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The Peloton Bike is designed to beryllium an all-in-one fittingness solution that gives you the acquisition of boutique spinning classes without leaving home. Peloton’s work not lone succeeds astatine that, but successful caller years has exceeded its archetypal expectations. If you’re looking for a large mode to get into spinning, the Peloton Bike could beryllium it (but it’s remarkably expensive).


  • Premium equipment
  • Software offers tons of variety
  • Easy instauration for beginners


  • Very expensive
  • You’ll request a batch of room
  • Bike Plus offers amended tech

The Peloton Bike is designed to beryllium an all-in-one fittingness solution that gives you the acquisition of boutique spinning classes without leaving home. Peloton’s work not lone succeeds astatine that, but successful caller years has exceeded its archetypal expectations. If you’re looking for a large mode to get into spinning, the Peloton Bike could beryllium it (but it’s remarkably expensive).


  • +

    Premium equipment

  • +

    Software offers tons of variety

  • +

    Easy instauration for beginners


  • -

    Very expensive

  • -

    You’ll request a batch of room

  • -

    Bike Plus offers amended tech

Two-minute review

If you’re funny successful fitness, it’s apt you’ve heard of Peloton. It’s a comparatively caller summation to the location fittingness marketplace that aims to springiness you a boutique rotation class-like acquisition successful your ain home.

Cycling and spinning enthusiasts are the main people demographic for Peloton, but the institution is besides aiming its fittingness work astatine newbies who privation to get acceptable and bask a afloat workout acquisition without having to sweat it retired successful a country afloat of people.

The Peloton work provides you with the motorcycle itself and each the instrumentality you request to get started including a ample 21.5-inch HD show conscionable successful beforehand of the handlebars. Rather than this being utilized to binge boxsets it’ll beryllium your model to instructors connected the Peloton service.

You’ll get those instructors onto your show by subscribing to an All Access rank that costs $39 / £39 / AU$59 a month. The subscription gives you entree to thousands of classes providing workouts with antithetic genres of music, antithetic levels of expertise and antithetic presenting styles from the instructors.

This work is fantastically good enactment unneurotic and each teacher offers a unsocial instrumentality connected rotation classes. That’s not all. The institution has started providing other workouts specified arsenic yoga, spot grooming and adjacent boxing.

Onto the equipment. The Peloton Bike is simply a premium portion of instrumentality that offers an optimum workout acquisition without taking up a immense spot successful your surviving abstraction – though it is large.

Peloton Bike

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The motorcycle is casual to change to your liking. It’s comfy to thrust for agelong periods of clip and during our three-month investigating play we recovered it durable with nary prime issues of the instrumentality arsenic a whole.

The Peloton Bike acquisition is fantastic if you’re looking to get acceptable from the comfortableness of your ain  home oregon if you’ve tried the unusual rotation people earlier and privation to dive deeper into the activity. It’s besides built for those who are adept astatine rotation classes already.

The large occupation is the terms of the Peloton work overall. The cheapest motorcycle enactment comes successful astatine $1,495 / £1,350 / AU$ 2,295. That is past paired with a monthly subscription of $39 / £39 / AU$59, which makes the acquisition peculiarly costly.

If you’re going to beryllium connected your Peloton respective times a week it’ll beryllium worthy the investment. However, this isn’t a work you should see if you’re not committed to embracing spinning connected a regular basis.

Peloton Bike terms and availability 

The Peloton Bike has been disposable since 2014, and you tin bargain it present either online oregon done 1 of the brand’s brick-and-mortar stores. It’s an incredibly costly portion of equipment, and we’ll interruption down the costs below.

Before we speech done the instrumentality itself, it’s important to enactment determination is simply a monthly interest for entree to Peloton’s workout service. That costs $39 / £39 / AU$59 a month. 

Don’t disregard this erstwhile considering the price. It’s a must-have constituent of the Peloton experience, arsenic you won’t beryllium capable to usage the motorcycle to anyplace adjacent its afloat imaginable without subscribing.

The modular Peloton Bike (which we reviewed) starts astatine $1,495 / £1,350 / AU$ 2,295 for the astir basal package. For that you get the bike, a 12-month constricted warranty and transportation of the product.

Peloton Bike

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If you privation accessories, you tin bargain them separately oregon acquisition motorcycle packages that see them. For example, the Bike Essentials bundle adds a brace of cycling shoes, 2 motorcycle weights and a brace of headphones to the basal motorcycle bundle for $1,645 / £1,495 / AU$2,525.

