Powerful Nerf Blaster Aims To Fire 100 Darts Per Second

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Nerf has made plentifulness of fully-automatic blasters implicit the years, but their toys typically deficiency punch, precision, and occurrence rate. [3DprintedLife] acceptable astir gathering a blaster to rectify that past shortcoming, aiming for program that could occurrence 100 darts per second.

The program uses fractional magnitude darts which bladed to alert a tiny nicer from high-powered blasters. It fires them utilizing belts driven by almighty motors, akin to instrumentality blasters. The darts themselves are loaded into a drum mag which has sliders to propulsion the darts into the wheels arsenic the drum rotates by.

It each sounds straightforward enough, but getting it each moving palmy harmony is simply a challenge—particularly astatine a occurrence ailment of 100 darts per second. The physique video explains the trials and tribulations progressive palmy getting adjacent that occurrence rate, with darts getting shredded and magazines throwing retired parts connected the way.  A bully helping of iterative program helps get everything playing nice, with the darts neatly leaving the mag and flying downrange astatine ample speed. The slow-motion videos of darts flying retired of the blaster palmy accelerated succession are a peculiar treat.

Files are disposable via OnShape for those looking to dive deeper into the design. We’ve seen immoderate antithetic neat Nerf blasters before, too. Video aft the break.

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