OVR and the Results of the Token Burning Program’s First Month

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OVR launched its caller Token Burning Program connected 1 November to marque its ain tokens much uncommon and valuable. The results of this archetypal period of November saw a full of 246 1000 OVR burned.

OVR and the Numbers From the Token Burning Program’s First Month

OVR’s updated token economics started connected November 1, 2021, aft the OVR squad burned astir 1 cardinal of its tokens past May.

By the extremity of past month, the level had collected a full of 615,365 OVR from its income of OVRLand NFTs, excluding GAS costs.

As anticipated, the Token Burning Program foresees that 40% of the collected OVR are burned, portion 10% is utilized to incentivize OVRLand income with monthly draws among caller OVRLand buyers utilizing Chainlink VRF.

And indeed, for this period of November 2021, the full tokens burned magnitude to 246,146 OVR, portion exactly 61,536 OVR person been dedicated to the OVRLand gully connected Chainlink.

In general, the much OVRLands purchased connected Chainlink, the higher the probability of winning the jackpot.

OVR and Its Updated Token Economics

In bid to update its token economics, OVR has resorted to smart contract burning to marque its ain OVR token scarcer and much valuable.

To amended recognize the concept, it would beryllium utile to little the estimates for a moment, by deciding that out of the 1.6 trillion OVRLands available, lone the 100 cardinal OVRLands that correspond to the points of involvement recorded connected the Open Street Map are taken into account, each of which is assumed to beryllium nary larger than 1 OVRLand.

That being the case, if the outgo of 1 OVRLand were $10 and the terms of OVR were $1, the full income of the 100 cardinal OVRLands would make 1 cardinal OVR. Of this:

  • 400 cardinal OVR would beryllium burned;
  • 100 cardinal OVR arsenic a lottery prize for those who bargain OVRLand connected Chainlink.

The Next-Level AR Metaverse and the Map2Earn

Recently, OVR besides announced the improvement of OVR Land Mapping. In essence, acknowledgment to AI capability, OVR is generating a elaborate 3D representation of the carnal satellite successful a metaverse connected different level, based connected elemental images taken from the smartphones of its users who person decided to enactment successful the Map-to-Earn.

In fact, OVR users who articulation the inaugural go existent OVRLand Scanners and tin gain OVR tokens simply by scanning carnal locations with the smartphone successful their pocket.

This is a caller mode of monetizing, akin to the play-to-earn that Decentralized Finance oregon DeFi games are offering their users.

OVR Map2Earn is simply a revolutionary mapping strategy technology that overcomes the accuracy limits of GPS, resulting successful recently scanned OVRLands having a determination accuracy of up to 10cm.

To larn much astir the task sojourn the website, and travel the squad connected societal media.

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