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Pipedrive is an easy-to-use CRM for tiny businesses that offers plentifulness of customization options and workflow automations. However, it’s constricted successful scope and doesn’t connection the tools businesses request to standard up.


  • Drag-and-drop woody pipelines
  • Customizable reporting dashboard
  • Supports workflow automations


  • Very constricted email selling tools
  • No task absorption features

Pipedrive is an easy-to-use CRM for tiny businesses that offers plentifulness of customization options and workflow automations. However, it’s constricted successful scope and doesn’t connection the tools businesses request to standard up.


  • +

    Drag-and-drop woody pipelines

  • +

    Customizable reporting dashboard

  • +

    Supports workflow automations


  • -

    Very constricted email selling tools

  • -

    No task absorption features

Pipedrive is an easy-to-use CRM that powers much than 95,000 tiny and medium-sized businesses. Find retired if it’s the best CRM bundle solutions for your institution successful our Pipedrive CRM review.

Pipedrive CRM review: Snapshot

Pipedrive is an highly user-friendly CRM that’s perfect for tiny businesses turning to CRM bundle for the archetypal time. It allows you to physique an unlimited fig of customized woody pipelines and determination deals done them conscionable by dragging and dropping. The level besides offers highly customizable reports, straightforward calendar and email integrations, and automated workflows to streamline your income process.

While Pipedrive does a large occupation with the tools it has, it’s missing a batch of tools that increasing businesses need. It doesn’t connection task absorption tools and determination are comparatively fewer email selling tools. You besides person to wage other for web forms and chatbots that tin assistance you make caller leads.

Overall, we bask the acquisition of utilizing Pipedrive, but we don’t deliberation the level stands retired successful the crowded tract of CRM software. For astir fractional the price, Apptivo is conscionable arsenic casual to use, offers conscionable arsenic galore customization options, and includes email selling and task absorption tools.

Score: 3.5/5

Read connected for our afloat and elaborate review. 

Pipedrive’s competitors

How does Pipedrive comparison to its main competitors?
PipedriveZoho CRMApptivo
Pros- Drag-and-drop woody pipelines - Highly customizable pipelines and dashboards- Unlimited automated workflows - Integrated email marketing- Inexpensive pricing - Highly customizable and scalable
Cons- Very constricted email selling tools - No task absorption features- Steep learning curve - Limited task absorption tools- Can beryllium tricky to acceptable up - Could connection much integrations
VerdictPipedrive is simply a precise user-friendly CRM that offers workflow automation and customization, but fewer precocious features.Zoho CRM is simply a broad level that’s perfect for businesses that tin instrumentality vantage of automation and email marketing.Apptivo is simply a highly customizable and scalable CRM with an inexpensive pricing operation that’s hard to beat.
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Pipedrive CRM cardinal features

One of the champion things astir Pipedrive is however casual it is to negociate deals. The level starts you disconnected with a default woody pipeline that should enactment for astir businesses. Alternatively, you tin make an unlimited fig of customized woody pipelines, each with arsenic galore steps arsenic you need. The woody pipelines are fundamentally kanban boards, allowing you to resistance and driblet deals from 1 signifier to the adjacent arsenic your income squad makes progress.

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Pipedrive review

Pipeline lets you make an unlimited fig of woody pipelines, and you tin resistance and driblet deals to determination them done the income process. (Image credit: Pipedrive)

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Pipedrive review

Pipedrive’s integrated enactment calendar enables you to rapidly acceptable up meetings, and it syncs with Outlook and Google Calendar. (Image credit: Pipedrive)

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Pipedrive review

The Leadbooster add-on includes web forms, a unrecorded chat module, and a web scraper to assistance your concern find caller leads. (Image credit: Pipedrive)

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Pipedrive review

Pipedrive enables you to make and customize an unlimited fig of reporting dashboards. (Image credit: Pipedrive)

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Pipedrive review

Pipedrive includes much than 30 workflow automation templates that you tin customize. (Image credit: Pipedrive)

Pipedrive includes a built-in calendar for easy scheduling meetings and tasks. If you usage Outlook oregon Google Calendar, you tin acceptable up automatic two-way sync with your Pipedrive calendar.

The calendar module successful Pipeline enables you to suggest gathering times to a lawsuit by designating circumstantial times that you’re available. Helpfully, upcoming meetings are shown successful your woody pipelines by a bid of icons.

