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Ozark season 4 portion 2 landed connected Netflix connected April 29, and features the show's last 7 episodes ever. Endings aren't easy, particularly for a amusement truthful critically acclaimed, but aft 5 years Ozark yet has one. Whether it's a bully ending, however, depends connected who you ask.

Ozark began successful 2017 with Chicago accountant Marty Byrde (Jason Bateman) making a woody for his life: After uncovering himself connected the incorrect broadside of a cause cartel gun, helium says he'll launder wealth successful the Ozarks successful speech for the information of his family. By the clip we got to season four's first part, backmost successful January, Marty and his wife, Wendy (Laura Linney), were successful heavy with that cartel. 

They'd acceptable up a casino to launder millions, had buckets of humor connected their hands and were moving with some the cartel and the FBI to onslaught a woody that would yet fto them skip municipality and commencement afresh. Throughout Ozark's 4 seasons, the mates perpetually got themselves into choky situations that they were capable to gaffe retired of astatine the past second. But the walls were closing successful connected them arsenic play 4 portion 2 began: Could they propulsion disconnected a last Houdini?

As the petition to remake the past play of Game of Thrones shows, devoted instrumentality bases tin beryllium hard to please. Some of what goes down successful the last occurrence has fans split. Here's however that communicative ends. Spoilers ahead.

I'm inactive huffy astir the Ozark ending. I haven't been this upset astir a bid finale since Dexter. Brilliant penning conscionable goes each to crap trying to wrapper everything up and it doesn't bring immoderate closure.

— Rada (@ThaRebeliouZ) May 8, 2022

The Ozark ending volition polarize viewers but for me, they did that perfectly. They culminated it precisely however the satellite they showed is. What a show. Will miss it.

— Nidhi Shankar (@BoldMonk_) May 12, 2022

Pour 1 retired for Ruth Langmore

Before we get to the Byrde family, the large quality point coming retired of the Ozark finale alternatively surrounds Ruth Langmore. While the Byrdes whitethorn get a blessed ending, Ruth doesn't. She was changeable and killed by Camila Navarro, the caller cartel boss.

Played by Julia Garner, Ruth is simply a accordant item of the show, and her turbulent narration with Marty was particularly compelling successful Ozark's archetypal 3 seasons. Season 4 portion 1 ended with Ruth charging down a highway successful hunt of Javier, the nephew of Omar Navarro. (Recall that overmuch of the events of play 4 revolved astir Omar's fearfulness of his hotheaded, ambitious nephew: Sensing bloody usurpation by Javi, Omar strikes a woody with the FBI that yet backfired.) Javi had conscionable changeable dormant Darlene Snell and Wyatt Langmore. Wyatt was Ruth's closest relation, the 1 she hoped would extremity the "Langmore curse" of ending up prematurely dormant oregon successful jail. 

Ruth wanted revenge for her cousin's death. And revenge she got. 

In the 2nd occurrence of play 4 portion two, Ruth traps and kills Javi. It went down wrong the offices of Shaw Medical. Ruth hijacks a meal betwixt the Byrdes and Shaw Medical CEO Clare Shaw. (The cartel via Wendy struck a woody with Shaw successful play 4 to supply inexpensive heroin, a cardinal constituent successful galore pharmaceutical products, and Shaw successful speech would marque a ample donation to Wendy's foundation.) At gunpoint, she demands Shaw lure Javi into the bureau to motion a woody handing stocks implicit to Javi's mother. When Javi rocks up, Ruth shoots him down. 

Fortunately for Ruth, Omar Navarro takes recognition for the execution of Javi. Plotting with the Byrdes from prison, Navarro wants to instrumentality backmost power of his cartel. To bash that, helium sends Marty to Mexico to pass the cartel that Navarro was the 1 who killed the over-ambitious Javi. While there, Marty meets Camila, sister of Omar and parent of Javi. 

Javi was introduced successful play 4 portion one. He killed Darlene Snell and Wyatt Langmore, but is done successful by Wyatt's relative Ruth.


Enter Camila, the caller boss

Camila pretends to recognize cartel authorities but orders a deed connected Omar successful prison. Omar survives the assassination effort and suspects 1 among the cartel ranks was down the plot. More treachery: The Byrdes crippled with Camila to overthrow Omar, organizing yet different deed and for Camila to onslaught the aforesaid FBI woody accepted by Omar that would spot the Byrde's hitch their hands of the full cartel thing. 

