Pixel 7 series reportedly may use the same display as its predecessor

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  • The Pixel 7 bid volition apt diagnostic the nonstop aforesaid displays arsenic the 6 series.
  • The lone important alteration volition beryllium a somewhat smaller Pixel 7 show compared to the 6.

Users hoping for a new-fangled show for the Pixel 7 bid whitethorn beryllium successful for a disappointment, with caller rumors indicating the show volition beryllium mostly unchanged. The Pixel 6 bid featured a important upgrade to the show tech Google utilized compared to erstwhile versions of the Pixel line. While users shouldn’t expect a akin leap guardant with the 7, that’s not needfully a atrocious thing.

First spotted by 9to5Google, Google has released immoderate caller specs that look to bespeak the Pixel 7 bid volition diagnostic the aforesaid basal show tech arsenic the Pixel 6 series. This means that the baseline Pixel 7 volition person up to 90Hz refresh rate, conscionable similar the 6, portion the Pro exemplary volition bump that up to 120Hz, conscionable similar the 6 Pro.

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Similarly, it appears that some models are utilizing the aforesaid Samsung show panels arsenic their predecessors. While the 7 Pro volition beryllium identical successful size compared to its predecessor, the baseline 7’s show volition beryllium somewhat smaller, coming successful astatine 1mm narrower and 2mm shorter than the baseline 6.

Interestingly, the Pixel 7 Pro whitethorn summation the quality to tally natively successful 1080p mode, apt arsenic a mode to prevention artillery for users that request to eke retired each past spot of juice.

Obviously, this is each inactive rumor stages but present that the Pixel 7 is retired of the container acknowledgment to Google, it’s lone a substance of clip until we larn adjacent much astir Google’s upcoming flagship.

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