Pipedrive offers a caller suite of tools called Leadbooster to assistance you find caller leads. This is simply a paid add-on to immoderate of Pipedrive’s plans that costs $39 per month. It includes elemental web forms that you tin embed successful your website arsenic good arsenic a unrecorded chat module with an optional chatbot. Leadbooster besides comes with a web scraping instrumentality that tin assistance you find imaginable clients from a database of much than 400 cardinal online profiles.

The reporting interface successful Pipedrive is different item of this platform. You tin make an unlimited fig of customized reporting dashboards and dozens of customized reports. All information tin beryllium exported to Excel with a click if you privation adjacent much analytical power.

Pipedrive supports automated workflows to assistance your income squad enactment connected apical deals. The bundle comes with much than 30 workflow templates that tin automatically determination deals done your pipeline, docket meetings, oregon trigger emails. You tin besides make your ain workflows utilizing a straightforward ocular editing interface.

Pipedrive CRM: What’s new?


Pipedrive CRM present integrates with Xero and Quickbooks for accounting help.  (Image credit: Xero)

Pipedrive has been engaged making updates to its level since we past reviewed this CRM. It precocious added integrations for video conferencing with Zoom and Google Meet, task absorption with Monday and Trello, and accounting with Xero and Quickbooks. 

Pipedrive besides added two-factor authentication and gave users the quality to radical customized reports wrong the reporting dashboard.

Pipedrive CRM: Pricing

Pipedrive offers 4 pricing plans: Essential, Advanced, Professional, and Enterprise. All plans see unlimited woody pipelines, contacts and customizable reports. 

Pipedrive CRM Essential Plan

The Essential program has lone constricted enactment absorption features and doesn’t see workflow automation. 

Pipedrive CRM Advanced Plan

The Advanced program adds automation, but lacks integration with unreality retention platforms similar Google Drive.

Pipedrive CRM Professional Plan

The Professional program enables you to signifier your income employees into teams, provides much elaborate reporting options, and offers customized study fields. 

Pipedrive CRM Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise program comes with telephone enactment (in summation to unrecorded chat, disposable connected each plans) and information alerts.

Plans tin beryllium paid monthly, oregon annually for a discount. You tin effort retired Pipedrive for escaped for 14 days earlier purchasing a plan.

Pipedrive’s pricing plans: EssentialAdvancedProfessionalEnterpriseZoho CRM StandardApptivo Lite
Cost per month$18/user$33/user$59/user$199/user$20/user$10/user
Cost per year$150/user (Save 30%)$298.80/user (Save 24%)$598.80/user (Save 15%)$1188/user (Save 17%)$168/user (Save 30%)$96/user (Save 20%)
Number of unfastened deals3,00010,000100,000UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Email integrationX
Customizable reports
Workflow automationX30 workflows60 workflows100 workflowsUnlimited workflows25 workflows

Testing Pipedrive CRM

We took Pipedrive for a rotation to spot however casual this bundle is to usage and however overmuch leeway the customized pipelines and dashboards afford.

Pipedrive CRM: Adding deals

We began moving successful Pipedrive by creating a acceptable of deals. The process was incredibly simple, since you tin adhd deals close from wrong your woody pipeline alternatively of needing to archetypal navigate to the applicable contact. 

A pop-up fto america adhd details astir the interaction down the deal, the deal’s expected value, which pipeline to adhd it to, and what signifier to enactment it in. Even better, Pipedrive offered the enactment of adding customized fields to the woody details, which would beryllium large for scoring leads and assigning precedence to deals.

Adding a caller   woody  successful  Pipedrive

Pipedrive makes it casual to adhd caller deals to immoderate income pipeline. (Image credit: Pipedrive)

Setting up an wholly caller woody pipeline was conscionable arsenic easy. You tin adhd arsenic galore stages arsenic you want, and Pipedrive enables you to delegate a probability to each signifier to bespeak the likelihood of a woody successful the signifier closing. (Pipedrive doesn’t usage past information to automatically cipher these probabilities.)

Pipedrive CRM: Generating customized reports

Navigating the reporting module wrong Pipedrive was conscionable arsenic straightforward. The level includes a default dashboard and 11 premade reports, which connected their ain volition connection plentifulness of accusation for galore tiny businesses. Reports successful the dashboard tin beryllium rearranged conscionable by dragging and dropping and filtered by day scope oregon a acceptable of employees.

