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The OnePlus Nord Buds aren’t trying to beryllium the champion wireless earbuds, but they’re doing a large occupation being immoderate of the champion worth earbuds with decent audio prime and artillery beingness astatine a large price.


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    Excellent value

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    Impressive audio for the price

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    Long artillery life


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    Bulky case

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    Slippery erstwhile sweat

OnePlus Nord Buds: Two-minute review

The OnePlus Nord Buds are keeping the worth contented of OnePlus alive, but present successful the true wireless earbuds market. They whitethorn not person overmuch successful the mode of flair oregon snazzy features, but they present connected the basics truly well. 

With sizeable drivers for earbuds and a Bluetooth 5.2 connection, the Nord Buds bash their main occupation nicely: delivering wide audio. They get a amazingly dense bass and seldom muddle the audio. In immoderate music, the soundstage adjacent feels reasonably wide, considering the price. Busy euphony tin consciousness a spot crowded, but wide the listening acquisition is exceptional for specified a inexpensive brace of wireless buds. Even the incoming audio done the mics is bully — not broadcast quality, but wide and devoid of inheritance noise. 

OnePlus hinges astir each of the aesthetics of the buds connected shiny, concave dishes connected each bud, giving them a amusive small reflector for ocular intrigue. It’s not much, but it keeps them from looking boring. Otherwise everything is built astir a pill shape, including the charging case. That signifier makes it a symptom to acceptable the lawsuit into a pocket, sadly. It does travel with a steadfast dose of artillery beingness astatine 23 hours, and the buds themselves tin muster up to 7 hours of runtime — a information they proved to us. 

While immoderate features are constricted to users of OnePlus phones, they hardly consciousness indispensable and shouldn’t mean that non-OnePlus mobile users debar these buds. 

Ultimately, if you’re connected a choky fund and privation cheap wireless earbuds that consciousness similar a prime acquisition overall, the Nord Buds consciousness similar a harmless bet.

OnePlus Nord Buds: Price and merchandise date

  • Launched June 9, 2022
  • Priced astatine $39 / £49 / astir AU$55

The OnePlus Nord Buds launched astatine the opening of June 2022. They travel astatine a competitory terms successful keeping with the Nord branding. In the US they’re conscionable $39, portion successful the UK they're £49.

This benignant of terms is truly becoming the saccharine spot for a batch of fund existent wireless earbud models – we're seeing rather a fewer travel successful astir this price, and we're adjacent seeing the terms of earbuds similar the Sony WF-C500 driblet to astir this benignant of terms sometimes.

But for the astir part, the models launching astatine this terms are from lesser-known names, truthful person a reassuring marque similar OnePlus down these is bully news.

OnePlus Nord Buds connected  table

The OnePlus Nord Buds person a chunky case, and oval earbuds. (Image credit: Future)

OnePlus Nord Buds: Design and features

  • Not acrophobic of sweat
  • Fast-charging case
  • Special features locked to OnePlus phones

The OnePlus Nord Buds support things beauteous elemental from a plan and diagnostic standpoint. They’ve got a spot of aesthetic flair with a somewhat concave, reflective crockery connected the short, pill-shaped stems. Those shiny small dishes besides service arsenic a interaction control, making it casual to consciousness wherever to poke astatine erstwhile trying to power playback. Beyond this, the buds person a beauteous classical plan with a tiny talker larboard wrapped successful a silicone sleeve. There are 2 mics connected each earbud, 1 astatine the extremity of the stem and 1 connected the interior broadside of the buds, evidently for picking up and eliminating inheritance noise. 

OnePlus has gone for a alternatively blocky plan connected the Nord Buds. While determination are a batch of rounded edges connected 1 axis, determination are level edges connected the other. That’s not truthful overmuch an contented for the buds themselves, but it’s a sour constituent for the case. The Nord Buds acceptable into a reasonably chunky case, and the hard edges connected the bulky plan marque it instrumentality retired awkwardly successful pockets and person it combat not to spell into them successful the archetypal place.

