ProXMem Kerberos TUF RGB DDR5: Outstanding performance for the price

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The ProXMem Kerberos TUF DDR5 is good connected its mode to earning a spot successful retired trial seat acknowledgment to its phenomenal performance, charismatic style, and unthinkable price. While we privation determination were much RAM kit configurations available, 32GB is truly each anyone volition need, and if you privation 64GB, this RAM is priced good capable to beryllium a bargain if you went hog and bought a 2nd 32GB kit.


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    Fantastic performance

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    Great price

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    Cool design


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    Limited kit configurations

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    Only disposable successful the US astatine this time

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    Compatibility mightiness beryllium limited

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ProXMem Kerberos TUF DDR5: Two-minute review

The ProXMem Kerberos TUF DDR5 RAM kits mightiness deficiency variety, but they definite marque up for it successful presumption of show and price, earning apical marks from maine beauteous overmuch crossed the board.

While it's excessively aboriginal to state this the best RAM kit I've tested this year, it's damned close. And portion the Kerberos TUF DDR5 module lacks the astir monolithic refinement of the Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB DDR, it's inactive an charismatic summation to immoderate PC lawsuit retired determination portion giving you much than capable representation runway for serious, high-intensity gaming and pro-am contented creation.

Proxmem Kerberos DDR5 RAM installed successful  a motherboard

(Image credit: Future / John Loeffler)

In presumption of performance, this is wherever the ProXMem Kerberos TUF DDR5 truly shines. While usually I wouldn't comparison 2 RAM kits moving astatine antithetic speeds, since you tin get astir RAM kits astatine comparable speeds.

However, I've made an objection successful this lawsuit purely based connected the worth proposition of the ProXMem Kerberos TUF DDR5. At the terms you'd wage for this 32GB RAM kit ($149.99 arsenic reviewed, astir £120/AU$225), you could get either the Dominator Platinum RGB DDR5 kit mentioned above, oregon you could get the Fury Beast DDR5 32GB kit, though some of those kits are substantially slower than the Kerberos TUF RGB.

Proxmem Kerberos DDR5 RAM installed successful  a motherboard

(Image credit: Future / John Loeffler)

A Note connected Testing

Some motherboards aren't compatible with immoderate modules nether dual-channel configurations, portion others volition bounds the velocity of the DDR5 RAM erstwhile tally successful pairs, truthful needless to accidental it's hard to springiness quantifiable information to show the Dominator Platinum RGB DDR5's show successful a mode that makes it comparable crossed antithetic systems. 

For this reason, we lone benchmark a azygous DDR5 module to get comparable show figures. This does mean that adding a 2nd module volition connection substantially amended show successful real-world usage. We besides lone comparison modules to different modules moving astatine the aforesaid velocity and representation illustration (XMP/EXPO), unless we are comparing kits by price, which volition beryllium noted accordingly.

This is owing to the Kerberos TUF DDR5 being XMP overclocked and pushing 1.410V, which is close astir arsenic overmuch voltage arsenic you'll privation to propulsion without risking damaging the RAM, thing that comparable kits astatine this velocity volition each brushwood arsenic well.

For this, however, you're capable to get astir 50% amended PassMark representation show than either the Dominator Platinum RGB oregon Fury Beast DDR5. You besides get astir 30% amended work performance, astir 26% amended constitute performance, and astir 23% amended transcript show than either of the likewise priced RAM from Corsair and Kingston. You besides get a astir 15% little latency arsenic well. 

All this comes astatine the outgo of a higher full powerfulness used, but the Kerberos TUF DDR5 doesn't usage immoderate much powerfulness than the Kingston Fury Beast DDR5 and it solidly outperforms it portion costing little and looking amended to boot.

The 1 happening those kits volition person implicit the Kerberos TUF DDR5, however, is overmuch wider compatibility with antithetic manufacturer's motherboards. ProXMem modules are supported by a fig of motherboards, but not astir to the grade that Corsair's Dominator Platinum RGB oregon ADATA's XPG line. So, if you're looking astatine this RAM, bash cheque to marque definite it volition tally successful your motherboard (you mightiness request a BIOS update).

While the advantages of the ProXMem Kerberos TUF DDR5 volition diminish erstwhile moving against RAM kits of comparable speed, they volition each outgo substantially much to adjacent the show gap. And portion not each motherboard is going to beryllium capable to tally this kit arsenic of this writing, those that tin volition perfectly fto you get the astir retired of this kit. So if you are looking for a precocious show RAM kit portion being friggin' astute with your damn money, past there's thing other to accidental different than to bargain this RAM.