For those who request more, the Bike Works bundle besides includes a Heart Rate Monitor and a Bike Mat for $1,745 / £1,595 / AU$2,595. The Bike Family is built for 2 radical sharing and comes with 2 pairs of shoes, 2 pairs of headphones, 2 bosom complaint monitors and 2 Peloton h2o bottles for $1,945 / £1,795 / AU$2,845.

That’s a batch of money, truthful Peloton does connection outgo schemes. For example, you tin wage $39 / £35 / AU$59 a period for the modular Peloton Bike bundle implicit a play of 39 months. That’s conscionable implicit 3 years.

An further complication to your Peloton determination is whether you request the Peloton Bike Plus. This merchandise launched successful 2020 and it’s designed to beryllium an adjacent much premium experience. We’ll excavation into precisely what the differences are successful the conception below, but the terms begins astatine $2,495 / £2,295 / AU$3,695 for the basal bundle rising to $2,945 / £2,745 / AU$4,395 for the Bike Plus Family package.

Peloton knows however costly its merchandise is arsenic it dropped the terms of its instrumentality successful mid-2021: the motorcycle had primitively outgo $1,895 for the modular package. That’s a $400 terms drop, and we saw akin discounts astir the remainder of the satellite arsenic well.

Design and setup 

The motorcycle itself is simply a high-end portion of equipment. In fact, it’s not dissimilar to what you’d expect to spot successful a dedicated rotation class. 

It’ll beryllium acceptable up for you erstwhile it’s delivered to your home, and the transportation specialists volition beryllium capable to speech you done however you tin guarantee it’s acceptable up conscionable right. If aggregate radical successful your household are utilizing it, it’s casual to alteration the positioning of the seat, handlebars and screen.

Our tester is simply a 6ft 2 adult, and it was a comfy experience… oregon arsenic comfy arsenic you tin ideate for a spinning bike. 

So far, truthful akin to a regular spinning bike, but past there’s the 21.5-inch HD show connected the beforehand wherever you’ll prime your workouts and ticker trainers, spot your stats oregon instrumentality scenic rides.

Peloton bike

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The show runs connected Android software, but it’s locked into Peloton’s bundle truthful you won’t beryllium capable to entree immoderate different programs from it. There’s nary sneakily watching Netflix present alternatively than tuning into your trainer.

Once connected to the net and acceptable up with your accounts, you’ll beryllium capable to effort your archetypal workout.

What is the Peloton Bike Plus?

We’ve yet to effort the Peloton Bike Plus truthful we can’t remark connected however it works, but it’s fundamentally a higher-spec mentation of the archetypal bike. It features a larger 23.8-inch HD surface with anti-reflective technology. The surface tin besides rotate much truthful you tin crook it circular for different workouts specified arsenic yoga.

It features amended audio show (there’s 4-channel audio alternatively than 2) and there’s car resistance; it'll travel your instructor’s plans without you having to physically crook the knob. The terms is higher than the modular motorcycle astatine $2,495 / £2,295 / AU$3,695.

The plan of the Peloton motorcycle is sleek, and it’s wide the institution has tried to support this arsenic trim arsenic imaginable truthful it’s much apt to acceptable into your home. However, it is inactive a ample portion of instrumentality that galore with smaller level abstraction won’t beryllium capable to acceptable in.

Peloton’s selling refers to the size of the motorcycle arsenic “smaller than your mean yoga mat”, and that’s believable. The surface astatine the beforehand of the motorcycle is what takes up the astir space, and past the motorcycle becomes slimmer arsenic you look backmost from there.

When you find a dedicated abstraction it’s a bully thought to support it there, we wouldn’t urge moving the motorcycle connected a regular basis. It’s a peculiarly dense portion of instrumentality astatine 61kg (135lb). There are wheels astatine the beforehand to determination it, but it’s wide those are designed for uncommon occasions alternatively than shifting it astir a surviving country a mates of times a week.

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Peloton Bike

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Peloton Bike

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The dimensions are 149 cm magnitude x 135 cm tallness x 58 cm width (at its widest part). Peloton recommends an other 60 cm connected each 4 sides of the bike, and that’s thing we’d urge pursuing arsenic good to guarantee you don’t deed things during a workout.


