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Quartix provides straightforward yet effectual fleet absorption features, including real-time tracking arsenic good arsenic information gathering and analysis.


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Quartix Inc. is simply a well-known fleet absorption bundle and work supplier that offers a assortment of telematics solutions successful Europe and successful the United States, with an code listed successful Chicago. It is often ranked among the best fleet absorption software providers successful the industry, which is wherefore we decided to instrumentality a person look for this evaluation.

We person examined aggregate aspects of this work to assistance you successful determining whether it is simply a viable enactment for your company. Specifically, we considered prices, subscription options, support, and a suite of past lawsuit reviews, successful summation to its superior features and performance.

Quartix: Plans and pricing

Quartix antecedently offered highly tailored services, which enabled it to supply a wide breakdown of its prices and what is included successful each subscription option. While this was a refreshing alteration from astir fleet absorption work providers, it present goes the mode of customized prices based connected the needs of each client. This translates to nary transparent pricing, and interaction with the institution required to get a customized quote. 

At the clip of writing, determination is nary updated info connected the existent plans available. As a constituent of information, Quartix antecedently had 3 fleet tracking plans. The Info Point plan, astatine the cheapest extremity of the spectrum, outgo $14.90 per vehicle, per period and included real-time tracking, customizable excel reports, operator timesheets, and entree to the mobile app, but we cannot corroborate the terms oregon the details of the plan.

Similarly, moving up a tier is the Info Plus program (from $18.90 per vehicle, per month) that adds IFTA mileage reporting, geofencing alerts, motor hr tracking, and driving benignant metrics. And finally, the apical tier Info Plus & Driver ID plan, astatine a outgo of $22.90 per vehicle, per period and adds a operator ID scholar and operator ID key. 

It’s worthy noting that these erstwhile prices assumed a 12-month declaration term. New contracts besides came with a escaped tracking instrumentality (valued astatine $199), with the enactment to acquisition other Driver ID keys for $10 each. Again, we cannot corroborate that these are the existent price, truthful interaction the institution with your needs for the customized quote. 

Quartix: How it works

To statesman utilizing Quartix, it is advisable to interaction the squad to sermon the champion enactment for your company. The institution presently operates successful the United States, France, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Poland, Spain, and the United Kingdom. 

After signing up and connecting your fleet to your cardinal absorption dashboard, you volition beryllium acceptable to go. The dashboard is rather user-friendly and includes a implicit acceptable of telematics tools.

For instance, strategy administrators and managers tin entree a assortment of statistic connected operator performance, speed, and safety. You volition beryllium capable to show your vehicles successful real-time, and you tin besides make geofence alerts truthful that you volition beryllium notified instantly erstwhile a operator leaves a defined area.

Quartix: Features and services

Quartix is simply a comparatively elemental fleet absorption work provider, but it inactive offers a wide scope of features that tin assistance you streamline your modular workflow practices. As expected, determination are a fig of conveyance tracking features available, including 24/7 real-time monitoring. You tin presumption the existent determination of your fleet connected a Google Maps interface, show and analyse activity, and entree humanities data. 

Quartix is simply a large driving benignant investigation instrumentality due to the fact that it tracks a assortment of information and presents it successful customizable reports. This information includes accusation astir braking and acceleration patterns, velocity and mean speed, and semipermanent trends. This provides a broad look astatine operator patterns successful a elemental to recognize format.

Quartix besides supports afloat geofencing with alerts. Basically, this allows you to specify definite areas oregon geographic zones, creating time-based rules and mounting alerts for each one. When a operator enters oregon exits a zone, you volition person a real-time alert, letting you instrumentality contiguous enactment if required. This is important feedback to support power of immoderate fleet of vehicles.

Tax clip tin surely beryllium a hassle for immoderate concern of this type, but Quartix has tools to assistance you simplify your substance taxation reports. It calculates and records your mean substance consumption, tracks the miles you've driven successful each IFTA area, and generates broad reports with the indispensable accusation easing this burdensome task. 

Quartix: Support

Quartix’s lawsuit work is excellent. In presumption of unrecorded support, determination is an online portal, and a nonstop fig with hours of cognition from Monday to Friday from 8:30 AM to 5 PM. We did not find options for chat, nor nonstop email which would person been bully to see.

A postulation of how-to video lessons, ebooks, and webinars that screen peculiar features and capabilities are besides available. There is besides further contented successful the signifier of a blog, and lawsuit stories to item the latest features. 

Additionally, Quartix has outstanding evaluations online, which suggests that their post-sale lawsuit work is superb. For instance, it has a trustpilot.com standing of 4.7 retired of 5, which is higher than the bulk of different telemetrics providers.

Quartix: The competition

We decidedly counsel checking retired Samsara if you're seeking a spot much potent fleet absorption solution. One of the champion providers from astir the globe, it provides a assortment of superb conveyance tracking and monitoring choices for companies of each sizes. However, support successful caput that rumors assertion it costs much than Quartix, though we cannot corroborate the costs. 

Another enactment is US Fleet Tracking, which serves clients successful much than 150 nations worldwide. This makes it a fantastic prime for planetary corporations operating crossed galore nations, and it offers acold much functionality than conscionable basal car tracking.

Quartix: Final verdict

Overall, we were truly pleased with Quartix's prime of service. It provides straightforward yet effectual fleet absorption features, including real-time tracking arsenic good arsenic information gathering and analysis. Additionally, it does not look to beryllium the astir costly solution retired there. 

In the end, if you're looking for a fleet absorption solution that performs what it has to bash without a ton of analyzable features oregon extraneous frills, we'd suggest giving Quartix a adjacent look.

We've besides listed the champion GPS fleet tracking solutions.

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