Oops! Microsoft Just Gave Unsupported PCs Windows 11

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Jun 9, 2022, 1:38 p.m. EDT | 1 min read


As galore of you astir apt know, Microsoft’s Windows 11 update has strict and controversial hardware requirements. But this week, erstwhile the institution started rolling retired the last trial mentation of its highly anticipated Windows 11 (22H2) update, it accidentally gave unsupported PCs the caller software.

Microsoft releases aboriginal trial versions of its operating strategy to members of the Windows Insider program, which is however we often perceive astir breathtaking caller features. For example, the Windows 11 22H2 update volition present a amended commencement menu, improved tablet support, resistance and drop, Mica for Win32 apps, and a revamped task manager, to sanction a few.

Earlier this week, eligible members of the Windows Insider Program started getting the tester’s mentation of the update. However, Microsoft had an oopsie infinitesimal and accidentally sent it retired to unsupported PCs simultaneously. Remember that this is an opt-in program, so, unfortunately, it didn’t spell retired to everyone.

Users each over Twitter and Reddit started sharing reports that they received the update, starring immoderate to question if Microsoft was getting acceptable to unbend the hardware requirements. We person atrocious news, though, arsenic that doesn’t look to beryllium the case.

It sounds similar the update wasn’t disposable for agelong and that Microsoft rapidly noticed its mistake. The update for unsupported PCs was rapidly removed from the servers, and it didn’t spell retired arsenic an automatic update, either. Only a fewer 100 fortunate Windows Insider Program members apt got it, and it didn’t spell retired to nationalist users.

According to Windows Latest, Microsoft released a statement and said, “It’s a bug and the close squad is investigating it. The requirements person not changed.”

If you installed Windows 11 connected an unsupported PC and didn’t expect it, you should inactive beryllium capable to rotation backmost to Windows 10 successful the settings menu. That said, if everything works, you mightiness arsenic good bask it. For everyone else, here’s what to do if your PC can’t upgrade to Windows 11.

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