Ransomware attack on Planned Parenthood LA exposes info for 400,000 patients

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Hackers were capable to entree files containing idiosyncratic accusation for hundreds of thousands of Planned Parenthood Los Angeles patients with a ransomware onslaught that occurred successful October, according to a study by The Washington Post. A letter sent to affected patients by Planned Parenthood explained that the files contained patients’ names and “one oregon much of the following: address, security information, day of birth, and objective information, specified arsenic diagnosis, procedure, and/or medicine information.”

Planned Parenthood says the ransomware was installed connected its web immoderate clip betwixt October 9th and October 17th. On the 17th, the enactment noticed the intrusion, took its systems offline, and contacted instrumentality enforcement and cybersecurity investigators. By aboriginal November, it had determined what the hackers had entree to but is inactive successful the acheronian astir the attack’s perpetrator, according to CNN.

A spokesperson for Planned Parenthood LA told The Washington Post that it didn’t look similar the accusation had been “used for fraudulent purposes” and told CNN that it didn’t look to beryllium a targeted attack. But the information could beryllium invaluable if hackers take to merchantability it, fixed its highly delicate quality — Planned Parenthood not lone provides abortions but commencement control, STD testing, and hormone therapy for trans patients, on with a big of different aesculapian services. According to CNN, the information was constricted to Planned Parenthood Los Angeles.

The cyberattack and information leak travel astatine a clip erstwhile termination rights are particularly fraught successful the US. The Supreme Court is currently considering a case to find the legality of a Mississippi instrumentality that bans abortions 15 weeks into gestation (as opposed to the 23 weeks acceptable by Roe v. Wade), and earlier this twelvemonth Texas made it illegal to get an termination aft conscionable six weeks of pregnancy. Texas’ instrumentality means that abortions won’t beryllium a ineligible enactment by the clip astir radical find retired they’re pregnant.

Ransomware attacks person besides been a large contented this year, with the US Treasury reporting that payouts from the attacks could beryllium connected way to apical a cardinal dollars for 2021 alone. CNN says a spokesperson for Planned Parenthood LA didn’t reply questions astir whether determination was a ransom request made successful this case.

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