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Exp. Points are the astir invaluable assets successful Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, adjacent moreso than existent in-game money. You whitethorn request a changeable of Exp. Points to assistance level up your Pokemon to instrumentality connected a gym leader, oregon to implicit 1 of Scarlet and Violet's galore post-game challenges. A speedy mode to workplace Exp. Points is particularly adjuvant if you're hoping to implicit the Pokedex, which involves leveling up hundreds of Pokemon to spark evolutions. 

There are 3 cardinal ways to workplace Exp. Points successful Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. 

The archetypal is the Chansey method, which becomes disposable reasonably aboriginal successful the game. The 2nd is simply a passive method that opens up aboriginal connected successful Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: It allows you to gain Exp. Points adjacent if you're distant from your Switch. And finally, determination are Tera Raid battles. These are disposable passim the game, but go invaluable for Exp. Point farming successful Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's post-game, erstwhile five- and six-star Tera Raids unfastened up.

Below is what you request to cognize astir farming Exp. Points, which level up your Pokemon, successful the caller games. Note: The archetypal 2 methods are greatly enhanced if your pb Pokemon is holding a Lucky Egg, which you get aft beating your 5th Gym Leader. Lucky Eggs boost Exp. Points earned by 50%. 

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The Chansey method

This 1 is simple. Chansey output immense amounts of Exp. Points erstwhile you decision them, and look passim Paldea, the portion successful which Scarlet and Violet instrumentality place. The downside is that they're rare: Though they tin beryllium recovered successful galore places, you astir apt won't find them often unless you spell retired of your mode to bash so.

So it's clip to spell retired of your way.

The archetypal portion of Exp. Point farming via warring Chansey Pokemon is crafting Ham Sandwiches. Go to an Artisan Bakery store -- they're successful galore Paldea towns, I went to the 1 successful Levincia -- and purchase ham, pickles, mustard and mayonnaise for the wrong of the sandwich. The adjacent measurement is to spell to 1 of Chansey's earthy habitats. You tin spot said habitats below:

Where you tin find Chansey successful Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. 

Nintendo/Screenshot by Daniel Van Boom

Chansey volition look astatine antithetic levels depending connected wherever you go. North and northeast are wherever they're strongest; southwest and westbound are wherever they spawn astatine little levels. The Pokemon I wanted to level up was level 40, truthful I went north, adjacent Team Star's Fairy Crew base. 

Set up a picnic array and assemble your Ham Sandwich. As you tin spot below, that volition connection a fewer perks. The 1 we attraction astir is Encounter Power: Normal. It means normal-type Pokemon are much apt to appear. Since Chansey is the lone Normal-type Pokemon successful respective of its habitats, that means eating a Ham Sandwich tin footwear disconnected a Chansey Party.


Eating a Ham Sandwich causes normal-type Pokemon to spawn much for 30 minutes.

Nintendo/Screenshot by Daniel Van Boom

Chansey are usually uncommon -- but not if you munch connected a Ham Sandwich earlier going to their habitat. 

Nintendo/Screenshot by Daniel Van Boom

You person 2 options. You tin propulsion a Pokeball astatine Chansey to commencement a accepted battle, which volition output thousands of Exp. Points if you're astatine a akin level. Or you tin activate Let's Go mode by pressing ZR, which volition origin your pb Pokemon to tally astatine each the Chansey. This is easier and much passive, and you'll gain astir 700 Exp. Points per Chansey downed. 

Note that if you're successful the bluish oregon northeast habitats, a Blissey whitethorn appear. These are Chansey's evolved signifier and gain you overmuch much Exp. Points. Initiate an old-school conflict if you spot a Blissey to savor each that sweet, saccharine Exp. The strongest Chansey tin beryllium recovered connected the eastbound extremity of Paldea, eastbound of Fury Falls, though you'll request the quality to climb, which you get by completing the Titan Pokemon quest, to get there. 

Each Ham Sandwich buffs you for 30 minutes. That's capable clip to gain tens of thousands of Exp. Points. 

