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Qemu provides precocious virtualization features, but we’d urge it lone to experienced and method users.


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    Free to use

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    Highly configurable

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    Extensive Compatibility


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Qemu was created by Fabrice Bellard, a celebrated French machine programmer known for different creations like FFmpeg, a multimedia room tool, and the Tiny C Compiler designed to enactment connected dilatory computers with constricted disk space.

Bellard released the archetypal mentation of Qemu successful 2011. It's a escaped and open-source bundle licensed nether the GNU General Public License (GPL). 

This bundle is an emulator that tin tally programs and operating systems for 1 instrumentality (e.g., an ARM board) connected a antithetic instrumentality (an Intel x86 processor) utilizing dynamic translation. It besides works arsenic a virtualizer.

Qemu: Plans and pricing

You don’t request to wage immoderate dime to usage Qemu. It has remained escaped since its inception and volition apt stay truthful successful the foreseeable future.   

Qemu 1

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Qemu: Features

Qemu is an emulator. An emulator refers to a bundle that enables 1 machine strategy to behave similar different system. It allows a big strategy to tally bundle programs built for a impermanent system, e.g., a compiler built for an ARM processor moving connected an Intel x86 CPU.

You tin usage Qemu successful antithetic ways. The astir communal is "system emulation", successful which it provides a virtual exemplary of a instrumentality (CPU) to tally a impermanent operating system. In this case, you tin emulate the CPU wholly oregon enactment with a hypervisor to let the impermanent operating strategy to tally straight connected the big CPU.

The 2nd mode you tin usage Qemu is "user mode emulation", successful which the bundle tin motorboat processes compiled for 1 CPU connected different CPU. 

Qemu is compatible with the 3 astir fashionable desktop operating systems; Windows, Linux, and macOS. It's disposable connected older versions of Windows (down to Windows 8), but it's advisable to usage it connected the much existent versions. 

You tin usage Qemu to make and negociate virtual machines, which notation to a bundle that emulates the relation of a carnal computer. Virtual machines person galore uses. For instance, you tin effort a caller operating strategy earlier deciding whether you’ll afloat follow it. You tin besides usage it to tally bundle that's incompatible with the existent mentation of your OS but works with older versions.

A virtual instrumentality involves a big system, the underlying hardware that provides computing resources, and the impermanent system, the virtual situation moving connected the big system. When you usage Qemu arsenic a virtualizer, it executes the codification connected the impermanent operating strategy straight connected the big system, achieving rock-solid performance.

Qemu 2

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Qemu provides galore different functionalities alongside virtualization, including;

A disk representation is simply a record containing each the contents and functionality of a hard disk oregon different retention devices specified arsenic a portion drive, optical disc, USB drive, etc. It's utilized to make virtual hard drives, backups of hard disks, oregon footwear discs.

Qemu has a instrumentality that lets you make disk images of your hard drives. It besides enables you to modify these disk images oregon person them from 1 format to another.  This bundle supports galore disk representation formats, including RAW, VMDK, VDI, VHD, VHDX, qcowl, and QED.

A web artifact instrumentality (NBD) is simply a distant information retention method connected the Linux operating system. It allows a client's machine to entree information stored connected different distant system. 

Qemu lets you make a web artifact instrumentality server connected a system. Once you acceptable it up, you tin usage that server arsenic though it were a disk thrust contiguous connected your machine alternatively of determination else. The drawback is that accessing files from an NBD server is slower than a section hard disk.

This diagnostic is besides disposable for Linux users only. SystemTap is simply a tracing instrumentality that allows users to show the activities of their machine strategy successful detail. It helps strategy administrators and developers to place bugs and the origin of show issues. 

Qemu lets you tally the SystemTap hint instrumentality connected a Linux virtual machine.

A snapshot refers to the authorities of a machine strategy astatine a peculiar constituent successful time. It’s antithetic from a backup due to the fact that you tin store it lone successful the aforesaid determination arsenic the archetypal data, portion you tin store backups successful different locations.

Qemu lets you make snapshots of virtual machines and reconstruct them to their erstwhile authorities if needed. The app besides allows you to make afloat backups of virtual machines truthful that you tin reconstruct them aboriginal connected the aforesaid big strategy oregon different one.

Qemu 3

(Image credit: Qemu)

Qemu: Interface and use

User-friendliness is 1 country wherever Qemu lags compared to the competition. It’s a analyzable bundle that the mean volition find hard to understand. By default, it uses a bid line, which astir machine users aren't utilized to. The bid enactment requires you to maestro a batch of codes to execute antithetic functionalities, which is challenging. However, you tin instal an outer graphical idiosyncratic interface (GUI) bundle to marque it easier.  

Qemu: Support

There’s nary dedicated enactment squad for Qemu, which is expected fixed it’s a escaped tool. But, the authoritative website has a batch of elaborate documentation and idiosyncratic guides to assistance you if you brushwood challenges oregon privation to larn however to navigate the software.   

Qemu: The competition

VirtualBox (opens successful caller tab) is the champion alternate to Qemu that we’d recommend. It’s a escaped and open-source virtualization bundle with galore precocious features. It’s besides overmuch easier to usage and navigate than Qemu. 

Qemu: Final verdict

Qemu is 1 of the astir blase virtualization tools you tin laic your hands on. However, it has a analyzable idiosyncratic interface that limits its scope among the masses. It’s champion suited for method and experienced users– the mean machine idiosyncratic volition beryllium amended disconnected with rival tools similar VirtualBox and VMware Workstation Player. 

We've featured the champion virtual instrumentality software.

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