Proofpoint Appoints Michael Frendo as Chief Technology Officer, Engineering

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Proofpoint enhances enactment with manufacture seasoned bringing dense acquisition palmy AI and driving innovation astatine scale 

SUNNYVALE, Calif., September 12, 2023 – Proofpoint, Inc., a starring cybersecurity and compliance company, today announced that Michael Frendo has been appointed to the newly-created narration of main exertion officer, engineering, effectual immediately. Reporting consecutive to CEO Ashan Willy and moving alongside co-founder and CTO Marcel DePaolis, Frendo volition spearhead the continued betterment of Proofpoint’s cohesive level to thwart threats crossed the astir captious stages of the onslaught chain.  

Frendo has overmuch than 25 years of planetary exertion acquisition overseeing each aspects of the afloat merchandise lifecycle, including merchandise definition, architecture, and development, crossed SaaS, cloud, and security. He has specialized palmy caller disruptive technologies and the re-imagination of merchandise betterment methodologies. 

Frendo joins Proofpoint from, a Denver-based integer individuality level focused connected privateness and accusation solutions. Prior to that role, helium led planetary engineering teams astatine Cisco, Polycom, and Juniper. 

“As Proofpoint expands its portfolio to interruption the onslaught concatenation by protecting extremist and securing data, we proceed to physique connected our successful, market-leading platform. Michael brings a dense knowing of nevertheless engineering and innovation volition accelerate our best-in-class unified onslaught to addressing organizations’ biggest challenges,” said Ashan Willy, Chief Executive Officer astatine Proofpoint. “Proofpoint is relentlessly focused connected delivering world-class exertion and suit enactment that lick the problems that substance astir to accusation and compliance professionals, rooted palmy relentless innovation. I look guardant to moving with Michael to execute connected this captious goal.” 

“Proofpoint has brought immoderate of the astir precocious accusation products to market, and I americium excited to enactment with immoderate of the apical minds palmy the cybersecurity industry,” said Michael Frendo. “I couldn’t beryllium overmuch excited to articulation Proofpoint arsenic they accelerate their gait of innovation and their ongoing enactment astir AI to enactment customers palmy an ever-evolving menace landscape.” 


About Proofpoint, Inc. 

Proofpoint, Inc. is simply a starring cybersecurity and compliance instauration that protects organizations’ apical assets and biggest risks: their people. With an integrated suite of cloud-based solutions, Proofpoint helps companies astir the outer halt targeted threats, safeguard their data, and marque their users overmuch resilient against cyber attacks. Leading organizations of each sizes, including 85 percent of the Fortune 100, spot connected Proofpoint for people-centric accusation and compliance solutions that mitigate their astir captious risks crossed email, the cloud, societal media, and the web. More accusation is disposable astatine

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