Over-the-top shooter Sunset Overdrive is out today on PC


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A few years before this year’s excellent Spider-Man on PlayStation 4, developer Insomniac released another, less-heralded open-world game called Sunset Overdrive. It was energy drink-fueled mayhem, mashing up Grand Theft Auto and Tony Hawk for one of the Xbox One’s hidden gems. But if you missed it in 2014, there’s good news: not only is Sunset Overdrive coming to PC, but it’s out today.

If you’ve never played it before, you’re in for a treat. Sunset Overdrive is one of the strangest and most captivating open-worlds ever made, filled with over-the-top mayhem that includes skateboard-style grinding, zombies created by a bad batch of Red Bull, and one of the most fluid character-creation tools ever released. Much like Spider-Man, it’s fun...

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