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Header Cell - Column 0 ProXMem Kerberos DDR5Corsair Dominator Platinum RGBKingston Fury Beast
PassMark Memory Test4,6233,1193,084
AIDA64 Read (MB/s)55,88342,75243,052
AIDA64 Write (MB/s)45,58737,03536,955
AIDA64 Copy (MB/s)48,75139,71939,721
Row 4 - Cell 0 Row 4 - Cell 1 Row 4 - Cell 2 Row 4 - Cell 3
PassMark Latency (ns)374344
AIDA64 Latency (ns)68.580.181.7
Row 7 - Cell 1
Max VDDQ Voltage1.410V1.245V1.245V
Max Total Power4.375W3.375W4.375W

ProXMem Kerberos TUF DDR5: Price & availability

Proxmem Kerberos DDR5 RAM installed successful  a motherboard

(Image credit: Future / John Loeffler)
  • How overmuch does it cost? Starting astatine $119.99 (about £100 / AU$180)
  • When is it available? Available now
  • Where tin you get it? Available successful the US. Not disposable successful the UK oregon Australia

Starting astatine $119.99 (about £100 / AU$180) for a 32GB DDR5 kit clocked astatine 5,600MHz, the Kerberos TUF DDR5 is astir arsenic well-priced arsenic the Corsair Vengence DDR5 RAM kit that I flagged precocious arsenic the champion premium-value RAM connected the marketplace close now. The lone downside for my overseas friends is that this RAM appears to lone beryllium disposable successful the US astatine the moment, but anticipation springs eternal. Maybe 1 day.

As reviewed, the ProXMem Kerberos TUF DDR5 32GB (2 x 16GB) with a representation velocity of 6,800MHz volition acceptable you backmost $149.99 (about £120 / AU$225), which is the aforesaid terms arsenic a Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB DDR5 32GB kit (opens successful caller tab) moving astatine conscionable 5,200MHz, and for somewhat little than the Kingston Fury Beast DDR5 32GB kit astatine 5,200Mhz, which would outgo you $159.99 (about £125/AU$235) astatine MSRP pricing.

ProXMem Kerberos TUF DDR5: Specs

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Starting terms (US/UK/AU)$119.99 (about £100 / AU$180) - $149.99 (about £120 / AU$225)
Speed (dual-channel)5,600MHz - 6,800MHz
Module size16GB
Modules per kit2

Should you bargain ProXMem Kerberos DDR5 RAM?

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ValueFor the show you're getting, this RAM is the champion worth you'll find for a DDR5 kit. It's a shame you can't get antithetic module configurations though.4.5 / 5
DesignA bully looking git sine immoderate bully branding and respectable RGB, this decidedly won't get mislaid successful your case.4.5 / 5
PerformanceThis RAM mightiness beryllium evenly matched by RAM kits moving astatine the aforesaid speed, but for the terms you're paying, this show is precise hard to beat.5 / 5
Average ratingEasily 1 of the champion RAM kits you tin buy, this RAM's show volition astonishment you arsenic overmuch arsenic it did me.4.67 / 5

Buy it if...

Don't bargain it if...

ProXMem Kerberos TUF DDR5: Also consider

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Header Cell - Column 0 ProXMem Kerberos DDR5Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB DDR5Kingston Fury Beast DDR5
Starting terms (US/UK/AU)$119.99 (about £100 / AU$180)$144.99 / £134.99 / astir AU$220$159.99 (about £130/AU$240)
Part NumberPGD5U56A28XX7-KTWCCMT32GX5M2A4800C40KF548C38BBK2-32
Speed (dual-channel)5,600MHz4,800MHz4,800MHz
Module sizes16GB16GB, 32GB8GB, 16GB
Module per kit22, 41, 2
Default timing36-36-36-7740-40-40-7740-40-40-80

If my ProXMem Kerberos DDR5 reappraisal has you considering antithetic RAM kits, present are 2 that mightiness amended suit your needs.

How I tested ProXMem Kerberos DDR5 RAM

  • I spent a fewer days investigating a ProXMem Kerberos DDR5 32GB kit successful my location PC
  • In summation to wide computing, gaming and originative use, I utilized nonrecreational third-party benchmark tools arsenic well
  • In summation to wide testing, I measured show with PassMark and AIDA64, specifically

I utilized the ProXMem Kerberos DDR5 arsenic my main gaming and contented instauration RAM for respective days successful my location PC.

In summation to gaming, I edited photos, videos, and different illustrations successful Adobe Photoshop, Premeire, and Illustrator. I besides tested the RAM retired utilizing Lumion 12.5 to trial its originative chops connected CAD-like software. 

In summation to years of machine subject acquisition and training, I person been a hardware reviewer for a fig of years now, truthful I cognize however representation is expected to execute astatine this level.

We pridefulness ourselves connected our independency and our rigorous review-testing process, offering up semipermanent attraction to the products we reappraisal and making definite our reviews are updated and maintained - careless of erstwhile a instrumentality was released, if you tin inactive bargain it, it's connected our radar.

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First reviewed May 2023

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