Throughout our proceedings period, the Peloton motorcycle has worked flawlessly giving america top-end workouts and pushing our spinning further than we’ve done successful the past. It’s designed to propulsion you harder, and we recovered the full Peloton acquisition would bash conscionable that.

In our three-month usage of the bike, we’ve recovered that the plan works smoothly with minimal method issues. It’s casual to clip successful and retired of the pedals, positive the pedaling enactment has ever felt smooth. 

There’s a knob beneath the handlebars that is utilized to alteration the absorption during workouts, and that’s perfectly placed for you to edit it successful tougher moments during workouts.

Peloton Bike

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Unlike immoderate rival gym equipment, there’s a wide premium look to this instrumentality and it’s apt thing you’ll privation to amusement disconnected successful your location alternatively than fell distant successful a closed room.

The tablet-like surface works well, too. You’re easy capable to find your workouts connected the large screen, and portion the solution could beryllium a interaction crisper (it’s lone HD) it’s improbable you’ll announcement erstwhile you’re concentrating connected the workout.

The included speakers dependable bully but aren’t going to springiness you the champion dependable prime erstwhile you’re blasting retired immoderate of your favourite tunes successful the mediate of a ride. If you’re not capable to crook up the volume, you tin link Bluetooth headphones to the bike.

We recovered the transportation to enactment well, and you’d besides beryllium capable to link a Bluetooth talker if you spot fit. There are easy-to-reach buttons connected the right-hand broadside of the show truthful you tin alteration the measurement astatine immoderate signifier during your ride.

One neat interaction is that the bundle allows you to summation oregon alteration the instructor’s dialogue. If you similar the euphony you’re listening to, you tin alteration the instructor’s measurement to get much of the euphony playing from the speakers.

Peloton Bike

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The bundle is wherever Peloton’s acquisition truly shines. Peloton All Access is an costly service, but it offers arguably the champion idiosyncratic trainer-like acquisition we’ve tested connected immoderate portion of gym instrumentality oregon apps.

There’s a wide assortment of antithetic workouts. At the clip of writing, determination are 27 workout instructors who supply regular classes for the bike. You’re capable to entree each of these astatine immoderate time, positive caller workouts are often scheduled unrecorded truthful you tin thrust alongside hundreds of different people.

Programs springiness you circumstantial plans to enactment done implicit a play of a fewer days, and we recovered Mastering the Basics was a large instauration to the bike. There are programs for gathering strength, improving your riding and adjacent different activities specified arsenic halfway spot oregon yoga.

There isn’t a immense assortment of programs that specifically absorption connected riding, truthful you whitethorn find you’ll beryllium joining idiosyncratic classes much regularly than fitting into a circumstantial program. That does assistance with your variety, though, and means you tin experimentation with antithetic teacher styles and music.

Should you bargain the Peloton Bike?

Peloton Bike

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Buy it if… 

You privation premium workout equipment

The Peloton Bike is simply a premium acquisition that offers everything you request from time 1 to get into spinning. It is casual to get started and it provides a top-end acquisition that not each different location gym instrumentality tin offer.

You request instrumentality that encourages you to enactment out

The Peloton Bike is designed to beryllium a portion of instrumentality that you bask utilizing and encourages you to get into a regular fittingness routine. If you’re looking for thing similar that, this could beryllium a beardown concern that volition promote you to support moving out.

You privation a assemblage acquisition astatine home

One of the halfway elements of Peloton is simply a consciousness of assemblage with the instructors becoming affable faces aft a important clip utilizing the equipment. Social elements specified arsenic high-fiving different riders oregon pursuing friends are bully touches if you privation to consciousness a small much connected astatine home.

Don’t bargain it if… 

You request thing cheap

The connection Peloton has go synonymous with excess, and it remains remarkably costly contempt changes to the pricing structure. If you’re looking for a mode to enactment retired without spending tons of wealth you should look toward the alternatives.

You privation tons of pre-set programs

Programs are an integral portion of the Peloton experience, but determination isn’t a immense assortment of these. At the clip of writing, determination were 12 programs disposable and we’d similar to spot further options for antithetic levels of expertise successful the future.

You privation a immense array of workouts

The Peloton All Access rank is nary longer constricted to conscionable motorcycle workouts with entree to yoga and boxing classes among the different elements, but you don’t request the instrumentality to beryllium capable to entree these. It whitethorn look obvious, but don’t bargain this unless you mean to usage the rotation motorcycle elements a lot.

First reviewed: January 2022 

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