“Play to Earn” to Own Remitano Network’s RENEC Token

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PRESS RELEASE. “Play & Earn” is nary longer a unusual word for astir GameFi believers. Recently, Remitano Network, Remitano’s blockchain network, has launched a caller airdrop successful the format of “Play to Earn”, allowing users to ain the network’s RENEC token successful the signifier of “group mining”.

Starting from the escaped regular RENEC solo mining astatine Remitano.com, users tin present excavation unneurotic successful groups to person a larger magnitude of RENEC token airdrop arsenic a reward. Each mining excavation is called a mining room, and aft 24 hours, the squad members volition divided a larger magnitude of RENEC than the solo mining effort.

This is simply a reasonably caller signifier of airdrop successful the market, making the accepted airdrop little boring.

Participation is rather simple. You conscionable request to motion up for a escaped Remitano relationship and commencement mining solo oregon successful groups.

Try RENEC mining for escaped here!

Refer to the authoritative RENEC Whitepaper.

The RENEC mining programme is constricted to a maximum of the extremity of Q3 of 2022, truthful the sooner you articulation the amended your chances of owning much of the exchange’s tokens.

Remitano Network Launches Testnet

At the opening of April 2022, the Remitano Network Team successfully launched a trial web (Testnet) that promises beardown moves of Remitano, a 9-year-old crypto exchange, successful the satellite of blockchain.

The Testnet web launched with the quality of the Testnet RENEC wallet which allows registered users to person 100 investigating RENEC into the wallet. You tin besides registry to person 100 RENEC to Testnet wallet here.

The RENEC mainnet is expected to motorboat sometime betwixt the extremity of Q2 and Q3 of 2022, which is besides the clip erstwhile the RENEC airdrop programme ends.

The imaginable of Remitano Network

In summation to taking vantage of owning RENEC Token from present on, possibly what the assemblage is astir funny successful is which applications volition look archetypal connected the network.

Although the improvement squad has not officially announced the archetypal applications to tally connected the network, with caller observations based connected Remitano’s activities, we tin foretell their adjacent steps. Here’s what we’ve been capable to observe successful caller times:

Firstly, a decentralized speech volition look connected the Remitano Network this twelvemonth according to the improvement roadmap mentioned successful the RENEC whitepaper. This is the basal measurement and premise of galore blockchain networks today.

Also successful the whitepaper, Remitano talks astir bringing P2P transactions betwixt cryptocurrencies and fiat connected the blockchain, on with a decentralized KYC service. Imagine, RENEC volition go the archetypal blockchain to enactment connected ramp disconnected ramp and users bash not request to spell done centralized exchanges.

What does this mean for developers of decentralized applications (dApps)? Take, for example, fashionable play-to-earn games similar AXEI, STEPN. New users person to spell done aggregate registrations connected assorted exchanges to beryllium capable to person betwixt fiat and crypto, earlier they tin commencement participating successful the app. This creates a immense obstruction for caller users, making developers constricted successful presumption of audience.

With Remitano Network supporting decentralized KYC connected the blockchain, P2P fiat crypto trading tin instrumentality spot close successful decentralized applications. Allows users to currency successful currency retired easy close successful the app without having to determination astir oregon request a batch of blockchain knowledge. For app developers, this means reaching retired to the wide population, easy reaching caller users.

It seems that NFT5, BombCrypto and ToCom volition beryllium the pioneer projects for this approach.

However, what fewer radical announcement is that successful 2022 it is Remitano that has entered into a strategical confederation with NFT5.io. Thus, it tin beryllium predicted that NFT volition beryllium 1 of the salient applications connected this blockchain web successful the adjacent future.

At the aforesaid clip by the extremity of 2021, Remitano besides has a strategical practice with BombCrypto, an NFT crippled successful the Play to Earn genre.

And according to an unofficial source, a GameFi assemblage successful the signifier of Play to Earn volition beryllium invested and developed by Remitano to beforehand assemblage involvement successful blockchain and crypto successful general. A website shared precocious by the GameFi assemblage called https://tocom.io/ is said to beryllium developed by Remitano.

Linking the supra facts, we tin ideate the aboriginal representation of Remitano Network Blockchain. Do you deliberation the maturation imaginable of the web is highly large?

About Remitano

Remitano is 1 of the largest peer-to-peer (p2p) cryptocurrency trading platforms successful the world, presently serving users successful much than 30 countries. The level provides an escrowed p2p crypto marketplace allowing users to buy bitcoin and cryptocurrency easy and safely. Remitano is simply a marketplace person successful the p2p level space, featuring an intuitive and user-friendly interface, 24/7 lawsuit support, and boasts immoderate of the lowest fees successful the industry.

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