That program goes awry erstwhile Camila goes to situation to accidental a last goodbye to Omar. There Omar, realizing something's amiss, tells Camila that helium didn't termination Javi astatine each and that helium doesn't cognize who did -- helium lone knows what Wendy Byrde told him. Camila believes him but goes done with the assassination anyway. After 4 seasons of pulling strings, Omar Navarro is taken out. 

The last scenes of the last occurrence halfway connected a Byrde Family Foundation gala, wherever large donors are coming done to marque each of the Byrde's fantasies travel true. The gala is attracting big-ticket donors, truthful they tin spell backmost to Chicago and unrecorded retired their days arsenic the charitable owners of a monolithic non-profit organization. Finally, they did it. Until Camila enters the party. 

Verónica Falcón arsenic  Camila Elizondro

Camila Elizondro.


She confronts Clare Shaw astir the time Javi died. Camila says that she'll forgive Shaw for hiding accusation if she reveals it close now, but each sorts of unpublishable things would hap if she finds retired Shaw had been lying to her. Shaw buckles and tells Camila that Ruth Langmore did it. (Shaw does prevarication though, covering from the Byrdes by saying lone Shaw and Javi were successful the bureau astatine the clip of the killing.)

Camila calls implicit 1 of her henchman and tells him to termination the Byrdes and their kids if Marty oregon Wendy effort to springiness Ruth immoderate beforehand announcement and Camila is coming for her. In the last scenes, we spot Marty and Wendy congregate astir their options and recognize they person none. After 4 seasons of wriggling retired of pugnacious spots, they're utterly powerless.  They're safe, but tin bash thing to prevention Ruth -- which is achy to some them and us.

Ruth Langmore is simply a Legend, her trade is conscionable retired of this world. She deserves each the credit.
What a magnificent performance.
Julia Garner 🎞📽🎥 #Ozark pic.twitter.com/8ewsXfPHuR

— Ontshiametse Molekoa (@OntshiametseMo4) May 1, 2022

As the Byrde household takes the signifier astatine their gala, Ruth Langmore is confronted extracurricular her location by Camila. She knows what's coming, but is defiant 'till the end. ""I'm not sorry," she tells Camila. "Your lad was a murdering bitch. And I present I cognize wherever helium got it from." Camila shoots Ruth close successful the heart. 

Explaining the decease to Vanity Fair, showrunner Chris Mundy said Ozark would beryllium excessively overmuch of a fairytale if Ruth were to survive. "I wanted everybody to person progressive choices successful the past 7 episodes," Mundy said to the publication. "Ruth could spell for revenge oregon not, and she knows if she did, it is going to unleash things that mightiness extremity up with her getting harmed."

A miraculous escape

Before we get to other big moment, a speedy enactment connected the car clang that opened play 4 portion one. In the scene, if you don't recall, the full Byrde household is successful the household car talking astir their large determination to Chicago present that they're done with the Ozarks. Amid the euphoria, Marty stops paying attraction and swerves disconnected the road, making the car flip and tumble disconnected road.

It turns retired it wasn't a imagination -- oregon thing important. The clang happens successful the mediate of the last episode, but improbably, nary 1 is hurt. It comes aft 1 of play 4 portion two's biggest subplots, that of Wendy's dada Nathan Davis trying to get custody implicit Jonah and Charlotte. He plays the portion of acrophobic grandpa, and Wendy has a breakdown that sends her consecutive into a intelligence wellness facility. 


Season 4 portion 1 started with a car crash. It was a reddish herring. 


But acknowledgment to an interrogation from Ruth Langmore, Nathan is shown to beryllium thing much than a vindictive dada who's taking Jonah and Charlotte distant purely to spite Wendy. Once Nathan Davis, held astatine gunpoint by Ruth, tells this to Jonah and Charlotte, the kids determine to reunite with Marty and Wendy. 

Their blessed car thrust location is erstwhile the melodramatic but insignificant clang happens. 

Now that Ozark has been retired for a min…
*spoiler alert*


It’s wholly bullshit that they each survived that car crash.

— Terrell Mallory (@_Twinndiesel) May 11, 2022

Jonah becomes a Byrde again

After the gala, moments aft we spot Ruth killed, the Byrde household arrives astatine their home. The kids tally inside, and Marty and Wendy are some crestfallen connected the destiny that fell upon Ruth and their inability to bash thing astatine each astir it. 

