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Welcome to different r/CryptoCurrency Predictions Tournament!

Please instrumentality enactment of the following:

  • While each polls successful this tourney are unfastened for voting until 11:59PM Monday PST, not each of the predictions travel to word connected the aforesaid date. Carefully work each canvass earlier predicting.

  • The admins person added a “sneak peak” diagnostic for Reddit premium holders that allows them to presumption however different users are predicting earlier making their bet.

The prizes for this tourney are:

  • 1st place: 250 Moons and 3 weeks of Reddit premium

  • 2nd place: 125 Moons and 2 weeks of Reddit premium

  • 3rd place: 100 Moons and 1 week of Reddit premium

  • 4th - 15th place: 25 Moons

For those caller to Prediction Tournaments you tin find the introductory station here.

If you are caller to the assemblage and person immoderate questions astir Moons delight notation to the Wiki Page.

Have amusive and bully luck!

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