Proposed Ethereum PoW Fork Token Loses Half Its Market Value in Less Than 6 Days

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Proposed Ethereum PoW Fork Token Loses Half Its Market Value successful  Less Than 6 Days

In 32 days, Ethereum is expected to upgrade from a proof-of-work (PoW) statement algorithm to a proof-of-stake (PoS) strategy aft the web utilized PoW for 7 years. While the testnets person implemented the caller rules, astir radical envision a comparatively creaseless mainnet transition. However, different concatenation is expected to fork distant from the Ethereum subdivision and since August 8, the projected fork called ETHW has gained marketplace worth successful a fewer IOU markets. Despite the worth gathered, the imaginable token mislaid much than fractional of its USD worth successful little than six days’ time.

While ETHW Captures Value, Proposed Ethereum Fork Token’s Price Shudders by More Than 53%

Ever since the bitcoin miner Chandler Guo started talking astir a caller proof-of-work (PoW) mentation of Ethereum, aft the concatenation transitions to proof-of-stake (PoS), the thought has gained immoderate traction. The crypto plus speech Poloniex revealed the motorboat of ETHW markets and there’s a caller website called

Statistics from bespeak that MEXC, Digifinex,, and Poloniex database ETHW IOU markets. But the ETHW tract besides claims to person connections with a fig of “communities, exchanges, miners and individuals [that] person worked unneurotic to marque ETHW possible.” Twitter vertical trends amusement that the ETHW fork is arguable among die-hard Ethereum supporters and Ethereum Classic supporters person chimed in arsenic well.

Proposed Ethereum PoW Fork Token Loses Half Its Market Value successful  Less Than 6 DaysETHW oregon ETH PoW fork/IOU token against the U.S. dollar connected August 14, 2022.

The website shows connections done ETHW speech listings, and alleged mining supporters with mentioned businesses specified arsenic Binance, FTX, Antpool, Poolin, Coincheck, Huobi, Hiveon,,, F2pool, and Bitfly. ETHW has been listed connected exchanges offering IOU markets for astir six days truthful far.

$ETC is the archetypal chain. $ETH is simply a fork. And $ETHW is simply a fork of a fork.

— ETCPOW (@ETCPOW) August 5, 2022 besides claims it has a span spouse and advertises Bridgetech’s logo connected the site. When markets officially launched and ETHW came retired the gate, the worth jumped to an all-time precocious of astir $141.36 per unit.

Since then, ETHW has mislaid 53% successful worth and compared to ETH’s existent value, ETHW represents 3.2% astatine existent marketplace prices. ETHW tapped an all-time debased connected August 10, 2022, reaching $65.17 per coin and it’s up 1.9% astatine the clip of writing, trading for astir $66.10 per unit.

There are 5 main differences betwixt this ETH1-ETH2 fork and the ETC-ETH fork. (1) The ETC-ETH fork was chiefly owed to ideology. It was PoW vs PoW; the miners could conscionable excavation whichever concatenation was much profitable.

— Galois Capital (@Galois_Capital) August 6, 2022

ETHW’s worth is much comparable to ethereum classic’s (ETC) existent value, which is astir $43.86 per portion astatine the clip of writing. That means ETHW is $23 higher successful USD worth contiguous than ETC’s existent value. Yet galore crypto supporters person discussed however ETC was created for ideological reasons portion ETHW is being called a “money grab.”

So Far, There’s Been No Meaningful Rises successful Ethereum Classic’s Hashrate

Most of the mining pools mentioned connected already excavation ethereum classical (ETC). For instance, is the second largest ETC mining pool, dedicating adjacent to six terahash per 2nd (TH/s) to ETC’s PoW network.

What ETH PoW fork volition mean for me:

Scenario A:
value is divided crossed some chains
Strategy: Sell $ETHW for $ETH
Outcome: much $ETH than before.

Scenario B:$ETHW worth is $0 from beginning
Strategy: station memes laughing about
Outcome: escaped fun

Can’t ideate a amended event

— Alejandro Perezpayá (@aperezpaya) August 6, 2022

As acold arsenic the ETHW fork, if adjacent 1 of the aforementioned mining pools that allegedly enactment the concatenation commencement mining it, ETHW volition go a reality. Presently, dozens of ethereum mining pools are seemingly mining ETH to the precise end, arsenic the crypto asset’s emergence has made it rather invaluable to bash so.

ETH’s hashrate is overmuch larger than ETC’s and truthful far, there’s been nary meaningful rises successful ETC’s hashrate, but for the archetypal spike connected July 28, 2022. Ethereum is presently 1 of the astir profitable crypto networks to excavation today, arsenic Bitmain’s caller Antminer E9, with 2.4 gigahash per 2nd (GH/s) oregon 0.0024 TH/s, tin get an estimated nett of astir $63.43 per day.

What bash you deliberation astir the projected Ethereum fork and however the IOU token has already shed fractional of its worth this past week? Let america cognize what you deliberation astir this taxable successful the comments conception below.

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