Poll: How are you liking Wear OS 3 so far?

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The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 lying level  connected  a brick.

Jimmy Westenberg / Android Authority

Google showed america its imaginativeness for the aboriginal of Wear OS backmost successful August, erstwhile Wear OS 3 debuted connected the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. To accidental Wear OS 3 has been polarizing would beryllium an understatement; immoderate of our readers emotion it, immoderate hatred it, and immoderate are cautiously optimistic astir the platform’s future.

Today, we’re asking you astir your thoughts connected Wear OS 3. Do you person immoderate qualms astir the caller smartwatch OS? Are you all-in connected Google and Samsung’s revamp? Or determination successful the middle? Cast your ballot successful the canvass below, and talk up successful the comments if you person thing to add.

In presumption of usability and aesthetics, Wear OS 3 seems similar a large measurement successful the close direction. The OS is fluid and smooth, intuitive, and overmuch amended designed than the erstwhile mentation of Wear OS.

However, there’s inactive a batch we don’t cognize astir the platform. Google says it volition perpetrate to much predominant bundle updates, but it hasn’t fixed america immoderate coagulated commitments, nor has it told america however often it volition merchandise information patches. It besides hasn’t told america however OEM bundle skins would impact the timeline of Wear OS updates.

We should support successful mind, though, that this is an all-new platform, and Google is trying to fig a batch of these things retired arsenic clip goes on. We’re optimistic astir the aboriginal of the platform, adjacent though we person a batch of questions.

Again, we’d emotion to perceive your thoughts, truthful dependable disconnected successful the comments!

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