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The Polar Pacer Pro is simply a large GPS ticker for runners who don’t privation to wage a premium for a top-end triathlete’s device. It volition bash much to amended your runs than a similarly-priced Fitbit oregon Apple Watch SE with fantabulous and close fittingness features. It’s conscionable missing full-color maps and on-watch euphony for that other star.


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    Terrific worth for money

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    Great grooming and betterment analysis

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    Particularly fantabulous for runners


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    No full-color, on-watch maps

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    Smartphone euphony power only.

One infinitesimal review

The Polar Pacer Pro is decidedly 1 of the best moving watches successful its terms bracket, a cleanable ticker for superior runners and a decent instrumentality for outdoor sports enthusiasts. 

With its onboard GPS, it tin support way of your runs, delivering close accusation connected pace, distance, cadence, elevation, moving power, and much successful the Polar Flow app. Race Pace looks astatine your grooming history, your extremity time, and the region you’re aiming for, and sets you a recommended gait to hit. The Flow app offers elaborate accusation connected elevations during runs, bosom rates, and different metrics, and though it’s pugnacious to export information to comparison 1 workout to another, you tin dive heavy into idiosyncratic grooming sessions. 

There are much features connected different sports profiles, specified arsenic counting strokes during swimming sessions (both excavation and unfastened water) and powerfulness during cycling. The ticker has plentifulness of GPS credentials, capable to way routes successful awesome item and instrumentality you to the commencement constituent of your travel similar different GPS watches, though this is done by a elemental arrow, arsenic the ticker can't show full-color maps. 

Other tools see close slumber tracking which is utilized to find your 'Nightly Recharge' people oregon betterment level and measure if you’re acceptable for a demanding fittingness session. If you emotion endurance exercise, particularly running, the Polar Pacer Pro is fantabulous for its price, capable to connection a wide assortment of fittingness metrics and interruption them down into simple, actionable advice. Highly recommended. 

Polar Pacer Pro: Price and Availability

The Polar Pacer Pro costs $299.99 successful the US, £259 successful the UK and AU$495 successful Australia. It tin beryllium recovered connected the Polar website (opens successful caller tab), and plentifulness of third-party retailers banal the watch, specified arsenic Amazon and Australia’s Wildfire Sports (opens successful caller tab).

Polar Pacer Pro: Design & Screen

  • Clear, agleam 45mm screen
  • Easy and intuitive five-button design
  • Companion app ergonomically designed

The Polar Pacer Pro is simply a precise well-designed watch, with a agleam 45mm, 1.1mm heavy Gorilla Glass surface that’s easy readable successful agleam conditions. I surely ne'er had immoderate issues glancing astatine it connected sunny runs to cheque my progress, and it shone retired good successful darkness. Improved backlight absorption means the ticker tin set the nits output to prevention connected artillery life. 

The remainder of the ticker is conscionable arsenic good designed, with Polar’s emblematic five-button attack marked by its agleam reddish “ok” button, framed by up, down, light, and a intermission oregon paper buttons. Being utilized to Garmin’s akin five-button functions, it was a spot of a daze having antithetic functions mapped to antithetic locations: I was perpetually pressing the incorrect fastener to intermission runs my archetypal week, though I tin hardly responsibility Polar for that. 

Once I was utilized to it, cycling done antithetic statistic connected the ticker was intuitive and casual to do. The basal ticker look remains, portion the rim of the ticker displays regular activity, Nightly Recharge score, recommended regular workouts, weather, and full play activity. The plan of the Polar Flow app is likewise ergonomic. It’s casual to entree each your cardinal information scores astatine a glimpse and tapping each 1 opens up much elaborate graphs and metrics. 

The ticker is good designed, comfy and durable. It’s not super-bulky contempt its wide ticker face, sitting good connected the wrist, and its silicone strap is comfortable.

  • Design score: 4/5

Polar Pacer Pro: Features

  • Limited smartwatch functions
  • Amazing in-depth fittingness and moving metrics
  • Loads of different multisport modes

Although you tin entree upwind and elemental notification features, the ticker isn’t a afloat smartwatch: there’s nary enactment to download third-party apps, tally games oregon presumption contented that isn’t a show of a stick-feature performing an exercise. 