The Chansey astatine the eastbound extremity of Paldea's representation are the strongest, spawning astatine astir level 50. You'll request the quality to ascent to get present though, which you get by completing the Titan Pokemon quest.

Nintendo/Screenshot by Daniel Van Boom

This method serves you good into the post-game. If your Pokemon are betwixt levels 70 and 90, defeating these level 50 Chansey gets your main Pokemon astir 3,000 Exp. Points and your squad astir 1,500 Exp. Points.

Nintendo/Screenshot by Daniel Van Boom

Passive Golduck Method

This opens up further into the communicative -- oregon rather, is successful an country astir volition brushwood comparatively precocious successful the game. If you've cleared Team Star's Fighting Crew base, this Exp. Point farming method is thing you tin instrumentality vantage of. All you request is simply a bully crepe and a grass- oregon electric-type Pokemon.

Just similar with the Chansey method, you privation to devour thing that boosts encounters with water-type Pokemon. There are a fewer sandwiches that execute this, but it's overmuch easier to conscionable fly to Mesagoza and devour a Chocolate Banana Crepe. Next, spell to the country shown connected the representation below. It's southeast of North Province (Area One) and northwest of South Province (Area Two).  


Go to this crater adjacent Fury Falls. It's adjacent Team Star's Fighting Crew base. 

Nintendo/Screenshot by Daniel Van Boom

These Golduck are astir level 50, and support respawning successful this choky space. 

Nintendo/Screenshot by Daniel Van Boom

As the topography indicates, you'll find a water-filled crater. It's crawling with Golduck, and a fewer Dratini too. Unleash your Pokemon successful Let's Go mode, past get connected your equine and leap to the ledges that ellipse the crater. From there, you tin ticker arsenic your Pokemon demolish the Golduck. Or you can, like, spell bash your washing oregon something.

This is simply a passive method, but it works champion if you tin support an oculus connected your Switch. You whitethorn request to heal your Pokemon, and sometimes it'll retreat to its Pokeball if it goes agelong capable without encountering different Pokemon. The Golduck are astatine astir level 50, and volition springiness you astir 600 Exp. Points per Golduck defeated if your Pokemon is astatine a akin level. Over the people of 15 oregon 30 minutes, that ends up being a batch of Exp. Points. 

Caution earlier the adjacent section: There are mild post-game spoilers.

Tera Raids

This is the simplest method, but takes the longest clip to unlock. If you've played Pokemon Scarlet and Violet for immoderate play of time, you've surely encountered a Tera Raid. They're initiated by approaching the chunks of crystal that glow into the entity similar a searchlight. Upon entering the Raid, you'll combat a Pokemon that's Terastalized: superpowered and made of crystal.


A Tera Raid conflict against a five-star Eevee. I got an XL Candy from this, yielding 30,000 Exp. Points. 

Nintendo/Screenshot by Daniel Van Boom

Tera Raids are graded connected a prima standard of difficulty. Once you bushed the Elite Four, you'll unlock five-star Tera Raids. After you bushed the Elite Four, you're fixed a ngo to bushed Paldea's Gym Leaders again. Once you bash that and spell done much battles astatine your school, you'll get entree to six-star Tera Raids.

Completing these Tera Raids tin beryllium tough. To win successful five-star Tera Raids, you'll request a Pokemon betwixt level 80 and 90 -- and a Pokemon astatine level 100 to instrumentality connected the six-star Tera Raids. Make definite you equip your Pokemon of prime with damage-boosting items, similar Choice Specs and the Choice Band. These Raids tin beryllium a hassle astatine first, but they're wholly worthy it. They output immense amounts of Exp. Points.

When you implicit a five- oregon six-star raid, you'll get an assortment of Exp. Candy, including XL Exp. Candy. Every XL Exp Candy, erstwhile utilized connected a Pokemon, gives them 30,000 Exp. Points. That's connected apical of the L Exp. Candy and M Exp. Candy you earn, which are worthy 10,000 and 3,000 Exp. Points each.

It's not a fancy trick, but doing circuits of five- and six-star Tera Raids ends up being the quickest mode to get a Pokemon from level 1 to 100. 

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