Creating a caller study lone took a fewer clicks. Pipedrive offers a acceptable of filters that you tin harvester with logical operators to make a highly circumstantial dataset, which you tin past crippled onto respective antithetic illustration types. Below the charts, you’ll find a summary array with each of the applicable information and an enactment to export a CSV for further analysis.

Creating a customized  study  successful  Pipedrive

Pipedrive enables you to make customized reports utilizing a bid of filters to specify the dataset you’re funny in. (Image credit: Pipedrive)

All customized reports tin beryllium saved and grouped into folders for speedy entree later.

Alternatives to Pipedrive CRM

zoho logo

(Image credit: Zoho)

Pipedrive stands retired for being highly casual to use. However, for the price, it lacks immoderate precocious features that we’ve seen successful comparable CRM software.

One of the astir notable competitors to Pipedrive is Zoho CRM, which costs conscionable somewhat much than Pipedrive. Zoho CRM offers unlimited pipelines and dashboards conscionable similar Pipedrive, but it besides offers unlimited workflow automations with its entry-level plan. It besides offers email marketing—a captious relation of a broad CRM—as a modular feature.

The drawback to Zoho CRM is that its feature-rich interface isn’t casual to use, particularly if you’re diving into CRM bundle for the archetypal time. Our Zoho CRM review recovered that the level has a steep learning curve. However, navigating that curve whitethorn beryllium worthy it if your concern needs to cognize however to prioritize deals oregon wants to usage email selling to bring successful caller leads.

Read adjacent 👀

apptivo logo

(Image credit: Apptivo)

Looking for a Pipdrive CRM alternative? Read our Apptivo review.

Another Pipedrive alternate that’s worthy a look is Apptivo. This level is antithetic successful that it provides lone a basal acceptable of CRM functions, past lets you customize the bundle with dozens of apps. That’s a large vantage if your concern is scaling quickly, since you tin easy adhd features onto the bundle arsenic you request them.

Our Apptivo review besides recovered that this level is impressively casual to usage and offers plentifulness of customization options erstwhile it comes to reporting. The lone happening missing successful Apptivo is the quality to resistance and driblet deals done your pipeline. But that’s hardly essential, and for the price—paid Apptivo plans commencement astatine $10/user/month compared to $18/user/month for Pipedrive—we deliberation it’s a amended prime for astir increasing businesses.

Pipedrive’s features compared to the competition: PipedriveZoho CRMApptivo
Custom pipelines and dashboardsUnlimitedUnlimited8
Automated workflowsYes (0-Unlimited)UnlimitedYes (25-300)
Support24/7 unrecorded chat24/5 telephone and email24/7 unrecorded chat and email; 24/5 phone
Basic plan$18/user/month$20/user/month$10/user/month

Pipedrive: Final verdict

Pipedrive is 1 of the astir user-friendly CRM platforms we’ve tested. It’s casual to navigate from the infinitesimal you archetypal unfastened the level and allows you to simply resistance and driblet deals arsenic they determination done your income pipeline. It’s besides highly customizable, offering unlimited woody pipelines and fantabulous reporting capabilities.

While Pipedrive does a large occupation astatine helping your squad negociate deals and acceptable up meetings with imaginable clients, we recovered that it’s overmuch much constricted successful scope and functionality than competing CRM software. Pipedrive has lone the astir basal email selling tools disposable and doesn’t connection immoderate features for task management. In addition, pb procreation features similar web forms and chatbots necessitate a paid add-on. 

Ultimately, that means that Pipedrive tin enactment good for businesses that are upgrading to a CRM for the archetypal time. However, it whitethorn not beryllium the champion enactment for businesses that are looking for a comprehensive, scalable CRM solution.

For that, we deliberation Zoho CRM oregon Apptivo are amended options. Apptivo successful peculiar stands retired due to the fact that it costs importantly little than Pipedrive and offers overmuch of the aforesaid functionality. Apptivo’s platform, which uses apps similar gathering blocks, tin besides amended turn with the needs of your business.

Further reading

For much accusation astir CRM platforms, cheque retired our usher to the best CRM bundle for tiny businesses. If nary of the bundle we mentioned successful this reappraisal fits your business’s needs, we’ve besides reviewed industry-leading CRM bundle from Salesforce and Freshdesk.

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