Marty sits astatine the household table, caput successful hands, and the camera pans retired to amusement america that the solid doorway has been shattered. Someone's been inside.

It turns retired to beryllium Mel Sattem, a disgraced ex-cop turned backstage investigator. He made his Ozark debut successful play 4 portion one, wherever helium was investigating the disappearance of Helen Pierce. He returns here, moving for Nathan Davis successful an effort to find Ben Davis. Ben was notably killed successful play 3 by bid of his sister Wendy due to the fact that Ben's antics would person virtually gotten the full household murdered. Of course, nary 1 knows that different than the Byrdes and Ruth.

This goat cooky jar bedevilled Mel Sattem, until helium realized what was being kept inside.


Sattem discovers that Wendy had been lying astir the past clip she saw Ben and got photograph grounds of Wendy taking Ben into the diner that was to beryllium the tract of his past known appearance. He becomes a cardinal plus successful Nathan Davis' effort to get a tribunal to abstracted Jonah and Charlotte from their parents, truthful Marty and Wendy person him taken out. Not with violence, but with saccharine diplomacy.

Since arriving connected the show, Sattem has sought vindication. He was fired from the Chicago PD for stealing cocaine from grounds but, isolated from that, appeared to beryllium a morganatic and good-intentioned cop. Now he's cause escaped and wants backmost into the force. Marty and Wendy, good connected with Midwest officials, get him reinstated. But there's a catch: If helium wants back, Sattem has to spell immediately. He can't attest against the Byrdes successful court. 

Leave helium does. Sattem was staying astatine Ruth Langmore's Lazy-O Motel and checks retired to caput backmost to Chicago. As helium leaves though, helium notices that the ample goat cooky jar helium saw successful Langmore's trailer was present astatine the Lazy-O. He doesn't cognize it, but that's wherever Ruth has been keeping Ben's ashes. 

I liked the #Ozark ending. They didn't babe us, stayed existent to themselves. Didn't request to beryllium a neat small bow connected top. I get the picture. The Byrde's are covered successful humor and dirt, but they're astir to beryllium 1 of the salient governmental families successful the country. American way.

— S I L K Y (@CoolItSilky) April 30, 2022

To spot Jonah Byrde prime up the weapon successful past country of Ozark was bosom breaking.

— Zaffar 🇮🇳 (@Zaffar_Nama) May 7, 2022


That Ozark ending was harrowing arsenic fuck. The predatory glint successful Jonah’s eyes. The pridefulness connected Wendy and Marty’s faces. Chills. Jonah was the past vestige of humanity the Byrdes had and the amusement ends with the acheronian rot consuming them all. A cleanable ending. #Ozark

— Rōnin (@Wynnston_) May 2, 2022

When helium gets backmost to Chicago, helium conscionable can't bash it. He keeps reasoning astir the Byrdes, and astir that cooky jar. Then it clicks: Ben wanted to bargain a workplace and rise goats, and Ruth was keeping his ashes successful a goat-themed cooky jar. The ashes of Wendy's member represented cold, hard grounds against the Byrdes.

The Byrdes effort to bargain him off, but Sattem refuses. 

"You don't get to win. You don't get to beryllium the Kochs oregon the Kennedys," helium says. "World doesn't enactment similar that." Wendy replies: "Since when?"

Then we perceive a weapon cock. It's Jonah Byrde, who for some portion 1 and 2 of play 4 has been estranged from the family. He can't quadrate the immoral acts his parents person committed, and is particularly frustrated by his unrepentant mother. Yet determination helium is, aiming a weapon squarely astatine an researcher trying to bash good. Marty and Wendy look on, pridefulness creeping onto their look arsenic Jonah accepts the household and what they've done. 

As the surface fades to achromatic we perceive a gunshot. But who, oregon what, did Jonah shoot? Did helium sprout Sattem, oregon did helium sprout the cooky jar to destruct the lone grounds against his household that exists? Some person speculated that Jonah, with the keenest consciousness of justness among them, wouldn't person changeable dormant Sattem. 

If you spell by what showrunner Chris Mundy says, Jonah changeable the Sattem. Mundy told Vanity Fair that Jonah's muder of Sattem showed "the household being brought backmost unneurotic done this enactment of violence." But that sidesplitting isn't shown connected the screen, truthful is yet near unfastened ended. Who, oregon what, bash you deliberation Jonah shot?

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