with immoderate attempted commercialized extracurricular of those limits being rejected.

The protocol’s attraction of terms parity betwixt stablecoins appears to connection arbitrage opportunities to users arsenic stablecoins seldom commercialized astatine precisely adjacent worth connected centralized trading venues and decentralized exchanges.

Ohmzeus claimed the strategy offers a fig of advantages implicit swapping stablecoins utilizing accepted automated marketplace makers, citing one-to-one stablecoin swaps, debased state fees, and superior efficiency. They commented:

“My anticipation is that (at slightest aboriginal on) the excavation swings from scope utmost to scope utmost arsenic the pooled tokens fluctuate astir peg. This should nutrient dense interest measurement from arbitrage.”

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Ohmzeus suggests that Range could beryllium utilized to mobilize stablecoin reserves held by Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs), noting the protocol enables OlympusDAO to “productively deploy its reserves successful an isolated situation wherever its vulnerability to antithetic assets is defined and controlled.”

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