This is simply a show tool, and won’t regenerate a much well-rounded smartwatch specified arsenic an Apple Watch. It tin power the euphony connected your phone, truthful there’s nary request to usage your handset during runs, but it can’t store tracks connected interior memory. 

But capable of what it can’t do: what Polar offers is an precocious suite of wellness and fittingness features. Some were highlighted earlier successful the review, but this is intelligibly a ticker made for runners. The level of item you get retired of your moving metrics rivals the metrics from competitors specified arsenic Garmin: burned calories breached down minute-by-minute, elaborate maps of your routes, hills you’ve climbed, and powerfulness you’ve exerted during your runs (the second of which Garmin tin lone springiness you with an further bosom complaint monitor). The lone happening missing is an exported 30-day grooming study to necktie it each together. 

Heart complaint zones let you to show and set the strength of your exercise. Whether it’s running, swimming, cycling, dancing oregon skiing, Polar has a sports illustration for you, and galore see specializer metrics, specified arsenic changeable antagonistic during swims and powerfulness during cycles. You tin besides customize your ain profiles, though it’ll lone dainty these similar it does immoderate stationary sport, successful presumption of calories burned and bosom complaint zones.

You tin get simple, actionable proposal from this watch: the Polar Pacer Pro tin urge cardio and supportive exercises, specified arsenic stretching, and show the idiosyncratic moves and routines connected your ticker for further guidance. Your slumber tracking feeds into a Nightly Recharge score, which tin supply hints that you’re acceptable for a demanding cardio league oregon you request to support things light. You tin input calorie intake with the Fueling function, which volition besides acceptable reminders to devour much carbohydrates to substance your racing oregon portion much water. 

  • Features score: 3.5/5

Polar Pacer pro

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Polar Pacer Pro: Performance

  • Great tracking accuracy and workout recommendations
  • Decent artillery life
  • Nightly Recharge score's a small blunt

The Pacer Pro is accelerated and accurate. I measured the Polar Pacer Pro against the GPS connected my phone, utilizing the escaped app MapMyRun, and Google’s gait and duration matched up astir precisely with the Polar Pacer Pro (barring the other 10 seconds it took maine to fiddle with my handset to intermission tracking). It's my benchmark, and I'm satisfied with the watch's accuracy, adjacent though it lacks the multi-band GPS of much costly watches specified arsenic the Garmin Forerunner 955

I tried the Pacer Pro's Race Pace and TrackBack feature, arsenic I ran successful an unfamiliar situation 1 play and I was beauteous impressed. However, the 1 gripe I had with TrackBack is that it displays a elemental arrow alternatively than your presumption connected a full-color representation and I missed my turning once, though it was casual to ID and double-back. I ideate it would beryllium of large usage connected a trail, alternatively than a winding roadworthy afloat of cul-de-sacs. Music was casual to power connected the go, whether I was utilizing Audible oregon Spotify.

The artillery life, advertised to past a afloat week, ended up lasting astir 5 nights earlier needing a charge. It's not rather the afloat 7 days arsenic claimed, but plentifulness to beryllium going connected with – and that’s with respective runs utilizing the watch’s onboard GPS. 

I did larn to dread the connection 'Nightly Recharge compromised' connected the ticker look if I'd had a atrocious night's sleep: I'm not the astir restful sleeper, and the burned orangish connection ended up causing maine much accent than it was worth. 

It's a utile reminder to remainder and hole appropriately, and the app provided respective useful tips connected what grooming was due for my remainder levels, but a fewer times I stopped wearing the ticker simply due to the fact that I was sick of the antagonistic feedback. Every fittingness tracker has this problem, and determination truly needs to beryllium a kinder mode to present feedback connected your sleep.

FitSpark's workout recommendations, however, were much useful. I've utilized them earlier connected the Polar Vantage V2 and they're large for giving you further guidance if you privation to power up your training, oregon you don't person a program to instrumentality to.

  • Performance score: 4/5

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