There’s not excessively overmuch to kick astir with the charging lawsuit otherwise. It holds the earbuds securely successful spot with magnets. There’s a complaint indicator airy connected the front, though it doesn’t supply arsenic overmuch nuance arsenic cases with aggregate indicator lights. The rear houses a USB-C charging port. Considering the system of this product, it’s not astonishing to spot Qi wireless charging missing from it. 

While the earbuds person an IP55 standing against particulate and water, making them a just enactment for workout buds, they bash person a inclination to gaffe a spot from sweat. 

Some of the buds features are annoyingly locked to lone OnePlus devices. OnePlus Fast Pair and Dolby Atmos enactment for the buds lone travel with OnePlus phones, though the second is truly lone thing needed once, and the worth of the second is dubious for a brace of inexpensive headphones.

While the Nord Buds link utilizing Bluetooth 5.2, they’re lone offering enactment for the SBC and ACC codecs, which aren’t the apical of the enactment for audio prime oregon latency. OnePlus suggests a debased 94ms of latency is disposable successful Pro Gamer Mode, which is again constricted to OnePlus phones, but that’s not impressively debased anyway.

OnePlus Nord Buds connected  table

For the price, the Nord Buds dependable precise impressive. (Image credit: Future)

OnePlus Nord Buds: Performance

  • 12.4mm titanium drivers
  • Dual microphones
  • 7-hour playback 

Where the OnePlus Nord Buds impressment is successful their performance. For $40 earbuds, they’re truly not bad. When listening to a podcast oregon video that’s conscionable speech, the mediocre signal-to-noise ratio is much evident, with the high-frequency sound coming through, but erstwhile listening to euphony oregon thing with fuller usage of the sonic range, these earbuds impress.

The 12.4mm titanium drives unrecorded up to OnePlus’s proposition that they tin present heavy bass. It’s astonishing each clip a large bass deed comes successful and it doesn’t person immoderate of the weaknesses we’d expect from specified a tiny speaker. 

The show depends somewhat connected what’s coming done though. With euphony that’s a spot much sparse — not loading up the bass, mids, and treble each astatine the aforesaid clip — the soundstage tin consciousness amazingly large. But footwear connected immoderate dense tunes, similar conscionable astir immoderate Of Montreal track, and the soundstage of the buds creeps successful reasonably close. With a batch of enactment successful the mids, it gets particularly cramped. The dependable prime whitethorn not unrecorded up to what you could get from a $40 brace of over-ear headphones, but it’s inactive awesome from a brace of $40 earbuds.

The latency of the buds is noticeable, though, truthful they whitethorn not beryllium a apical prime for those who privation to bash a ton of video and are delicate to it, adjacent little truthful for gamers wherever audio latency becomes a peculiar distraction.

On the different hand, the microphones are amazingly clear, doing a bully occupation of cutting down connected inheritance sound. Even with an aerial conditioner and instrumentality moving successful the background, the Nord Buds lone prime up our voice, effectively. It doesn’t travel done rich, similar a prime roar mic connected a headset, but it’s wide capable for calls and dependable chat. 

After the audio quality, the astir awesome spot of show from the Nord Buds is the artillery life. They’re offering 7 hours of complaint from the buds and an other 23 hours from the case, with 10 minutes of charging promising to enactment different 5 hours backmost into the lawsuit and buds. We spot the artillery beingness claims surviving up to spec, arsenic a workday distant from the charging lawsuit with conscionable 1 bud (an accident, we confess) saw america marque it done the time without the lone bud ever giving up.

The Nord Buds bash person intermittent hiccups successful connectivity. Sometimes determination volition beryllium a popular sound, apt immoderate awesome confusion, sometimes the stereo audio volition get retired of sync for a infinitesimal — each time, it’s plainly noticeable, but they are uncommon capable to not beryllium a large bother.

OnePlus Nord Buds connected  table

When it comes to fund buds, these are pugnacious to beat. (Image credit: Future)

OnePlus Nord Buds: Value

  • Competitive price
  • Good prime for the money

The Nord sub-brand from OnePlus is each astir value, and the OnePlus Nord Buds are delivering it. While these $40 buds don’t person immoderate of the header features of fashionable earbuds, similar progressive sound cancelling oregon a wireless charging case, they supply plentifulness of worth with coagulated capable audio prime and a artillery beingness that tin get you done a engaged day.

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